28 Feb 2014

Mr T.: Week 6


Dear sweetie T,

Yesterday I was talking to your grandmother {my mother} about how your birth felt like a miracle. The night after you were born I recorded the raw emotions of the day. I haven’t listened to it since because I get excited just thinking about it, but I intend to one of these days.

lovely T

So your grandmother was saying that she was surprise when she received the first picture of you as a fresh new born baby, because we talked the night before and soon after our conversation my water broke and from there on everything went by fast. Now you’re growing at a blink of an eyes.

Mr T 42 days

This week you are a little grabby. You grab daddy’s beard or my clothes firmly.

Today you woke up at around 5:19am for the first feed after you fell asleep at around 11pm. Hopefully you’ll get to the next milestone – sleeping through the night.

I look at you, your tiny feet playing in my free hand, your sweet baby defined arms, I kiss the knuckles and wrist, I kiss the warm cheeks, your head and my heart melts each time. I hold you tight to quench my deep love.

Mr T week 6

your sister jumping off the stool

I still have to catch my breath when I look at you and your sister because I can’t stop wondering how these beautiful children are MY OWN children, mine… and daddy’s too. My heart beats fast each time I look at your lovely faces.

Happy 6th week out of the womb little boy.

All my love and more,

Mummy TOI. ___________

26 Feb 2014

Musings: What Demands Your Time?


Since becoming a mother of two I have to change how I manage my time. Though my husband is home most days of the week, sometimes I still find myself overwhelmed by all the things I have to do during the day. I’m producing lot of milk to my son’s contentment.

Time is slipping by so quick. And every time I sit at my desk in my office the goal to get my novel try to achieve that goal. I realise I gave birth just over a month ago, a part of me says I should give myself a break but the other part {the bigger part} doesn’t want to use that excuse to slack. I want to utilise nap times to do as much as I can – but nap times seem to be slipping away too.

When it comes to my blogging, I want to give more to my readers than just our everyday life updates, portraits of my children and letters to Mr T. I have blog posts which I believe are might be useful and hopefully be helpful to at least a person out there. However, I haven’t had the mental chance to type them down. I feel like a wind without a proper destination.

Last Saturday something clicked in me. When I returned from the writer’s workshop AMI said “I’ve thought about WDAT”

“What the initials stand for?” I asked confused. After been away nearly the whole day I was beginning to feel the tiredness.

“What demands AMI’s time.” I was intrigued. He told me the things that demand his time and in which order they do. Then he asked me “What demands your time?”

I thought about them and told him my list.

Mr T. is on top of the list because a baby doesn’t understand the phrase “Please wait a second,” when he cries he demands my time right there and then. Next is AOI, she understands the previous phrase but sometimes she just needs mummy’s attention, which I love to give. Next is food, then my novel, then photos and blogging, time for my husband. Cleaning the dishes and the house are at the bottom of WDYT.

So since Sunday I’m doing things a little bit different.

I map down these demands and then dedicate my time entirely to them alternatively; meaning if Mr. T cries for me I drop everything I’m doing and look after him. Once he is happy I check if AOI needs me. If she’s happy playing with her toys or reciting her books, I look into cooking, if cooking is all done and AOI is sleeping I work on my novel and distract myself with social media {blogging, instagram, emails…}. Hubby and I are having more conversations before bedtime which happens around 11-12am. I really try my best to avoid staring at the computer screen when my daughter is awake and she is looking at every activity I do.

I think this new system will help me accomplish lot more – maybe I’ll sleep less but I’ll achieve many goals in this way. I’ll see how things turn out.


Question: What demands your time? How do you manage yourself time on a daily basis?

24 Feb 2014

Our Everyday Life: Baker’s Family

On the first day of week 8, I woke up happy and ready for the day.

Mr T lovely feet

Mr T. taking a nap in his cot while mummy is resisting not to eat those toes and legs. Awww, he’s a sweetie, love him so.

It was family day in Saskatchewan, we stayed home and I talked for about an hour to my sister in law while I was multitasking – breastfeeding and whatsuping and instagraming occasionally. AMI was entertaining AOI downstairs.

