21 Dec 2014

Our Everyday Life: San Francisco

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So much happened to us during our week 51 in San Francisco. I want to take time to write about each event. But for the time being this is a quick update on the trip.

We stayed in Cole Valley neighbourhood, on Clayton Street/Haight Street. I loved it.

Monday we sent to the library for toddler play time. Tuesday, 16th, we lost Elefante after a whole day out and about by Pier 39. It was an emotional realization. Wednesday I took the children for a long walk. All the way to the Botanical Garden and back to the children's playground.
Thursday me and my friend, whose family was staying in the same apartment as us {because her husband had a poster for the conference}, took the children to Baker beach. I took some maternity shots for her and the children spent a long time running and making pretend pies and cakes.

Friday we spent the day at the Westfield mall to watch the five minute show of the Nutcraker on the Dome of the building.


Saturday we my friend and I went to shop. I bought five items for only $90, I couldn’t believe that. I bought designer items and not anything old things. Nice dresses and Ralph Lauren sweater. I can’t wait to go back there for a now cheap shopping spree.

Sunday we started our journey back to Britain.

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