11 Nov 2014

Our Everyday Life: Week 45

IMG_4741 theodora ofosuhima

Apart from Monday afternoon, which was made of meltdowns. The rest of the week was excellent. Tuesday was just perfect, with very polite toddler and smiley little boy even after his feet got caught in the car door as I was sliding it shut. He cried very hard but stopped before we reached French playgroup. I bought ice pack for the feet but he didn't seem to need it. Last week I noted that he has more cold but on the morning of Tuesday I realized that his nose has been running because he is developing two more teeth. AOI didn't have naps on two occasions but she didn't have too many meltdowns, this makes me believe that the terrible twos are about to pass.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_4655

She entertains herself when I'm busy cooking. She's so adorable, any child would have cried so much for her Halloween candies but not my girl. She just asks for one and then keeps the rest in the jar I put them in. The same applies to the iPad, she doesn't always ask for it. But when she asks for it and has to give it back it becomes a good cry out. The other day she broke the Nexus tablet. I love blogging but lately motherhood has taken over and also my dream to start a photography business aside from writing. I find myself entangled with this other side of my life.


Saturday I was busy. Snow started falling but it was melted by the afternoon. My group hosted a writers workshop and after that we went to dinner with the tutor who was 2013 writer in residence in town. I have a wonderful husband who takes good care of our sweet hear. Real winter now started to fall on Sunday.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_4754

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  1. such cute pictures! I can't believe how big they are getting!


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