Nap time proved a battle because daddy went to work soon after AOI’s snap and I was left with two children to look after. A tired toddler who didn’t want to nap and hungry baby.

We worked together as team when it came to parenting. In the evening AOI came to ask me if she can read another book while daddy clearly told her that reading 10books before bedtime were enough. He warned me as soon as she walked into my room "She is playing us against each other". I'm telling you, she is twelve in a two year old body.

Tuesday morning AOI decided that it was more fun eating corn flakes without milk. It was a messy vision but she enjoyed it so much she had two bowls.

AMI came back from French playgroup tired because AOI wasn't in the mood to be social. She had some meltdowns and didn't want to repeat things in French, she kept asking him to speak English. He suggested we start practicing French daily. When AOI went for a nap, AMI went to work for couple of hours. I took that moment to snap pictures of sleeping angel.

sleeping angel

Every time my children sleep I take that moment to enjoy a photo shoot session.

Thursday evening I went into my office and I was surprise and content with myself to see the time. It was 8pm and the whole day I didn’t sit in front of my laptop once until then. I took AOI and Mr T. to the indoor playgroup. I managed to survive thanks to the ladies there. For instance I was breastfeeding Mr T. when AOI quietly said “Pee, pee” I had to give Mr T. to one of my mummy friends and run with AOI to the toilet.

It was a bit tiring when it came to snack time, because AOI didn’t want to sit and she spilled the water twice. Next week I have to be more organise and have to keep Mr T. in the baby carrier.

In the afternoon AMI suggested we all help him bake a cake. So our family activity consisted in baking a carrot and raisin cake. It was yummy!

cake prep
Friday morning I woke up around ten minutes to nine. Mr T. started to cry as I was getting ready for the day and AMI just left the house for a meeting. I had to dress Miss A so I carried on doing so.

My daughter started to complain and my son’s cries increased. But I carried on, while drops of sweat dribbled down my face.

After feeding T, I took the children out to join my new mummy friend to go to a gymnastic centre to let our toddlers play. On our we back home I had to drive around the block couple of time to let AOI fall asleep. I recognised my strength when I had to carry her on one shoulder, hold two bags on one harm and in other hand carry the car-seat where Mr T. was sleeping.

Saturday I went a writer's workshop hosted by my group. Mr T. came with me and he was quiet like an angel. Didn’t cry, such a gentle baby – AOI was just like that at his age. When I got back how AMI and I spent the rest of the afternoon bonding through conversation. We talk, a proper conversation about our priorities and time management. I need to manage my time properly and sort out my priorities.

Sunday we opted out from church, by 5pm we all felt like zombies around the house. Still we managed to survive until 11pm.

Week 8 everyday life collection

connect 4

AOI wanted to play connect 4 with daddy

daddy carrys baby T

a father singing Les Miserables to his son while carrying in the baby carrier around the house

father and daughter cooking

father and daughter working together to create the yummy carrot and raisin cake – labour of love, but how daughter doesn’t like cake

eating carrot

a toddler enjoy grated carrot for the carrot and raisin cake

carrot cake

that yummy cake

aoi drawingAOI drawing and learning her numbers

mummy and children

mummy, daughter and son enjoying some time together – I’m a doctor


awww, Elephante soaking up the winter afternoon sun after a nice walk around the house

heart stockings

a toddler, she loves those pinky rain boots



This week we spent 108$. AMI was aiming to spend only 100$. One thing I love about living a frugal life is how we look forward to the food shopping on Wednesday because by Tuesday evening we don’t much left in the fridge.

my week 8 fridge

I’m looking forward to this Wednesday shopping because I want toasted corn and peanuts – nowadays I appreciate what I eat.

How was your week?

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22 Feb 2014


siblings week 8

Mr T. week 8

AOI week 8-52

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI and Mr T: I can’t resist photographing my children sleeping like angels next each other

Mr T.: his first sweet grin. Can’t wait for those toothless big laughs

AOI: “Mummy, I’m going to eat the ice.” she said pretending to lick the snow off the deck. She is such a comic, I love her sense of humour so much.


