31 Mar 2014

Our Everyday Life: Sultans of Swing


Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits on Grooveshark

Week 13 I started to drive our new car and I had to listen to the Dire Straits’ CD the previous owner left in the player. AOI loves Sultans of Swing so much she wants it on repeat. She started to repeat some part of the lyrics. I love the song so much and I really think our daughter is going to have a great taste in music.

Well, also this week AOI woke up at 6:30 the whole week. Some days I was more tired than ever. Monday I just had to go to bed at 10:30 when Mr T fell asleep for the night around 9:30pm.

While my mum was here she made me work so hard. There wasn’t a day that I sat around leisurely, only when I used Mr T constant need to feed I was allowed to sit and play around with my phone.

My mum went to Toronto on Wednesday to spend two days with my other siblings before going to work in New Jersey. However, in the end she decided to go to London to visit my brother.
By Thursday the living area was like a boomed zone until AOI was ready for bed. We always try to let her help us clean her toys before bedtime. She likes to do that sometimes.

In general I was tired during the week, I was so tired yesterday I had to go to bed early.

But I was never too tired to snap pictures. Capturing the simple happy moments in our everyday life energize me more than anything...

granny bathes Mr TGranny bathing baby Mr T.

protective handDaddy embracing baby Mr T :)

sisterly loveShe called out to me as I left her room during her bedtime routine with daddy. My heart beamed, I placed little baby boy next to her.

brother and sisterShe was happy to have her little brother next to her in her bed. My heart, oh, my heart!!!

daddy and daughter embraceFather and daughter cuddling while watching Bubble Guppies

at the museumAn afternoon at the museum

at the museum 1More scenes from the museum 

getting ready for gardenGetting ready for our garden by planting some seeds

baby Mr TA sleeping baby, no care in the whole world – love it 

morning messy hairMessy hair we don’t care – “I love you too sister” his eyes seem to say

30 Mar 2014


AOI week 13 at the museum

Mr T, gentleman week 13

Sibling Playfulness

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI.: She loves going to the museum and her curiosity is getting bigger and bigger each time we’re there. She reminds me of me so much

Mr T.: He is a gentleman by nature, so sweet in this outfit his granny bought for him. He looks more than just two months, I wish somebody can invent that potion to stop baby from growing too fast. Thanks photography and film exist to freeze the moment.

AOI and Mr T.: “Mummy, look. T is doing O”. She is so playful and I like to see her play with her littler brother but I have to be extra vigilant, she wanted to share her roasted corn with him the other day.


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Some of my favourites photos from the other ladies are there is so much soul in these shot by Mischief, Magic and Mayhem/ One Claire Day’s little ballerina shot is classic/ there is always a romantic feel to Malt Memories’ photography


As many of you know together with my friend Erica, @ To The Sea, we started the Blogger Baby Boom because there we so many pregnant blogger women around us – we were two of them, Erica still has couple months to go. For a while the link up is not picking up so I came up with another idea which we hope it is here to stay.

Now we’re started @bumpsbabiesandtoddlers another platform on Instagram created for you and us to showcase beautiful photos of pregnant bumps, babies and toddlers. It’s a way to inspire each other to take gorgeous pictures. We’ll feature the photos that makes us go awwwww, cooooo and gaaaaa once a week. It’s still in its infancy but I know with your help it can pick up and blossom. Feel free to stop by and start tagging #bumpsbabiesandtoddlers for the chance to be featured. 


