2 Nov 2014

Our Everyday Life: Halloween Week

theodora ofosuhima halloween

Monday of week 44 the bad weather began. We drove AOI to preschool on Monday morning. It felt like a September day in Italy when I used to go back to school, after the summer holidays. Arzignano was always grey so early in the morning. The air crisp wiping the sleep off our faces, though we were still yawning and day dreaming about our warm beds. 

TOI has more cold and both children are coughing. We had better sleep and I was less tired throughout the week but I need to go to the gym because my energy level is not best.

Tuesday after swimming lesson we went to Once Upon a child to find an Halloween costume. Leading to that day AOI wanted to be a ghost with a bat mask. Once we got there first she wanted to be a unicorn then she fell in love with a black and red butterfly costume. She wore that costume non stop but on Thursday when we arrived at playgroup she wanted to wear a dragon outfit she loves. She calls it “Good dragon.” This came about because the first time she wore the costume some of her friends didn’t want to let her go into the toy house at the play centre. To make them feel safe she told them she was a good dragon. She really melts my heart, she has the purest heart.

theodora ofosuhima the good dragon

Friday morning she wore her Halloween costume to her preschool party. Daddy told me she was shy when she got there, but when I picked her up she was so happy and talking about her party treats. That evening we went to our friends’ birthday party. It was a grand affair because their children were overly excited to be at an Halloween party and to do trick or treat afterward.

AOI decided that she wanted to be her pink dragon. When daddy got back he decided that she should wear her fairy outfit grandmother sent her from Britain. So our creative give decided to wear the fairy costume onto of the dragon costume. She then told us she is “Queen Dragon.”

Little TOI didn’t wear anything but he was more than happy to enjoy the children running up and down the pavement to go to knock on houses. Next year he will dress up for sure but will trick or treat in few years.

I dressed for the first time and I was a shepherd. I just wore some of AMI old clothes and I vest that I have that makes me look so bad when I wear it.

AMI was Jedward, a duo TV personality in Britain.

Saturday I did a photo-shoot. My first real gig. It was so exciting because I was able to do some shots that I just had as a vision and they turned out super. When you have great people who are willing to explore your ideas make my job as a photographer so much rewarding. I laugh so much at work and still smile when I sit to edit.

I always look forward to going to church on the first Sunday of the month because there a band playing music that some time they write themselves. It makes our church so modern.

theodora ofosuhima aoi and the butterflyMy beautiful daughter, I love you so

theodora ofosuhima autumn beautyLove these kind of trees that remind me of Christmas

theodora ofosuhima wet leavesI love the rain but not so much wet leaves, still I would take the car and drive to the nearest park to capture some picture of this side of autumn

theodora ofosuhima baby climberThese days baby TOI loves to climb anything

theodora ofosuhima toi crawlsBaby TOI loves to crawl/chase the other children at playgroup

theodora ofosuhima pumpkin“The pumpkin is heavy, mummy.”

theodora ofosuhima halloween costumeWe dress us for Halloween

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