Linking with lovely Jodi

Some of my favourite portraits by the other ladies light and pose and gorgeous blue eyes by Skylark Love/ timeless beauty by Malt Memories/ the two sisters in the secret garden by Gingerbread Tales

21 Feb 2014

Mr T.: Week 5


Dear mister lovely grin,

This week daddy carried you around the house in a baby carrier your auntie M bought for you, all the while singing Les Miserables, his favourite musical.

daddy carrying T

Also this week you gave us more smiles. You grin when I say “Ciao T” and kiss your sweet tender cheeks. In your grin I read "Mummy, I love you" and "I like your kiss on the cheek". Then you make the sweetest cooes. I want to hold you tight and make you feel all my love for you. This morning, around 4:40am, you started cooing and grinning. I held your tiny hand as I dozed off. I kept looking at your peaceful expression, you laid down next to me, looking deeply at me. I felt in heaven.

Mr T. 35days copy

Last Saturday I took you to my writer’s group. Sunday, just before dinner, we went to the ice rink for your sister to ‘practice’ her skating. She was more into lying on the ice than skating but really she is getting good, she can move forward couple of steps without help. She can’t wait to teach you how to skate – just because she saw Peppa Pig, the cartoon, teaching her already skate talented brother. I can’t wait to see the two of interacting.

Yesterday I took you and your sister to the playgroup for the first time. You were so good and didn’t cry when you wanted to feed.

I love how you wrap your arm on my breast or your grip my top when you are feeding. I really enjoy feeding you, is a special bonding between us. I pray I have enough milk to breastfeed you for at least eleven more months – of course I plan to introduce fresh vegetables and fruit to you when you turn four months.

Mr T. week 5

Your baby body is still learn but your skin is nicely filled. Yesterday at the midwife's appointment I told that you look healthy even though you’re not chubby. She explained that you have long bones. Daddy told me you may become a footballer, and I said maybe a hockey player, but really we’ll be happy with any sport you may choose to practice.  

You can lift your head and turn side to side. You moved your legs so much you sometimes look like you’re crawling. I don’t want to think about those milestone because it says your growing too fast.

mummy and T

Look at those tender cheeks, tiny kissable lips and big eyes – I wonder what you’re looking outside the window in that picture. Awwwwww!

to you my love,

Mummy TOI

19 Feb 2014

Musings: Keeping My Creative Mind Alive

project instagram copy

My thinking mind is at its best early in the morning, when I'm still between dream and reality. When I'm feeding my boy my thoughts race, sometimes they crash for their speed. Then when my writing mind wakes up at around 10am I find myself staring blank at the computer screen or the white pages. And life sweet distractions join the chorus with phone calls, baby cries, toddler need for mummy’s attention…

While I wait to find a balance between my thoughts and writing and a general routine, I'm grateful for instagram. My creativity is not suffering because I’m posting photos and few words everyday. I feel like my photography is benefitting thanks to the instagram community I’m part of.

Two weeks before I gave birth I created a public account on instagram. Initially I posted some old pictures then slowly I started to share glimpses of my everyday life as a family of four. I felt like through my passion for photography I could shout my happiness to the world. Five days after baby boy was born, I saw a daily photo challenge just for instagram in the newsletter of Clickinmoms, a photography community I’m part of. I took up the challenge and since then my iphone photography has improved. I think about light, focus, timing, composition, angle, message behind each photo and I try to push myself out of my comfort zone – I just don’t shoot what is readily in front of me. I’m daring myself and want to push my own boundaries. I’m thoughtful about photography more than ever. The happiness of a mother when a child sleeps is captured in the beauty of the same child. A food is not only something to eat but something to enjoy visually before eating. A feet is not only for walking but also for posing. The bonding of a mother and child thanks to breastfeeding is priceless.

My personal challenge is to shoot every single photo with my iPhone. So far I’m happy about the results.

This afternoon, as I was writing my sweet baby boy slept soundly on the sofa next me, his sister was taking a nap and daddy was reading. I turned to my little boy and just like that I got inspired – I got the photo for today’s prompt.

letter m

M shaped sweet little baby lips. This is why iPhone-graphy can be exciting, the moments that we can’t always capture with our big DSLR camera are possible with an iPhone.


