31 Oct 2014

Petrovich, the Pumpkin

toi pumpkin

Last year was the first year we did something other than just giving away some sweets for Halloween. Our little girl dressed up as elephant to her playgroup but in the late afternoon, when it was time to go trick-or-treat the weather was too cold to push ourselves out.

Halloween hasn’t being our regular tradition very much. It was such a foreign and exotic festivity for us, but living in Canada we are finding ourselves getting involved.

This year it’s been different. AOI is aware of Halloween and she has been talking about it soon after Canadian Thanksgiving. Before that we talked about pumpkin on a regular basis because this year we planted our own. She was involved in the process and she grew fond of this once small tiny seed. We named it Petrovich! step onestep twostep 3step 4step 5step 6petrovich 1pumpkin petrovich 1pumpkin petrovich


  1. love the series of pictures...nicely done! Congrats on the new website...very lovely...can't wait to see it grow and develop!

  2. Awww, this is so cute and such a great idea. I am stealing this idea :)


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