31 Jan 2014

Mr T.: Week 2

12 days

Dear sweet Mr T.,

My big brown eyes boy. Your eyes, gosh I can spend hours drowning in your beautiful brown eyes. They look up at me and they tell me of your love for me and I appreciate you so much. The other day I woke up to find you next to me looking at me as if I’m an idol, I love you so much. I’m glad you chose me as your mother. I’m so proud to have in my life and you chose the perfect time to come into our lives.

Only sixteen days and though you’re still tiny tiny, I can tell you’ve grown so much. I believe this week you had a growth spurt because we had some hiccups due to my as adjusting to your feeding pattern. You can feed for hours and I don’t know if you are really feeding or just soothing yourself but I don’t mind because I love feeding you, it keeps you close by my heart as much as possible, that fills my heart with join and I hope it fills yours too.

I love watching you sleep, you stretch arms and clicking your tongue together. It is so much fun to observe. Especially after a good feed. You sometimes let out a smile, and I wonder what you’re dreaming.

sleepy baby

You are so cute and cuddly I can’t help but kiss you non stop. I absorb in all the little details about you. The fold in your neck, the wrinkles on your arms and legs. Your smell, so clean and fresh though you haven’t had a proper bath in two weeks.  Daddy is always holding you close to his heart. Your sister loves you so much and I enjoy witnessing the sibling love each day. She’s empathetic and when you cry she comforts you. Sometimes she gives you her favourite elefante to cuddle when you’re crying and she says “T. you can cuddle elefante, he’s nice.”

Some nights daddy read to you and your sister. I can’t wait to see you giggle and enjoying story time.

Mr T. week 2

Some facts about this week

  • baby pimples began to spread on your face but it was not as bad as it was with you sister
  • you went your first car journey to auto dealer, we bought a new family car
  • you had some difficulties adjusting to how the milk flow was coming though my body but we over came that hiccup.
  • I love how you sleep, so peacefully.
  • you’re irresistible, we can’t get enough of you

Love you so much sweet little angel,

Mummy TOI


29 Jan 2014

Frugal Living February Challenge

frugal living

Today my husband went food shopping with a list.

For many that’s not a big deal but for me it was. I’ve always wanted to make a shopping list but AMI prefers to remember what we don’t have at home by heart. So, we normally take our car and without looking in the fridge go food shopping based on the assumption that we need milk, veggies, fruits and few other things. In the end we come home with extra things that we don’t really need because we have them already or we never eat them until the next shopping trip.

I’m frugal when it comes to clothes shopping and my husband it comes to buying cars – you should see our $1250 {Canadian Dollar (CD)} old car. Though he’s frugal he has never set a goal with his frugality. This changed last week, when he decided to buy a family car and during his search he found a blog of somebody who managed to retire by the age of fifty due to his frugal living. My husband was inspired. Now, his challenge for February is to save as much money as he can.

Two days ago we sat in our living room floor and, as AOI was playing with her toys, we made a list of things we wanted to achieve each month as a family. I have my personal goals and he has his but we want to achieve family goals. So we thought how perfect to challenge ourselves to be frugal, thus Frugal Living February Challenge became our first goal/challenge.

Our weekly food shopping allowance is $115 {CD}. This will help us be conscious about what we put in our trolley at the supermarket, and hopefully we won’t waste money on unnecessary items.

Also we won’t do takeaways, buy Tim Horton’s doughnuts – I told AMI that if we want doughnut we have to find a nice recipe and make them ourselves. Thus, we also have a food challenge.

So, my husband came back home with all the things on the shopping list and he spent only $90 and for dinner he cooked a delicious fish and chips, a British pub style.

We’ll see how far we go with this challenge.

Question: Do you live a frugal life?

27 Jan 2014

Our Everyday Life: It’s Dark, It’s Scary


Week 4 of 2014 was the week of AOI’s show – her fear of the dark began. Mood swings sometimes jolly mood, giggles, smiley face {that face that makes you want to cuddle her tight and give her million kisses}, noisy playtime with the plastic farm animals and elefante {which sometimes becomes a baby elephant with a diaper, couple donated by Mr T.} going for walks in its purple pram.

Other times meltdowns, unnecessary cries, diva attitude {pushing her food aside and saying I don’t want it}, moments that made the parent wants to cry too.