Question: How do you keep your creativity alive when life seems to have the better of you?

17 Feb 2014

Our Everyday Life: Good Morning Sunshine

From Tuesday onwards my daughter walked into our bedroom every morning and greeted me with a great grin on her face. The light in the corridor has taken away her fear of the dark and it’s wonderful to wake up with a smiling toddler standing next to you – it does take away all the tiredness from the sleepless nights before.
afternoon nap
AOI after an afternoon nap lying next to daddy while he speaks on the phone with his mummy

This song is not related to how I felt during week 7 of 2014, but is one of my favourite songs and is sung by one of my favourite songwriters, who I came to know of his music too late. I’m sharing it because my Church choir sung it during a mini concert they hosted yesterday after church during free lunch they offered.


aoi dreamy

This is the smile that greeted me nearly every morning on week 7 of 2014. Tuesday I woke up couple of times to feed Mr T. {3.35am and 5:40am} – I went back to sleep and I was still dozing when I heard AOI faint footsteps making their way to our room. I wanted to hide under the covers but couldn’t so I turned my sleepy eyes on her. My soul jumped out from it place and made a happy waltz when I saw the warm smile standing at the side of my bed so early in the day two tiny books in one hand and Elefante held tight under the other arm. I was the happiest mother, the tiredness I felt a few seconds earlier vanished. My heart filled to the brim, I put Mr T. in his cot and took AOI to cuddle her tight, she had made my day even it was just 7am.

Monday I was still a tired woman from last week. AMI took AOI to the swimming pool. I couldn’t rest because Mr T. wanted to feed nearly all the time. He went down for his morning nap at 10:00am. In the meantime I revised my novel for one hour by 11:30am he wanted another feed more. He then went back to nap again until I took him to the midwife for a routine visit. He weighs 4.5kgs, he is doing very well.

I’m happy about the revisions I’m doing to my novel because the new details allow the reader to picture Verona in hers or his mind. The next thing I want to do is share pieces of the story on my blog beginning March 2014.

Daddy tried taking AOI out of the house without diaper and it was a success. He came home happy because he’s getting used to the idea of going to the French playgroup and this week he decided to practice his school days French. One thing I love about my husband is the determination and consistency he has when he starts a new project. He’s more dedicated in practicing his French and that boosts dedication too. He downloaded an app…

learning french

So, since Tuesday we’re both practicing our French and things are starting to sit in the brain. If I don’t keep up with my husband’s pace start more than I do, he will be way ahead in few months.

You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon on Grooveshark

Paul Simon music was our week 7 anthem, I love how his songs tell a story. I danced and I was even more happy because fresh thick snowflakes fell to my heart desire, I went outside to take some self portraits. 

in the snow

Thursday AMI took AOI to our local playgroup and he tried out of home potty training again. It was another successful attempt. In the afternoon towards half past four C. brought Lil C. over for a play date/dinner date. The girls had fun together. A few times AOI told C. that the toys were hers to which I said it's good to take turns. They stayed over for dinner we had a potluck, AMI prepared fish and chips. Lil C. bought borsch soup. Everything was yummy. The girls weren't into eating the soup, Lil C. loves chips and peas. But importantly both AOI and C wanted to run between the dinning area and the living room.

It was nice having them over. We Suggested doing the same thing every other Thursday. Just nice to have friends over for play date and dinner.

Friday AMI had all day meeting. I survived without meltdowns and Mr. T. has good naps. AMI bought me a bucket of popcorn – frugal Valentine's gift.

Went to bed early.

Saturday was a sunny day, I went to my writer's group. It felt good to talk about my writing progress. During the rest of the day I managed to get few go through my emails, reply to blog comments and posted on my blog and read some blogs – I have so many more to catch up with. I edited photos and enjoy some time with my children.I learnt a new trick on my camera, setting manual shutter speed and aperture. I was proud about how productive as I was on this particular day.

