31 Dec 2014

Our Everyday Life: Christmas Week

theodora ofosuhima paddington IMG_7664Week 52 was Christmas Week.

We arrived in London on the night of 22nd. The kids were doing alright, didn't seem to be bothered by jet lag. The following day we met our friends for just one hour in London. We took them to the Winter Wonderland fair. It was a busy affair, with all our suitcases and stayed an hour for a ride, chips and sausages. Our friends children are so friendly and not shy at all. Three super fun boys. The bus ride back home was successful without crying. TOI started to cry once we got into his grand father's car.

24-12 my mom arrived early in the morning, about 5:20, she was finding it hard to sleep due to her travel from USA. In the afternoon we went Christmas gift shopping. Back in October we all agreed to buy few essential and purposeful gifts. But in the end hubby and my mother both to many things. In the evening we got everything ready for Christmas Day.

25-12 In the morning the children opened their overfilled Christmas stockings. Later in the morning my mother and my brother joined us for lunch. We then exchanged our too many gifts. My daughter was taking her time to appreciate each gift but it wasn't possible because we had so many gifts to go through. The rest of the after was spent watching British Christmas classics like Blackadder.

26-12 we too the kids to the cinema to watch Tinkerbell. It was the first time at the movies for AOI's cousin but my little has been to one in San Francisco's Acquarium of the Bay. 27-12 my mother, AOI and I went to Exceter to buy TOI 's Christening outfit. In the afternoon my sister in law decorated the christening cake my mother in law baked. 28-12 his christening was casual, simple and beautiful with only the family present. It was sunny and though there was no light lit in the church the 2:30pm light lit the place making the Church look pretty. A very short service in the same church his grandfather baptized AOI two and half years ago. When then had a big feast around four. My little boy was jovial and friendly with all the family members


theodora ofosuhima aoi and toi week 52 IMG_7661

theodora ofosuhima hyde park IMG_7687

theodora ofosuhima london winter wonderland IMG_7712

gifts and thanks

theodora ofosuhima the stockings IMG_7988

theodora ofosuhima christmas IMG_7975

theodora ofosuhima execeter christmas decoration IMG_8453

theodora ofosuhima toi week 52 IMG_8775


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Looks like you guys had an awesome time with family and friends this holiday season. That last picture of your son is so adorable. He is such a little man.

  2. Such gorgeous photos! Glad you all had a lovely Christmas holiday and made it to London safely.

  3. Happy new year! Sounds like you had a lovely time with family. Wishing you all a great year ahead!


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