Out of the blue our toddler is scared of the dark. A milestone right? She told us one morning as we encouraged her to go turn the light on in her bedroom, something she always loved doing. This particular morning she stood in our bedroom door way and said “It’s dark, it’s scary.”

Before that she woke up and instead of walking into our room she stayed in her bed and in sleepy voice she called out “Mummy, mummy” – these days she wants me to go pick her up from her bed, one morning she woke up around 4:20 calling for daddy, he went to sooth her back to sleep.

AMI started to settle into the new life as stay at home parent and we’re learning to share duties – meaning taking turns in taking care of AOI. He was tired due to the early wake but he took AOI to French playgroup for the first time. I used to go out with AOI in this familiar playgroups without diaper but she is not anymore because daddy is not ready to do the out of home potty training. Also AOI is not ready to do number 2 in the potty, I’m not pressuring her. We’ll get there this summer.

I finished feeding Mr T. around 5:30 and I went back to sleep before six. We all woke up at 7:30 when AOI woke up. We had a relatively a good day. After snack I told her AOI she can take king elephant for a walk. She went to Mr T., I overheard her saying something about a pram. So I asked “Do you want brother to go in the pram?”

“No! I’m going to sleep in it.” she definitely knows that going for walks in her pram means going to sleep. She’s having her naps and that helps her stay in a good mood during the afternoon.

AOI mummy

she’s getting so quirky with her fashion sense – red doctor’s spex, her own decision to wear them

In the afternoon I convinced her to go out for a sled ride with me; I needed to spend some time alone doing some kind of activity with. I really miss taking her to playgroups and exclusively being there for her. On our way back she said she wanted to see RN. At one point she said “Take me to RN he will keep me warm.” Yes, she really talks like that word for word. My mouth was wide open, she remembers our friends from Israel and she’s always asking after RN.

We also realised that it’s becoming increasingly necessary to talk to her like a little adult because she listens and understands what we say.

For instance Thursday afternoon, AOI was throwing herself on the floor and when she sat down for lunch she pushed her plate aside and refused to eat. Daddy took her from the chair and said he wanted to talk to her. She didn’t complain. I observed as they sat in the red armchair and daddy gave a name to her feelings: frustration. So daddy told her about how the cloud comes out sometimes to take away your happy mood and all you need is call back the sun. They did a quick clear my mood therapy – go away cloud, come back sun. After few chants daddy asked her “Are you feeling better now?” “Yes” she answered. When she got off the chair she reassured herself by saying “I feel better, yes.” The rest of the week she was in mood great mood. She had lunch and, later she had dinner without making a scene and bedtime routine was easy too. Nowadays, daddy starts the routine and then I go sit with her for thirty minutes within which time frame she falls asleep.

The monster of the terrible two overtook my daughter the following night during bedtime. AOI didn’t want daddy to do the night routine. She cried for me and only me. In the end I went into her room and had Tobias in my arms feeding. She stood by the chair and wanted me to tell her stories about her farm animals. I was brisk in telling the stories – two or three sentences stories – I wanted to get over with. I was feeling tired. After she had brought me all her animals I sent her to bed and covered her with the blanket and kissed her on the forehead. I sat back in the chair still feeding Tobias and by half past eight she was asleep.

I concluded that I shouldn’t be a superwoman, and make guilt tell me that my daughter will think I don’t care about her when she cries for me and I don’t go because I need to take a moment to rest. I should accept AMI’s help when he wants to calm her down and take charge when AOI is being unreasonable. I’m just human.

The following morning as I was going downstairs for breakfast, with Mr T. in my arms, I imagined AOI coming to me and hugging and excitedly telling me about her morning activities. But as soon as she saw me she called out “T! Car {the nickname she gave to her brother}” she came to me and asked to kiss her little brother. That’s what she cared about, the previous night was a distance memory.

I shouldn’t worry so much or over do it but lift the feet just a little time to time


keep enjoying these lovely scenes

baby T daddy

my sleeping kids

and take sweet elefante for lovely walks around the house or outside in the purple pram.

elefante goes for walks

25 Jan 2014


week 4
sleepy T
week 3 my favourite
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." {portraits captured with Canon 6D, edited with photoscape and photoshop element 10}
Miss AOI: she loves her curls loose
Mr. T: mummy checking on little boy as he sleeps
Miss AOI and Mr T.: sibling love
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Some of my favourites photos from the other ladies Blog a La Cart’s photos told me a story/ Mummy Tells’ candid picture of her daughter the future ballerina/ Oana Befort’s son cuteness as he plays the guitar

24 Jan 2014

Mr T.: Week 1

sleepy TSweetie Pie!