Sunday we to church. Service was exciting, the sermon was beautiful and I was wide awake to listen to it. AOI went to Sunday school and I was about to cry when I saw AMI twenty minutes later walking back into his seat. She stayed down with everyone without want him to stay That marked another milestone in her growth. That tells me that she doesn’t need one of us to be near her every single second. She really ready to start going to preschool. Mahhhh! I cry, but I’m happy for her. 

In the afternoon, after naps we went to the Oval to ice skate. I didn’t skate but AOI is improving at each visit. She still likes to stand there or lie on the ice and say “Help, anybody help me!” That toddler of mine makes me laugh.

I always think that when my memory is all faded and photography and words are the only things to remind me of how our past days went by, the little details of our everyday life will be the most important things in our lives. So I want my life to be fill with joyful details like

a walk in the big freeze

when a father takes his daughter for a winter walk even in –30 degrees weather.

grumpy aoi

a toddler practicing her pretend grumpy face, when really she is a happy girl

aoi and cb

a toddler, happy to see her best friend in her house for a play-date


a mother happy to showcase her beautiful empty wallet

cavallo fa il bagno

a toddler imagining an adventure with her toy cavallo in the bathtub

sleeping sibling

most of all, a mother over the moon to see her two children beautifully and soundly asleep bathed by the afternoon sunlight

And I love every simple thing that make our present everyday life so special



This week we spent 130$, 15$ extra on our food shopping because we bought few things that weren’t food related – like a toddler flashing blue brush.

blue tooth brush

Frugal food shopping made us look forward to Wednesday because by Tuesday evening we don’t have much left and on food shopping day we can finally fill our fridge with nice and yummy things.

How was your week?

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15 Feb 2014


aoi dreamy

Mr T_week 7 edited-2

siblings week 7 copy

AOI: playing pee-a-boo under the tent made out of mummy’s scarf – I created the blurry effect because I love the dreamy eyes and smile on my girl’s face. I can spend hours staring at that sweet porcelain face

Mr T.: His eyes, oh, his are brown diamond and I can swimming in them non-stop. He’s alert more hours during the day, but he still loves his sleep. I love to see him so content.

AOI and Mr T.: while learning our Dr Seus rhyming numbers, AOI notices a the skin peeling off T’s forehead and she says “Oh, T. you’re so itchy”.


Linking with Jodi

Some of my favourites photos from the other ladies are I love to witness the sibling love the books don’t talk about by Lucia / a little baby in red pants on a big beach by Pienkel and pregnant belly in a beautiful afternoon by Little Daisy Chains 

Mr T.: 1 Month


Dear amore di mamma,

Today you turn one month.

Around this time last month I was living between dream and reality. I couldn’t believe the miracle that happened just few hours before. Giving birth within short time of period while in the comfort of my home, while your sister slept in her bedroom was a miracle. Thirty one days since you turned our world upside down and we can’t imagine our lives without you.

mr t and mummy 1 got this picture idea from a photo I pinned two years ago {via for reference}

Last Sunday we took you to the church for the first time. You were the celebrity of the day. Everyone wanted to have a peak at you. And they marvel at how cute and sweet you are. You steal heart with your quiet charm.

Growth. You’re shooting up, you feed well for this reason. Monday we went to the midwife just you and I. You weigh 9lbs 15oz. These days you want to feed non stop if you are not sleeping. You feed you sleep and by the time I finish doing something around the house and I’m about to sit to chill you wake up and it all goes to square one.

You can lift your head during tummy time. You enjoy sleeping on your tummy and you can turn your head left and right by yourself. You’ve been sneezing and having hiccups loads, but I read that it’s common in infants. Your coos, and gurgles and grunts welcome me into your world.

Mr T. week 4

I cannot not mention your eyes. How can I describe them. The sparkling brown diamonds are getting more beautiful by the fraction. When I say your name and you turn them on me as to say Hey lady, you’re my mammi! My knees become candle near fire. And I think, how did I become so fortunate to had this handsome boy in my life. Your going to steal hearts, and I think that without bias. Thank God you chose me as your mother, I would steal you if you weren’t mine; but He and you didn’t want me to commit a crime.

