24 Dec 2014

Christmas Tradition

theodora ofosuhima 2014 christmas lightChristmas day is just around the corner. This afternoon together with my mother, my younger brother, my husband, my sister-in-law J, my nephew and my children we went Christmas gifts shopping.

Husband bought too many gifts and my mother did too. In the evening while the children were sleeping my other sister in law, M, showed me all the gifts she bought. In the end we all broke the promise to buy few purposeful gifts we were all agreed to back in October.

I know Christmas is about giving gifts from the heart but I would also like to keep that sense of Christmas being about togetherness and not so much about gifts more alive than ever. Especially after spending time in San Francisco, where I saw so many people that need more than just a warm cup of soup and blanket {that will be another entry all together}.

This year before going to San Francisco and then Devon, my church in Saskatchewan collected gifts to give to those in need. I’m happy we did that because one part of my ideal Christmas tradition has been set into motion.

Another tradition that I’ve been enjoying is the Christmas eve service at my church. This service is the moment to celebrate light, in honour of the birth of Jesus. We were supposed to go to the midnight service but most of the household are fast asleep. But that doesn’t matter because I’m happy to be here, in Britain, this year.

Last Christmas it was just my husband, my daughter and my pregnant self in our house in Canada. I missed Christmas in the UK because of how Christmas feels in Britain. There is so much lights and sense of festivity. Everyone love to display lights inside and outside their homes. And our families were

This year is the first year since we moved to Canada and became parents that we’re celebrating with my in laws, my sisters in law and their children. Also my mother and younger are here too.

Tonight the children went to bed excited because Santa is coming tonight. I would love to teach my children the Christian side of Christmas too. I asked my father in law, who is a priest to tell them the story of the birth of Jesus after they have opened their stockings.

Tomorrow morning I imagine the children waking up and then running downstairs to open their stockings then I will make sure that their grandfather tells them about the birth of Jesus too.

Then, they will play with their toys. After lunch we will exchange the many gifts we purchased, and be merry.

theodora ofosuhima giving gifts and thanks

My ideal dream Christmas tradition is slowly getting where I would like it to be.

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