These two words encapsulate how we felt having you in our life this first week. The hours after your birth I was in a delirium state of happiness. I wanted to shout to the world how much I was in love with you already. I was on cloud nine. My mind was racing so fast I took it on IG. We love you so much it’s crazy how in just nine days you’ve taken our world and hearts by storm.


Your sister, she’s loves you so much. Sometimes as you sleep in the bouncer or I feed you she comes to you and tenderly says, in her pretend big girl voice, “Oh, T. you’re so funny. I love.” and she laughs all in love. She just looks like a wise two-nty years old when she gets close to you and tenderly strokes your fine hair. Today, as I was feeding you and she was lying next to us, she said “T. I’m going to teach you how to swim, walk with elephante and sleep like a bird.” I thought, gosh she’s only two years old, how does she naturally behave like a protective big sister already. I can tell you two are going to be such great pals.

Welcoming you into the world the way I prayed for was a blessing. You’re our miracle baby, you were in our arms the early morning of Wednesday 15th January, 6:29am, as your sister was fast asleep upstairs in her bedroom. We never thought it was going to be an easy ride as it was. God is really wonderful and miraculous. I can’t wait to write down your birth story, the candid emotions are preciously recorded on a recorder.

We’re adjusting as family of four but today {24-01} daddy went to a meeting, it wasn’t overwhelming as I thought it would be the first time alone with two children. I put you in your cot as I got your sister ready. After that I changed your diaper and fed you. Then we went downstairs and Miss A. took her animals for walk up and down the living room, she asked me to follow her with you in my arms. After a while we rested on the sofa while I invented stories for both of you to hear. In the meantime Miss A covered us with one of shawls. I realised that I’ll be okay having two children to look after. You are delicate and when I look into your big brown eyes I wonder if I’m doing it alright as a mother of a newborn. You feed fine and sleep well. You’ve already gained the weight you lost after birth.

God gave both you and your sister to us and we promise to protect and guide you with all our might.

family life

I am taking everything day with an open heart, even the challenges that may follow. You sleep well at night, only the second night you couldn’t sleep well because you wanted more milk but my body was only producing the colostrum. In the end we slept for four hours but it felt good. I didn’t see it as a bad night, just another turning curve. Though, I hope you are a good sleeper as you seem to be.

When you cry I console you by speaking a mix of Italian and English. You don’t cry often, only when you have to be changed and you want to feed. Then you relax in your bouncer and look around at us with your big eye. You have the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen in newborn – well, you were born with eyes wide open. I kiss your tender sweet cheeks and tiny nose. I curl my toes and bite my fingers time to time to curb my enthusiasm for such cuteness. Your delicate and innocent being melts my heart.

baby T. week 1

It’s nice to have another boy in the house, because you’re all new experience. I love to watch your daddy and sister near you. Or when your sister says “T. don’t cry for latte {milk}, just say hello. T. loves latte  and he wants to drink latte.” It fills and calms my heart to know that you have such a wonderful father and sister.

On the 18th, as we were snoozing in bed, your sister had her head full of morning wild curls rested in my lap and you were in my arms, I shook my head as I marvelled at how wonderful two children to call my offspring. It will take some time to have the title of mother of two quietly settle down. I’m so proud to have both you and your sister in our lives.

brother sister week 1

There is so much more I want to write but my thoughts are disjointed. I leave this first week update/letter with four facts about you:

  • you have a great head neck movement control
  • you were born with eyes wide open
  • you gained your birth weight within a week after birth
  • you’re alert and follow us with your eyed

I love you dearly,

Mummy TOI.


22 Jan 2014

This Alien Body of Mine

pregnant body

Angel Baby by Linda Ronstadt on Grooveshark

Mr. T is feeding as I type this introduction to a post a I wrote exactly a month and a week ago. I can easily ignore sharing it but I felt so much different back then and I promised myself to be more active once baby is here that I want to share it to remember that sometime it’s perfectly okay to take it easy.

Exactly a week today, as I sat in the usual chair listening to AOI’s bedtime lullaby playlist, a tear fell down my cheek when Angel Baby by Linda Ronstadt began to fill the room. I placed my hand on my recent acquired squishy and hanging belly, and I missed my baby’s nudges which were no more secrets because he was soundly asleep in the next room.