29 Mar 2014

Running with Roselle: A Book Review

running with roselle
Finally I can write about Running with Roselle, the memoir by Michael Hingson, a 9/11 survivor. I accepted to review this book because I thought the story was very inspirational and I wanted to know a bit more about Mike's childhood story.
Michael spent most of his school days sitting around and he was discriminated against. He spent his summer riding a bike to the dismay of his neighbours, only because he was born blind. But his parents allowed him to be just like any other kid, without institutionalizing him like other people would have likes. He was an Eagle Scout. He went to Cal as a physics major (where he was known to drive a car around campus from time to time). He overcame all the obstacles in his life and achieved what people thought him impossible to. And, as he grew older, that never changed.
Also in this book, parallel to Michael's story, is the story of Roselle of how from just a normal puppy he was trained to become a guide dog. It's amazing hard the have to train to become a good guide to a blind person. They always have to put into the foreground the need of the person in their care over the desire to play.
For me this book is a well woven story of friendship and of hope. The moral of this memoir is never judge or discriminate a person and an animal without getting to know them first.
I don't want to give away too much of the story because it's a book worth reading.

27 Mar 2014

Musings: Bumps Babies and Toddlers

Hello everyone, life is gets hectic when there are people visiting. Today my mum flew to Toronto. She is going to stay there for couple of days until she goes back to New Jersey on Saturday.

Well, due to the photographic mood I’ve been in lately, I’ve decided to try something new on INSTAGRAM.

As many of you know together with my friend Erica, @ To The Sea we, started the Blogger Baby Boom because there we so many pregnant blogger women around us – we were two of them, Erica still has couple months to go. For a while the link up is not picking up so I came up with another idea which we hope it is here to stay.

Today I started @bumpsbabiesandtoddlers with Erica.


This is a new platform created to showcase beautiful photos of pregnant bumps, babies and toddlers. It’s a way to inspire each other to take gorgeous pictures. We’ll feature the photos that makes us go awwwww, cooooo and gaaaaa twice a week. It’s still in its infancy but I know with your help it can pick up and blossom. Feel free to stop by and start tagging #bumpsbabiesandtoddlers for the chance to be featured.

Hope to see you there Smile

25 Mar 2014

Our Everyday Life: Mummy, Hold Me Tight

Week 12 of 2014 my daughter wanted me to hold her tight and often.AOI and mummy night read

Singing In The Rain by Frank Sinatra on Grooveshark

This week I metaphorically sung in the rain, but before that I allowed sadness to take away my passion for writing and photo taking with my big camera. On Thursday I concluded that I had to force myself to do things because my brother was doing well and he didn't want us to worry because he doesn't see anything to worry about.

Also I realised that when my husband is home I have more time to practice my photography skills. Due to his trip in Australia I spent most of my time looking after the kids and washing the dishes because, when my mum is here and my husband is away for work, I can't pile the dishes in the sink until the evening when the children are sleeping. My mum wanted me to wash the plates soon after dinner, lunch and breakfast. Well, I still stole time to capture pictures on my iPhone and updated my IG feed in the evening when the house was quiet.


Monday late morning I took AOI for a long walk in the hope that she sleeps. We stopped at the playground for few minutes on our way back she wanted to walk in the puddles. She hummed Singing In The Rain {her father was listening with her the previous week}, while stamping in the water. Once home she exclaimed "We went for a lovely walk."  She made me smile. 

Tuesday and Thursday my mum joined me and the kids at the playgroups. In this way she saw what I normally do during the week with my children.

Tuesday French playgroup was another success. AOI is getting interested in the group activities. I'm on two minutes broken French conversation with the other parents. On Friday AOI decided to stay home with granny while I took Mr T. to French yoga for mummy and baby. We I had fun. I'm getting brave with my French. I had a conversation with the receptionist. She spoke in French and I responded in English. She suggested we apply to the French preschool, where AOI will learn the correct French if we want to have a bilingual kid, because French immersion is not as good for that purpose.

One afternoon, during AOI's nap time AMI phoned, Mr. T was sleeping so I went to place him in his cot. After that I tip toed into AOI’s room to show husband his sleeping daughter but she woke up. In her sleepy voice she said “Mummy, hold me tight. Hold me tight.” I placed the phone on the bed and held her tight. That was a moment when the camera was not there to document but even in the business of my everyday life I force in the minutes to capture some of the candid moments precious to my soul.

