23 Dec 2014

Another Year Same Gift Ideas

It's just under two days before Christmas day, and I’m still thinking gifts for my extended family. AOI and TOI's gifts are sorted. I have something for hubby, one of my sisters-in-law and now I have to buy something for my other families, and I can't think about anything else.
This year we agreed to purchase small useful gifts for the little one. Whilst I was looking I found few things for the adults too. I like the list I made last year and I'm going to purchase few more from that list. Since then I've purchased many of them.
I believe the gifts on this list is timeless and I hope it helps someone else buy something for their loved ones.
FOR HERchristmaswomangiftguide2013
1. because every woman wants to be fashionable in cold Saskatchewan
2. maybe you could use your favourite autumn boots even in winter
3. I love Leonardo DiCaprio and The Great Gatby is one of greatest novels ever written
4. every woman wants to have hair better than good hair
5. tell me if someone was generous to give you that camera you would refuse {I have this one, all I want this year is a 50mm or 85mm portrait lens}
6. just because they are pretty
7. another cute thing to have in your handbag {I love to stylish with this one}
8. so you look confident and stylish even when your hair is a mess
9. you are going to be so pretty in this cardigan {bought a lovely one in San Francisco at RL sale, for just $20}
10. would make you so sophisticated

FOR HIMchristmasmengiftguide2013
1. he would smell like Armani man
2. he would look so stylish {I tried a bamboo version but not usable, they break easily}
3. isn’t this a cool way to stand out on the street?
4. my man loves taking pictures with his iphone more than the standard camera
5. my man loves the Les Miiserables musical
6. just because that scarf is so cute and I could share with him
7. this would be an excuse to dream about wonderful destinations together
8. my man loves to support good causes and buying him these TOMS would mean giving a pair of trainers to another child in a developing world
9. in the cold season, men loves to take care of their skin too

FOR TODDLERchristmastoddlergiftguide2013
1. this is such a cute coat for toddler girl
2. a boy or girl would love to pretend eating a slice of pizza
3. Hunter boots that can suit both girl or boy
4. my toddler and her friend love doing puzzle so I guess they would like to put together a puzzle that portraits them.
5. for the musician toddler
6. we have this book and AOI loves it, every kid would love this book {We love this book}
7. because it’s sweet to see a little person on a pair of skates {our friends gave AOI their child's because they live in Israel and doesn't snow there}
8. it’s a cute water bottle {my children have their own, training children to recycle and not over use water}
9. a nice winter pajamas are nice gift
10. for the world travel toddler {AOI loves it and it was so much fun for her during our recently trip from SK to CAL and now DV}

FOR FAMILYchristmasfamilygiftuide2013
1. learning to love veggies more
2. just like above
3. family puzzle
4. to include accent of childhood in home decor
5. I would do more yoga with my children
6. I have nostalgia for old school games
7. fried rice would taste like never before {got that, we use it all the time}
8. I would like to learn more how to communicate with my daughter {This book will be invaluable as my children grow}

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  1. You came up with some really good ideas and I like how you put the lists in different categories. Thanks, because believe me, I can use all the help I can get. Merry Christmas to you and your family... :)


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