When I had my belly I complained about walking like a penguin and I couldn’t bend without fear od breaking my waters yet, as my uterus contracted by the second, I missed being pregnant already. On one hand I loved the fact that I could walk normal and put my shoes on without worries. However, maybe, I was only mourning the fact that I didn’t know if I really don’t want to be pregnant again. My plan has always been to have maximum two children but now there I sat wishing my baby was in my womb a little bit longer, for him to dance to the sweet music as I sat there in his sister’s room waiting for her to fall asleep, absorbed in our little secret. I couldn’t simply go and pick him up and bring him in her room for a cuddle because I didn’t want his little squeaks to wake her up. But I missed the close contact we shared for 39 weeks and I wish I didn’t complain about how my pregnant body made walk.

It would have been okay to take it more easy and not be too demanding of my pregnant body.


My body doesn’t feel like mine anymore.

I can’t believe that I walk like a penguin most evenings. The other day AOI got off the bed and waddled, imitated how I was walking. She made me laugh even though I was struggling to move forward due to my back pain.

I remember, during my first pregnancy I felt sexy and energised most times. I was all about how I loved this growing belly and changing body of mine. However, most days in pregnancy #2 I feel frumpy and tired.

People keep on reminding me to be less hard on myself because I have a toddler to take care of throughout the day. But how can I be lenient on myself when I know that they are women out there who seem to have it all figured out. Women who have three or four children and still look so stylish and sexy.

I just have one daughter and it seems like I don’t have time to dress up or do my hair as I should. I haven’t been working out as I did during pregnancy #1 and I’m not taking care of what I eat.

I want to be able to feel my body again, I want to be able to kneel down without worrying to break my waters. I’m so happy to be pregnant with baby #2 because it was one of the goals that I had on my vision board but the way I’ve been feeling lately make want to have him in my arms soon than the only six weeks I still have to wait. 6 weeks seem like forever; the more I think about baby in our lives the more I can’t contain myself.

I want to kiss his soft cheeks, nose, hands, feet, smell his new-born smell and have AOI showing her big sisterly love to him. I want to see him in his daddy’s arms and be a family of four.

Of course I want to wait the six weeks because I want baby to be healthy and still feel him in the warmth of my belly. I love to know that baby is attached closely to my umbilical cord and we are one entity. His movements are sometimes strange but reassuring.

Also, six weeks are nothing compared to 34 weeks that I’ve been pregnant.


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20 Jan 2014

Our Everyday Life: We’re Four

Just like that week 3 of 2014 we became a family of four.

Exciting.life as 4

For me Mondays are made for slowly easing ourselves back into the weekly routine. The difference is that since the beginning of the year AMI has been working from home more often. We have to learn to combine our schedules. I had to return something to BabiesRus, I used some for the refund to buy a doctor kit and a doll pram for AOI, she loves her pram and wants to take it all over the house. In the afternoon I went to pamper myself, I did pedicure and manicure in preparation for baby’s arrival; just like I did when I was waiting for AOI. Over the weekend I mentally planned our last date as a family of three on Tuesday. We did exactly that, we went to the swimming pool, then bought a pizza and focaccia at our favourite bakery/restaurant in town. We had lunch at home. I used AOI’s nap time to write and reply to all the emails I’ve been delaying in completing. Meanwhile AMI went to a work meeting.

Inside I felt the urge to write a letter to my little girl as she was becoming a big sister within eight days. So I used the rest of the evening to pen that letter. It was getting late so AMI told me that maybe we should go sleep. To which I said “Baby could be here tomorrow, you know?” I carried on browsing internet and checking my social networks without any care in this world.

As I was lying on the bed I felt baby tense and then suddenly plop – my water broke around half past ten. One hour later contractions began. Things went by so fast, {birth story with come sometimes in 2014}, by half past six, of Wednesday morning, we had another baby in our family. Life as four began.

It’s so funny how we’ve easily adapted to life as family of four. AMI is taking paternity leave, it’s wonderful to have that extra help during this period. AOI does many activities with daddy and Thursday he took her back to playgroup. Friday the midwives came to visit Mr. T, who is doing well.

day 1 with Mr T

To our surprise AOI so adorable and want to be close to her little brother. She includes him in our fantastic adventures. In her imaginary world she’s Crocodile, I’m Octopus, daddy is Bear and baby brother is Car. She wants to introduce her animals to her brother – but little boy loves his sleep. She asks about baby when she doesn’t see him and she naturally says “T. I love you.” When he cries she feels bad and we tell her not to worry because baby want to eat or be changed and he’s not hurting. I try to capture these moments but not always I have my camera or iPhone at hand. So I picture them in my brain for when I have the chance to write them.

