17 Nov 2014

Our Everyday Life: Winter Begins

IMG_4837 theodora ofosuhima cold winter

Monday of week 46 felt long, the kids woke early around 5:38am. They had a good nap in the morning but I didn't. I was brave enough to walked one hour in total to the bank, it was biting cold – winter is really here. I was so cold that I treated myself to a new dress. The children fell asleep on the way. My eyes were shutting by 9pm.
Also week 46 we didn’t go French playgroup. I don’t even remember what we did on that day, but maybe I was so tired I just gave myself a rest. There wasn’t even .

Wednesday was funny, AOI had a nesting bug going through her. She tidied you up all her toys before going to preschool and then the afternoon, after I told her that she couldn't watch anymore Go Diego and Kipper, she tidied up the whole living room and then the kitchen area. Her tiding up consist in putting the toys on the table, in the cupboard or her stroller. Too cute.

Weekend I don’t remember much about what happened but I don’t think we went to church. On Saturday I went to my writer’s last meeting of the year. Because I can’t go to anymore until we get back from Europe.

Few stills from the week

IMG_4897 theodora ofosuhima still rosesloving these still roses I preserved from my toddler first birthday party

IMG_4892 theodora ofosuhima sleepy girlthat afternoon light, while my sweet girl stretches during her afternoon nap, my photo doesn’t make justice to my blessing

IMG_4910 theodora ofosuhima toddler buildingwhat can I really say, she is creative and innovative

IMG_4915 theodora ofosuhima up highmy boys, love them some more

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