You remind me of your daddy’s daddy and my daddy: 1 handsome + 1 handsome = 2 handsome.Mr T. 28 days

Your granny booked her flight to come and see you next month, she can’t wait to hold. She had to weight all this time because she is coming to keep us company when daddy is away in Australia for a work trip. Also your paternal grandparents booked their flight to come and see you in May. We plan our first road trip – we can’t wait.

Photos. You and your sister have so many pictures I can’t see how you will complain you don’t have any childhood pictures, maybe you two will complain that I take too many pictures. In fact your sister has started refusing having her pictures taken so I’m learning to capture her in the act of doing something but her movements are too fast most pictures turn out blurry or not centred. But I’m learning to use my camera in full manual, so I will get to the point when I snap pictures in motion and it turns out just fine.

Oh boy, you just gifted me with your first proper smile. I kiss your soft cheek and you smile. You’re melting my heart and I can’t wait to see the big grin you will give me very soon.

snaps of T first month copyright

1. first day you were born/ 2. a week old/ 3. i love how you wrap you tiny fingers around my index when you feed/ 4. 28 days since I’ve been swimming in those deep brown eyes

My heart, my heart beats fast as I see these snaps of your first month. Time is slipping away from my finger too fast. Gosh, you steal my heart every second.

love you deeply,

Mummy TOI!


we love reading more pregnancy and baby/toddler updates... so don't be shy

13 Feb 2014

Musings: On Plagiarism

***I posted this entry when I was upset, since then all misunderstanding is cleared with the part involved*** 


The very first leaflet they gave me at university was an essay on the meaning of plagiarism and how to avoid it. Wikipedia defines plagiarism as

the "wrongful appropriation" and "purloining and publication" of another author’s "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions," and the representation of them as one's own original work

a clockwork orange-tile

image of Alex {Malcolm McDowell} via

If you read my blog long enough then you know that I tend to reference whatever idea, thought, expression if I’m not the first one to come up with it.

Yesterday. the whole day, I was consumed by the fact that I was accused of coping someone's idea for a photo prompt on IG.

I woke up around 2:15am to Mr T.’s cries. As always I I took him from his cot, fed him and then changed his diaper. When I breast-feed I browse IG, this morning was no different. I was surprised to read a comment on one of my photos, specifically the one I did yesterday entitled A {half} Clockwork Orange. I saw it as my masterpiece and I was so happy I went to bed just feeling elated. So reading another comment of the first person who commented on that photo felt like a bomb. She wrote "such a beautiful photo inspired by... You came up with a beautiful idea, K!" With claps at the end. She has deleted her previous comment which said “You’re beautiful. You nailed it” leaving my thank you hanging. 

Initially I didn't make much of it, I thought how nice of her to come back to comment that's I have inspired somebody else to create the same picture but she got my name wrong. I was so sleepy I wasn't thinking straight. I thought she was just being very nice,  I put my phone down and then went back to feeding my boy. Then I changed him and I went to bed to breastfeed and took my phone. I read the message again, couple of times. Then I went on the account of the person saying that someone has used her photo idea to check her photo.

Then things started to click – she was accusing me of stealing that photographer’s idea, she thought the other photographer was the first one to come up with the idea of a half orange on her eye because she wrote a long note saying somebody has used her photo. I was upset when I found out and read some of the comments some other ladies left on her account regarding me.

I don't know why she assumed that I copied, because I never saw her picture. Then again she knew the other photographer so it was fair of her to stand by her mate, I love her loyalty.

I felt bad about the situation but in the end I explained to the photographer who commented on my photo how I came up with the idea. I was inspired the British 1971's film A Clockwork Orange, I reference that in the caption of the shot. Inspiration to me means to be able to come up with a new idea based on something old. So I took my photo based on the big eye and the orange in the title of the movie.

She got it and we’re cool again. In all of this I didn’t write to the other photographer because she didn’t personally say anything to me. I like what she does and if I knew or saw her photo I would have come up with a different idea for that prompt.