All the above said, we still worry about AOI feeling left out or feel some kind sibling rivalry, we’re on shells when it comes to the words we use to talk about Mr.T. We don’t want her to feel as if mummy doesn’t have the time for her anymore. The first night, as a family of four, she wanted me in her room during bedtime routine. She’s done this before Mr. T was born but husband was worried that maybe she was showing some signs of clinginess due to the new arrival. So as soon I finished feeding Mr. T I went into my little-big girl’s room, gave a big cuddle and sat on the chair next to the door until she fell asleep.

In my opinion we shouldn’t create a problem where there might not be, but must enjoy the simple things that make our everyday life special, like


taking a break on the purple doll pram

daddy in drawing

drawing daddy for the first time {her own work of art, see the eyes, mouth and daddy’s blond hair}

daddy and Mr. T

daddy cuddling sleepy Mr. T

ice skatingice skating while the weather outside is only –4 degrees

life as 4 week 0

going for walks as family of 4 and snapping a toddler with a thump up

Have a thumps up week 4 of 2014

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19 Jan 2014


You ladies, thank you so much for your warm wishes and congratulatory comments. We feel blessed.
Mr. T is doing very well and we’re settling in as a family of four. We can’t believe how easily we transition from being family of three to becoming family four so easily. My big girl loves her little baby brother and she includes him in our fantastic adventures. She likes to rock him in his bouncer and sing some of her favourite songs. At breakfast she makes sure baby is in his bouncer positioned between her chair and mummy’s. This morning she turned away for a second and I took baby to feed him. Whens she turned back to the bouncer she asks “Where is T.”
“Here, in my arms.” she loves her brother and I pray that love keeps on growing. These are moments I’m try to capture as much as possible.
This morning, as I was feeding Mr. T with AOI curled next to him, I felt so blessed to be the mother of these two wonderful creatures. My heart swell each second I spend with them.
AOI 3-52
Mr. T: just last week these toes were swimming in my belly. Now I can and love the same tiny wrinkly feet in real time.
Miss AOI: enjoying a quiet moment on the baby bouncer
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Some of my favourites photos from the other ladies Liam’s blue eyes/ perspectives in Oyster Peal’s photos/ the colours in my friend Erica’s beach toddler photo

16 Jan 2014

He Is Here…

If you follow me on twitter {TOItweets} or instagram {lifeoftoi} then you already heard that baby boy is here in our arms. He was born on Wednesday January 15th, after exactly 39 weeks in the belly. We’re doing well…day 1 picSO MUCH in love and proud family of four!

family of four

14 Jan 2014

Letter to AOI: Last Days as the Only Child

AOI farm animalsDear AOI,

Today {11-01} I feel like writing you a letter.

As I write this letter you’re playing with your farm animals, happily eating a biscuit with dark chocolate on top. I look at you and daydream about the moment you will meet your little brother in more or less than a week from now. You will not be the only child to share my and daddy’s attention. You will have someone to play with when you need to have a second child in the house.

Still I worry a little, I don’t know how you’ll take it but I’m also reassured by your independence and determination to help yourself that you are going to be just fine. You’ve never shown the need to take your mother away from any child I may show some sympathy to.

I hope you will understand that daddy and I are always here for you. We might have two children to dedicate our attention to but we’ll make sure we reserve time for each child for a special bonding time.

AOI island

Lately your creativity is blooming. You talk and invent stories non-stop. I can sit for hours in the basement observing you move your farm animals from the wooden board island daddy built for you and the blue plastic castle while narrating the events your farm animals are going through. Most of these stories are an amalgamation of many books we read together. Other stories are you own creation. For instance the other day you told the story of an hungry dragon who wanted to eat so you advised your farm animals to go hide on the island.

AOI castle

I feel you are going to be such a protective big sister.

I really hope your love for reading, letters and words will just keep blossoming. Every time we read a book you pretend you are reading it too. For pretend I mean, you recite what I or daddy just read by heart and if you don’t remember word for word you paraphrase the stories. You like it when I sing out some of the stories to you. You look up at me and your big brown eyes drink the words I sing. That makes me one proud mummy.

