15 Dec 2014

Our Everyday Life: The Week Before the Holidays

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Training as a mother of three with my friend’s daughter coming for playdates

Tiger Whitehead by Johnny Cash on Grooveshark

Week 50 Johnny Cash's song Tiger Whitehead was a hit for my daughter. She would ask me to put it on repeat while we drove back and forth from preschool.

"Muuuuum!" I hear AOI shouts from her roomearly Monday morning. To me, it sounds like a long distance dream.  "Muuum", she calls in urgent voice once again. I pull the covers off me. My feet are the height of iron. I slowly stomp to her room dreading to find a crying toddler.

"Where's Elefante?" she calmly asks me. Is nowhere in her bedroom. I'm waiting for the sudden explosion of cry but it doesn’t happen.

"Elefante is not here. Maybe she downstairs." I say. Then she asked me to lift her. It's an epic challenge for my tired body but I lift her in my arms up to the top stairs. She found her Elefante and went to bed where TOI was crying.

theodora ofosuhima toi brush teeth IMG_6371He likes to brush his eight front teeth

She got closer to him and said "Don't cry, mummy is coming." When I finished wheatear I was doing she said " you do to him" that the first one many melting moments in the day. I started feeding her little brother, she lied next to him then took my free arm and cuddled it tight. I gave a kiss to her little brother then I kissed her on the forehead.

For the rest of the day I played that special moment in m

"I love you so much" I told her just revealing my heart to her

"I love you too mummy." She said with a smile on her lips, eye closed and I knew she meant it deeply.

y head many times over and over again. It was a perfect moment that turned my whole mood into excellent mood.

My friend’s daughter, CB, came over for a five hours play-date. We plan to do that more often in the coming year. Some days I will leave AOI at her house and she will bring CB to me for a long play date because the girls entertain themselves more when they have a friend to play with.

Wednesday December cold weather disappeared and in it place we had an early May weather. Fresh and cool enough to not wear jacket. I had a photo session and the little boy didn’t have to have jacket the outside door portraits. For the rest of the week it was warm. Friday we took off to San Francisco. I was so impressed by the newly renovated airport in Saskatoon.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_6399

theodora ofosuhima clayton home IMG_6408


Saturday morning we went for a long walk in Golden Gate Park. We were supposed to go for a quick stroll but ended up enjoying the sun and San Francisco street jazz just under the bridge opposite the Conservatory of Flowers. Sunday we woke early, had breakfast and we put the children in the chariot and strolled all the way to downtown San Francisco.

Sunday market was happening and the were elder Chinese ladies selling few essential. A man provided cool R&B music on his portable stereo positioned on his senior motor cart. The quiet morning, fresh sunny air and the lively people made me love San Francisco for its way of life.  

Few stills from week 50

theodora ofosuhima toi horse riding IMG_6114Having him stay still for a second is like capturing a gazelle, he is more interested in his surrounding than having his portrait captured

theodora ofosuhima aoi sleeping beauty IMG_6368Afternoon naps are getting fewer and I love to see her soundly asleep

theodora ofosuhima san francisco old bus IMG_6464To be able to snap few pictures of these wonderful vintage bus was a pleasure. I felt so blessed to be in San Francisco

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