I don't plagiarise other artists’ ideas and represent them as my own. I don't like being falsely blamed for something I haven't done. But most of all, I like to believe in my personal creativity.

A Clockwork Orange was my inspiration but I came up with the idea for that photo on my own.


What are your thoughts on plagiarism and inspiration?

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11 Feb 2014

Our Everyday Life: Interrupted Sleep

Week 6, AMI and I were sleep deprived. But our daughter’s heartfelt laughter and son’s pensive beautiful eyes fuel our energy 


what are you doing T? You’re tickling me. And she laughs uncontrollably


By the end of the week I was feeling the fatigue.

I remember Sunday night we went to bed late.

Then AOI woke up in the middle of the Monday night asking for me. We brought her in our bed and after awhile AMI took her into her room but she wanted him to sit in the chair near the door. He was tired tired so in the end she came to sleep in our bed. At some point in the night we were four on our bed, tiny little Mr T., no more tiny AOI, hairy daddy and sweaty mummy – breastfeeding is really a workout.

AMI went to a meeting again. AOI was wonderful and Mr T. slept very well. After snack I read to AOI and she fell asleep as I cuddled her in my bed. In the afternoon she was happy playing with her plastic farm animals, reading books and just being a jolly little girl.

Tuesday night we couldn't sleep until about 2am. AOI woke up at about 12:50am screaming for daddy. once he got into her room he told her happy stories about Elefante going to the beach. He turned on the wall light in the corridor to help her go back to sleep.

AMI read some chapter of the childhood book Caring for Your Child, we are doing fine regarding bringing up a toddler. We respond to her emotional needs, her nutrition is good and social skills are all round good.

To the joy of AMI they didn't go the French Playgroup, instead they went to the swimming pool. AOI slept in the car on their way back home. When she woke up she wanted cuddles from mummy, her red cheeks and sweet self was so cute to resist. She was still tired even when the midwife came to visit Mr T. He's doing great, apart from congested nose, he eats well, sleeps well and his digestive system works fine
I played tickles with AOI. We laughed so much. I love it when we laugh with all our heart.

Wednesday we stayed home and around 11:30am daddy went to do our weekly shopping. AOI didn't want to nap. She was up the whole afternoon. The babysitter came so it was a break for us. Too soon it was time for her to go. I couldn't do much but read blogs because I can't concentrate on my creativity when I'm breastfeeding. However, I read an interesting blog, those kind of blogs that push you to do better because the writer/photographer behind is precocious in her work, life and she writes her heart out, and I love that.

In the evening after AOI fell asleep I went to her room to make sure she was warmly dressed up. I picked her up and cried. My daughter was in my arms but i missed her newborn body, when i was so scared to drop her for how light she was. I'm still scared to drop her but she is a strong girl now. I miss her baby smell, her expressive eyes soaking in the world around her and us without a word tell us what she wanted and needed. I miss those moments but I also cherish the stage she’s in right now because I relive my toddlerhood thanks to her wild imagination.

Mr T. is growing fast, compared to few weeks ago his tiny fingers are getting chubby, not as chubby as other babies but I can tell the difference.

Thursday was another difficult night. Around 4:50am, when I finished breastfeeding Mr T., I moved my Canon 6D into my office. As I was going there I prayed my steps don't wake AOI. On my way back to my room she called me "Mummy?" She quickly sat on her bed, eyes wide open. For a moment I froze in the hallway, hoping she goes back to bed. But I didn't it working so went to her room. She was in a good mood. She came into our bed and started to jump. Mr T. wanted to feed more. In the end AMI managed to take AOI back to her room and tell her stories until she fell back to sleep around 5:15am. I finished feeding Mr T. and fell asleep ten minutes later. We all woke up at 8:45, a very long lie in. AOI walked into our room by herself.

Our schedule was shifted due to the late wake up. AMI did take AOI to playgroup.

AOI refused to take a nap. She needs to go playgroups to tire herself out. For this purpose I can't wait for the summer to return. Though she didn't have a nap she was such a great toddler, she played alone with her toys and didn't have any tantrum, that's the reason I told AMI that he should focus on the positive even when our toddler doesn't have a nap. If I was alone in this I wouldn't like nap-less afternoons, because I would be so tired and I couldn't have 30minutes just to recharge myself.