However, I have to be careful about what I read because you want to know the titles of each book I hold in my hand. 

According to your imagination I’m octopus, you’re crocodile and daddy is a bear/frog/dolphin. Sometimes daddy tries to correct your way of imagining us saying it not right, but that upsets me because he’s using his adult interpretation of the word and the world around us for your beautiful childhood imagination. 

Today {14-01} we took you to the swimming pool and then had a pizza at our favourite bakery shop – you love their pizzas, and so do we. This could be our last date as family of three.

Baby could be here any day now and I can’t wait to capture the first days with you and your little brother.

AOI blocks

13 Jan 2014

Our Everyday Life: Nesting

AOI readingThank you everyone who commented on my home birth with a toddler post. Your comments helped me come up with different aspect about home birth with a toddler I didn’t consider earlier. I spent the week considering thinking about everything. We don’t have family members living in our province so we depend on friend when we need help and I asked two more friends if they won’t mind coming to help with AOI while in labour. They were so kind and said yes without hesitation.

You see having this blog really helps me come out of my comfort zone and decide on some issues that otherwise I don’t thoroughly think through.

kipper the dog


AOI rocking horse

house on fire

{this photo is taking part in the P52 photo challenge at clickinmoms}

Week 2 of 2014 I was in the nesting mood. AOI used the car seat for her sleepy sheep and brother bear.

I felt the urge to wash all the baby clothes, bedding and car seat insert. I thought a lot about how baby could come any day, but I prayed for him to come on January 19th, for no particular reason but just that it would be nice to have him over the weekend.

Couple days this daddy had to go back to work for some meetings. I tried to be more present with AOI we had chance to read more and play with her toys. I didn’t use my laptop until she fell her nap time. I enjoyed give her cuddles and playing pretend games with her.

When she wanted a break from our play time together, she read, which means paraphrasing or reciting the words of the stories in the books we read to her, everywhere she could find a space to sit or stand. She also spent hours in the basement inventing stories for her farm animals.

I went to the chiropractor, practiced my photography skills and went to the library for hour an hour. In the afternoon, when the babysitter arrived, I revised a chapter of my novel. I’ve been hinting about my novel for too long and I believe the time is getting closer for when I share with you all an excerpt. But right now my mind is all about getting ready for baby boy.

Saturday I had all day writer’s workshop, daddy took AOI to story time at the library and then we all met for a quiet afternoon at home.

How was your week?

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11 Jan 2014


AOI 2-52
dreaming of you
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)
This week AOI’s obsession for books went up to the rocket, she read anywhere she could find space and sometimes she didn’t want to come to eat because she felt forced to get away from her book for some time. She reminds me of me in this passion.
More or less ten days and baby Mango will be here in our arms
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10 Jan 2014

Pregnancy #2: Week 38 Just A Dream

dreaming of youDear Mango boy,

Labour day is getting closer by the tick of the clock and I’m dreaming more of you. Two nights ago I had a vivid dream about your birth.

It was the January 19th. The location wasn’t clear, but at one point I felt you coming and from there I fell asleep. When I woke up I asked your daddy the name he gave you. It was the name I really like. I was happy to have my healthy baby in my arms. I also thought you’re such a good baby, you listen to mummy and came on the say I wished you to come on.

I pray everything goes well. I know God will make everything turn out alright. But still I’ve been dreaming a lot about you, meaning my subconscious is playing the usual tricks on my mind. I wonderful if you are going to be more like your father or like me. 

The other day I felt some cramps and I wanted to woke up your daddy to tell him but I knew those weren’t the signs for active labour. So I focused on my breathing and calmed down. In the end I felt asleep again.

I believe I’m not sleeping through the night because I can’t wait to see your face. I really can’t believe I’m going to be a mother of two in less than twelve days. I hope you will make the transition smooth.

I can’t stop saying how your sister has made this second pregnancy such an amazing experience every woman with a child should experience. She was so in tune with you and it seems like she can sense that soon you will be here in our life. She keeps coming to the belly to hug it and says “I love you belly.”

She memorized one of the names we wanted to give you but since then daddy decided that he is not very keen on. We’re getting close to picking your name.

Sometimes daddy and AOI sing You Are My Sunshine, you move so much in the belly when you hear them. I have images in my mind about what to capture in the first days as a family of four.