And this week with Canon6D I loved capturing

granny and siblingsa toddler girl and a baby boy entertaining granny

AOI sleepinga sleeping beauty

bedtime story with mummya mummy reading bedtime story {Goldilocks and the Three Bears} to her children

granny and Ta granny rocking a baby boy in his bouncer and him tenderly placing his fingers on her wrist

AOI and elefantea toddler girl loving and nurturing her Elefante even when granny thinks it stinks

AOI night reada toddler girl teaching granny the secrets of what she calls the iPod

sleeping toddlera toddler girl enjoying her sleep so much half of her body gets out of bed, ready for a walk. {Sunday morning, after feeding my son at 3:30am until 4:30am I worked on my laptop for one hour and went to check my daughter at 5:30am, I found her body half way out of the bed. I quickly went to grab my iPhone and Canon 6D for an early morning shoot. Above are the Canon 6D version of the pictures I've already shared on IG.}

little details of joythe little details after bedtime feed

Mr T early wakea baby boy not minding an obsessed mother photographing her handsome boy at 5am

waky wakya toddler girl and a baby boy not pleased to find the obsessed mother behind the lens capturing her beautiful children at 7:15am


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23 Mar 2014


Mr T week 12

AOI week 12

sibling love week 12

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

Mr T.: This week my sweet little boy was so interested in the world around him. I sometimes found him gazing out of the window or at something in the kitchen or living room. He smiles when his sister gets closer to his face and stares in his eyes.

AOI: She nurtured and cuddled her Elefante more than ever “Don’t cry Elefante” I sometimes heard her say to her ‘best friend’ {as she told her granny}

AOI and Mr T.: As soon as I finished capturing the tender moment between my sweet girl and her Elefante {above}, I turned my camera to capture some pictures of my little boy observing me. Soon his sister came over and gave him a kiss on the head – I feel overwhelmingly blessed!


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20 Mar 2014

Musings: Stream of Consciousness

london eye

I took this picture during a day trip around London with my brother when he came to visit me for the first time in 2006

I promised few changes on this blog here, but since last week some events have sucked out the life out of us. I feel numb, powerless brain and I don’t know how to get out from that state. I know it will be over soon, but I don’t know when soon means. It could mean one year, two years or more for my brother to understand. I pray it’s not that look, but who knows. Both my mum and I wish we were in London right now, we also know we can’t do anything even being there but only support my brother with our presence. But we can’t go right now. We call him everyday, that’s not good enough.

When I talked to him today he sounded like when I first saw him in the hospital last summer. He didn’t sound right and nobody is going to visit him and I feel sad about that. We’re trying our best to not think about it because the thought just tear us apart. What if the doctors diagnosis is wrong? What if what they gave him in the first place is triggering these episodes and now he can’t live without medications? There are so many questions I can’t find the answer to. The people looking after him are okay, but I can’t bring myself to believe them 100%. What did my brother do this time to end up there once more? We know he stopped the medication but does he really need medication? I’m not keen in the medication either but if that helps then he should keep at it. I don’t know  how he feels when he take it, but he used to say it was okay and it wasn’t causing him any side effects.

He was stressing out about work and maybe we weren’t capable of talking to him in ways that he would feel less stressed. Maybe we never really understood what’s the nature of this illness. Maybe this time we’ll do things a bit different. I pray he understands what’s the illness and stops doing whatever triggers this problem. I pray we learn to deal with it and help him understand and learn how to cope with it. I hope he understand that we really love him and believe in him no matter what.

18 Mar 2014

Our Everyday Life: …Must Go On…

Week 11 of 2014, I laughed with my daughter for silly things like a funny invented word “Buddle!” There were times when I could tell she misses our alone time. I miss that too. I took her to playground of Sunday for a moment for ourselves.