Today Mr T. had a nice sleeping pattern, he was up most of the morning, feeding and cuddles. He went to sleep around 12:10pm when we left the house to go to the bank. He was still sleeping when we got back around 1:45pm. He woke up around 4:00pm. He fed and changed, he was awake until about 6:30. I fed him again around that time and he was sleeping again by 7:00pm. I did laundry and watched one and half episodes of Gossip girl.

gossip girl

Writing both for my blog and off blog is a daunting task, I believe I'll get some routine going. I tried to write around 8:20pm but it didn't work. In fact, this week I realized that since becoming a mother of two and not sleeping throughout the nigh, my mind is clear and productive around ten when Mr T. Is having his morning nap and daddy and AOI are at playgroup.


My old school mates were back in my old house in Italy, teasing and threatening to harm me – I woke up from that dream to the cries of AOI. Daddy was already there trying to comfort her but she didn't want to know it. She was crying for me. I went there and tried to comfort her. She stopped crying but I wanted her to sleep too so I sat on her bed and pretended I was falling asleep.

We went to our room for a little. She was wide awake and asked me to go downstairs, I told her it was too early. AMI took her back to her room and managed to let her sleep but not for long. By 2:05am, when I checked my watch on the photo, we were all near to dreamland. I woke up, again, at about 5:40am to feed Mr T., we fell asleep and woke up at 7:20am circa.
Saturday I woke up at 3:30am to Mr T.' cries. I brought him into our bed to feed. I then changed and fed him again until 4:50am. I slept until AOI woke up at 7:00am, she walked into our room.

I was tired so I was glad to have a lie in while AMI took AOI downstairs to prepare her breakfast.
We were invited at a friend's house for her daughter's second birthday party. Towards the end AOI was getting her toddler antics out by climbing the toddler table and sitting on legs of the chair. She was starting to embarrass me by ignoring my and daddy's recalls. We stayed until six. We like this young family and it would be nice to do activities together.

It was AMI's birthday. After AOI went to bed and Mr T. was sleeping we took time to chill in bed. I wrote the letter to AMI while he checked his emails. He was about to sleep when I gave him his gift, nothing much just a secret box with a letter in it. In this letter I promised him my heart renewed and filled with love. I promised him to give him at least one year of renewed heart. We kissed and I smelled his familiar smell I loved long ago and still love. I felt love and affection towards him. We promised each other an everlasting young love.

We fell asleep somewhere around 11pm

Sunday, 3:43am AMI picks Mr T. from the cot. I wake up and ask to feed him because milk is ready. I hear AOI shuffle in her bed in the next room, after a minute or so she walks into our room, Elefante tucked under her armpit. I check the time, 3:45am. Between changing Mr T., taking AOI back to bed twice and feeding Mr T. multiple times, we both fall back to sleep around 5:40am. I sleep until AOI walks into our bedroom. She wants a cuddle, I cuddle her and when I check the time it's 7:23am.

We went to church and as always we were a celebrity. D. said I looked tired. I guess I really had too many interrupted sleep.

But during the week we also enjoyed


a bowl of fresh frutta


easy homemade bruschetta


soup of verdure


bread and nutella for a yummy breakfast


salted mais snack


a toddler and her Elefante in a cestino

aoi midwife

AOI, the midwife, checking Mr T.’s heart beat


the view in the living room when daddy decided to tidy AOI’s libri with her help.

Then we start all over from square one each week. I truly love my family



This week we spent 140$, 35$ extra on our food shopping. We went to the bank to close some accounts – frugal living is in motion constantly on my husband's mind. To stop from paying too much service charges he thinks ING online banking is the bank for us, he is doing all the research. One evening I went to bed around ten and after AMI finished updating things on his laptop we talked about life, house, pension and our children's future. We revised the people in our family and based on their current situation who will be suitable as guardian to our children. I say, frugal living is giving us lot of activities and conversations.

How was your week?

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