This week I washed all the items I been buying for you. I hand washed the tiny baby outfits. Yesterday I washed and dried all your beddings, blanket and winter jacket. It was so pretty to see all the light bright colours in the water. I have to iron them and put them in the boxes I’m going to buy today for your outfits.

I’ve been so good for 38 weeks and two days. The excitement to have you here is slowly putting me into my old impatient self. All-right!!! I can wait twelve days more.

Until next entry a big belly rub, love and kisses,


week 38

How Far Along: 38 Weeks

Size of Baby: Pumpkin, average size:18.9-20.9 inches, 6.2-9.2 lb.

Total Weight Gain: 4 lbs. – I started this pregnancy weighing 183 lbs., then I dropped to 178 lbs., currently {at my 37 weeks check up} I weigh 187 lbs. {this time I had to take off all my clothes}, I have to be extra careful because I don’t want to struggle lose all the baby weight and return to my pre-children weight by August.

Stretch Marks: no new ones

Maternity Clothes: The dress in the photo above is a maternity S.

Gender: Boy

Movement: lately you been doing the funniest twist in my belly

Sleep: I believe I can’t sleep through the night because I can’t wait to see baby boy

What I miss: being able to move like a normal woman, I don’t like to waddle around like a penguin


9 Jan 2014

Home Birth With a Toddler


My heart beats fast, in two weeks I will have another brand new baby in our home. I’m super excited. I’m nervous. I want everything to be fine.

I’ve been thinking about labour day. I wonder when baby will be born. AOI was born 39weeks and 4 days, so based on that calculation baby #2 will be here on January 19th. So I have to start thinking hard about my birth wishes.

When I was pregnant with baby #1 I had different kind of worries when it came to giving birth. I didn’t want epidural, I wanted a water birth, I wanted a homeopathic birth as possible and all this apply for the to the birth of baby #2.

Last time it was just husband and I. We hired a doula because it was our first baby. This time we’re not going to hire a doula and we will be three in the house. Myself, husband and our daughter. Our concern this time is related to what to do if I go into labour in the middle of the day and AOI is not sleeping.

We don’t live near family members and I don’t really want to bother our friends. Asking them to look after AOI in our house during labour makes me a little uncomfortable. I see the birth as something very private to be shared with my husband, daughter and the professional providers. Last time our doula was also our photographer and I loved how she captured the moments that led to us to meeting our little girl. This time we might not have any photos but I really want to capture some pictures and I’m going to do everything in my power to achieve that. But I digress.

As a family of three we have to find someone to look after AOI while I’m giving birth to baby #2. In my ideal world I want AOI present during the birth. Last time I don’t remember making any funny noises and went through the labour contractions with some kind of composure. But maybe I was so much in labour trance that I don’t remember clearly how I behaved.

Husband feels we need someone to look after her while I think we don’t.

I’ve been researching about this topic. I know that all birth stories are subjective but so far I’ve learnt that if we talk to her in advance she will be fine. Lately I tell her that she can help mummy do yoga breathing during the moment we’re welcoming baby brother. When I feel pain in my lower back I don’t hide it, she askes me “Are you okay mummy.”

“My back hurts.” she then massages with her tiny toddler hands. She is such a great help, I believe we can do this labour thing with her present, The next thing I believe I would like to do is to watch some of her pictures when she was coming into the world and then some videos of other women in labour, nothing graphic.

For a back up plan, I’ve planned a playdate with one of my close friends and her daughter just in case. We’ll see how things turn out.

QUESTION: What would you do in my position?

7 Jan 2014

DIY Maternity Photo-shoot: Indoor Inspiration

As you all know I love taking weekly photos of my growing belly and I’ve been doing that even with this pregnancy. Now, the time has summoned me to start thinking very hard about maternity photo-shoot again.
As the weeks get closer and closer to labour day I want to capture the growing belly in a professional way but just like the first pregnancy I can’t afford a professional photographer. So DIY maternity photo-shoot will be once more. 
For baby #1 maternity photo-shoot I did self portrait for all the indoor pictures and hubby helped with the outdoor pictures. But the weather is between –26*C and –30*C most days so I can’t think about outdoor pictures. And really my husband will not do a great job because he will be complaining about how the weather is horribly cold for us to stand outside taking pictures. 
For this reason my main focus for pregnancy #2 maternity photo-shoot is to concentrate on indoor photos.
As always I’ve been pinning inspirational photos.
My current inspiration is the lady behind the paintthemoon blog. She’s one of my favourite lifestyle and childhood photographers. Her pictures are full of light. During her third pregnancy she shared her maternity photo session and I would like to capture pictures similar to those.