Mr T week 11

This week I was obsessed with these toes, I couldn’t resist them and also

At the beginning of the week I heard my husband teaching our daughter another song by Bob Marley. I can’t wait to see her vast taste in music when she grows up. She went through the week singing Buffalo Soldier – so sweet.

Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley & The Wailers on Grooveshark

Also this week, AOI was excellent at French playgroup, she exulted when I pulled the car in the parallel parking. She listened to me and repeated words in French. She was upset only when she saw one of the ladies holding T. She came to me and said "T, mummy." and indicated the lady out. Though I told her that T. was alright with the woman, she curled her lip and began to cry. I took him back, then another lady tried to hold him but she burst out crying loud. She really loves her little brother, sometimes she says she wants to wait until she is big enough to pick him, she is very carina and protective of him. Such an adorable sister. I love them dearly.

sisterly love“T. takes this ducky.” she placed a yellow rubber ducky next to her little turtle brother

Wednesday we all woke up at around 7am in a good mood. She didn’t have nap that afternoon. Mr T. had a long nap. I cancelled the babysitter until next week. AOI was overtired by dinner time. Bedtime routine was a record fast, she did enjoy her bath time and didn't complain too much when I washed her hair. She didn't even want to read she was sleeping within five minutes after she got dressed for the night.

Thursday we didn't go to playgroup, we spent the day getting the house ready for my mum arrival. she came from USA to keep us company while my husband is away in Brisbane, Australia for a work trip. She was impressed about the house, the fridge and the best toddler entertainer.

Friday while talking to R, my sister in law, my younger brother phoned her and he didn't sound okay. I was scared to think about what was going on 4000 miles away from me. AMI was getting reading for his trip to Australia and AOI wanted to be close to him each fraction of a second. In the meantime I made like 100 phone calls to London. In the end between sadness and guilt I was glad to know that my brother was going to a place that was safe for him in that moment.

Saturday AMI flew to Australia all right. I promised him to switch off from the problem to focus on the children when they're not sleeping. But when they are asleep and the house if quiet the sad doesn’t leave. Sunday while I was spending time with my children, I observed my daughter with her imaginary {green} cookie jumping up and down the bed, my son laid serene smile

jumping girl

I knew that our {beautifully ordinary} life must go on, and must be documented no matter the pain and sadness that crawl on us when one of the family members is ill with an illness that it's hard to accept. The only thing I can do each second of my everyday life is to pray so that God can help my brother understand what’s going on. Life must go on because even in times of turmoil there is happiness

Mr T. superbabythis super boy – who doesn't like a super boy for a son

AOI yogistmy little yogist – down facing dog is one of her favourite yoga poses

AOI and Mr. T taking a break next to her brother

juicingI love smoothies, my husband love juices – this one was a good one, apple, kale, celery and orange

AOI jump aroundjumping on the bed is fun with many things in hands

Mr T. and grannyMr T. bonding time with granny

granny and grandchildrenGranny and grandchildren bonding time – AOI playing see saw on granny’s legs

AOI and Mr. T playa sister who loves to be close to her brother during tummy time – he becomes a turtle for her

Mr T.My super boy with a glimpse of his sister. AOI really likes to be captured near her brother these days. He smiles when he sees her face, she smiles when she sees his smile – and I smile to see them together. Can’t wait to capture that moment

AOI playtimecandid picture of our beautifully ordinary life of having children at home

sibling loveand these two – always bring a smile on my face.


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16 Mar 2014


AOI week 11

Mr T. week 11

siblings week 11

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI: My little yogist practising her flamingo pose. She’s very into yoga – don’t mind the messy pants, she can do the cobra pose too and that cleans the house for me

Mr T.: I’ve tasted these toes, they’re yummy but I’m resisting eating them all

AOI and Mr T.: “You read this, T.” AOI gave her brother one of her sesame street books. “I’ll cook.” She sat near the sofa, I took the camera said “A and T”, they looked in my direction and I snap.


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