After pregnancy #1 I’ve learnt a lot about maternity photo-shoot and new born portraiture, I’m inspired by some of the self portraits I captured during pregnancy #1
I will use my tripod and try to do some pictures while AOI is taking her naps and when she is awake and in picture taking mood {because she does have her NO picture days too} do other photos with her. But my main problem is finding the right clothes, hair style, time and the right light in my house to accomplish this task.
Tomorrow I’ll 38 weeks pregnant and some days my back pains are worse than others, therefore I believe I have to assign a week to get all the pictures I want.
Questions: Did you do a maternity photo-shoot? Was it a professional photographer or DIY maternity photo-shoot to memorialise your pregnancy? Which week do you think is best?
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6 Jan 2014

Our Everyday Life: Easy Lane

morning hair

week 37

{this photo is taking part in the P52 photo challenge at clickinmoms}

Week 1 of 2014 was on the easy lane

My photo camera took a real break. I lived in the moment, I lifted my feet. AOI watched too much Kipper on Netflix. Husband took the whole week off from work. He cooked most meals. I felt delightfully spoiled.

We searched for the camera we wanted to buy. After a good search we opted to go big or stay with the old camera so we purchased the Canon 6D, a full-frame camera – it’s scary to have such a professional camera in my hands but I’m going for the challenge.

I took thirty minutes each day to read about the next step in my writing career. 

I practiced taking pictures with my new camera throughout the week {since 2nd Jan}. I then offered to do a maternity session for one of my friends on 5th Jan, too premature to offer I thought what if I go into labour and I can’t take too pictures of her beautiful growing belly. I jumped into it.

First church service was beautiful, it was sing and worship week. A Light Is Gleaming touched my hear deeply.

Best of all I enjoyed family company and I appreciated my husband’s company – sharing a cup of tea and a slice of panettone swell my heart.

Hope your week was on the easy and good lane too.

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5 Jan 2014


Here goes again, 52 photo project.
I’m excited to participate again, this year I intend to link up every Sunday. I want to get inspired and interact more with the parents who take those beautiful portraits of their kids’ everyday life.
In few weeks baby Mango will be here for me to take pictures of him for this project so I’m including him by sharing a picture of the belly. 
aoi telephone
aoi phone baby
"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (last portraits with my Olympus EPL-1)
AOI hiding behind my iPhone as she waits for me to finish set the self-timer
“Baby, what are you doing in there?”, the elder sister asks on the old school phone
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3 Jan 2014

Pregnancy #2: Week 37. Getting Ready for Labour

week 37Dear Mango,

Since the first of January you're full term, you can come out of the belly anytime you want. We went to see the midwife on Tuesday and everything is going on smoothly. You’re in the right position to come. Less than three weeks. Now I can’t contain myself to see your sweet little new-born face.

Your elder sister likes to come to the belly to ask you what you are doing in there {the belly}. Yesterday she asked you to go draw on her easel board with her. At that I wondered if she's going to able to resist thrusting in your tiny hands a chalk or a book for you to draw or read with her.

I have a new full-frame camera, Canon 6D, to capture some precious first days as a family of four. I'm so overly excited, the crib is set, starting today I’m going to wash all the items I will need for you. I will buy few more material to create some receiving blanket for you.

I can only imagine your sweet little self in my, daddy and in your sister’s arms. We want to shower you with kisses and cuddles.

I’ve started to get my body ready for labour by taking evening primrose oil and raspberry leaf tea.

getting ready for labour

How Far Along: 37 Weeks

Size of Baby: Winter melon, average size:18.9-20.9 inches, 6.2-9.2 lb..

Total Weight Gain: 3 lbs. – I started this pregnancy weighing 183 lbs., then I dropped to 178 lbs., currently {at my 37 weeks check up} I weigh 186 lbs., I have to be extra careful because I don’t want to struggle lose all the baby weight and return to my pre-children weight by August.

Stretch Marks: no new ones

Maternity Clothes: I can still squeeze into some of my pre-pregnancy outfits but I have to layer

Gender: Boy

Movement: lately you been doing the funniest twist in my belly

Sleep: I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t go back to sleep until the wee hours of the morning

What I miss: being able to move like a normal woman, I don’t like to waddle around like a penguin

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