28 May 2014

AOI Says

kipper the dog

Long time since I’ve written what my talkative toddler has been saying. I have a list to go through so I’ll make AOI Says a weekly regular on the blog.


The Friday morning  after we got back from Banff {May 9th 2014}, AOI woke up and walked into our room as usual. She climbed the bed and sat next to me. When she noticed that her daddy was not in bed, with her eyes wide open, she asked "Where is daddy?"  

"He is downstairs" I told as I stretched.

She got out of bed and said "I’m going downstairs with my iPad, is a good idea." She has really claimed that iPad as her own. Also her favourite phrase is is a good idea or is not a good idea.

26 May 2014

Our Everyday Life: Warm Sunny Days


Week 21 began with rainy Victoria Day. I was tired throughout the day because i slept only four. Daddy wanted us all to join some of his work colleagues for lunch out but due to the weather I preferred staying home with the kids.

This week I was so content with my lovely family.

AOI was awesome at French playgroup, at the moment of snack she politely asked a little boy "Can I please wash my hands." The little boy gave her way to go to the sink. I was so proud of her I pointed out the good behaviour and how nice it was for the little boy to give way.
Friday was hot hot day, beautifully hot, summer was already here. I took the kids to the zoo, AOI had her first dentist appointment and she was very nice with the babysitter. At one point they sat on the deck blowing bubbles. My sweet girl’s properly blowing bubbles for the first time.

They were so enthralled they didn't notice me photographing them.



Saturday was another hot day. In the morning I went to the gym and then spent the rest of the day enjoying family time in our garden. Sunday I woke up around 5:30, I hoping to working a little on my computer so I sneaked into my office. I didn't work very long before TOI woke up followed by AOI. I don't know when I will be able to find the time to focus on my writing without beautiful distractions. In the meantime I try to wake up a little bit early to write and catch up on other personal stuff.

It started to rain in the evening.

We enjoyed…


at the zoo


toi feet

TOI week 21

baby feet

25 May 2014


TOI week 21

AOI at the dentist

sibling love week 21

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (1 and 3 portraits captured with Canon 6D, second portrait captured with Olympus E-PL1)

TOI: My sweet little boy chilling on a hot day. I can’t believe my tiny baby is growing so fast, he looks like a little man. I love his smile

AOI: My toddler girl had her first dentist appointment, she was great – I knew she was going to be wonderful. Her teeth are healthy, she was happy when the dentist gave her more floss and a new tooth paste and tooth brush.

AOI and TOI: “You sit here, I’ll read a story to you.” This week she was more caring and sweet with her little brother, she wanted to hold him, lift him – I’m trying to capture that moment too..

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22 May 2014

Manitou Beach in Photos

I want to start a collections of post in which I share pictures of some my past and recent trips. The post will heavy in photography. I hope you enjoy these photos as they reflect my joy to be in each place and capture them for my children and my 80-year-old self.


On this particularly sunny day, after breakfast, we decided go to Manitou Beach, a popular  Saskatchewan lake. When we got there the lake was still frozen. We went to the hot springs in the hotel and enjoyed the very hot and salty water. After our swim we went for a walk. The town was empty.


mummy and son











saskatchewan landscape april

saskatchewan sunset april

19 May 2014

Our Everyday Life: Let’s Go To Cow Town

Week 20 AOI enjoyed a lot of time in the garden on her swing, finding different ways to swing herself about. AMI was away for work from Sunday until Wednesday, our little girl missed him terribly. On Monday while we were skyping with her daddy when it was time for him to go she said "one more thing", and I thought I've never seen a two and half year-old girl start a conversation like that, she completed her sentence with "I love you daddy." My heart filled so much, I love her so much.
But also this week the meltdowns, the toddler frustrated shouting and rebellions were more. Still she was so adorable that I love even her mood swings. TOI had a good feed and nap pattern, that helped me being alone with the kids. He is such a blessing in our lives.
We drove to Cow Town a lot…but really Cow Town is AOI’s creative name for the farmland, ten minutes drive away from the centre. So going horse watching was our favourite activity this week.
Monday we had a chilled day at home, no nap for AOI, she had thirty minutes quiet time, extended to one hour while I completed few things on my laptop. TOI had a good feed and nap pattern.
Tuesday was busy. I woke up early in the morning to AOI cries for her daddy. I comforted her and reassured her that daddy was coming home the following day. After French playgroup I drove ten minutes outside the city into the prairie. AOI didn’t want to nap, she talked and talked and talked. She wanted to go see the horse, she yawned. She wanted to get out from her car-seat and be a horse, she yawned. I drove two times around the places where the horse are kept. I had my heart in my throat, afraid someone will think I’m doing something dodgy, not knowing that I love horse and I was only horse watching. With their regal appearance. Some people go bird watching, I opt for horse watching.
After driving one hour around our favourite horse hot spots she fell asleep.
sleeping girl
We went home and I had an afternoon with TOI and a little bit catching up some of my tv shows. She woke up crying hard for daddy. my cuddles wouldn't comfort her, she wanted to be left alone. I told her that I would be downstairs if she wanted me. After a while I went back to her bedroom and she was happy again.
In the evening AOI tried a very laid back soccer club. After her practice, which she didn't take part in, I asked her if she liked soccer and she said "No." Maybe she was affected by her sadness because she missed her daddy.
Wednesday morning AOI ran into my bedroom, when I opened my sleepy eyes I could tell her happiness. She asked “Is daddy here yet?”
“He'll be here in four hours” She calmed down but as if she was cross with him for going away in the first she complained when it was time to go pick him. In the end he came in a taxi. She had her nap after twenty minutes walk around the block with her daddy. I went to do Hot Yoga to relax my tensed muscles.
In the afternoon we enjoyed moments in the garden. After dinner AOI suggested ice-cream and we didn’t decline. In the evening I went to our local library an excerpt from my future debut novel.
library reading
Thursday morning when AOI saw her daddy ready for work she asked "And where are you going, daddy?"
After playgroup she said “Mummy, I want to go to Cow Town.” I knew straight away where she meant. “Sure.” my voice was laughing with glee. I wanted to go there away in the hope she falls asleep. But she didn’t yawn, still I could tell she was very sleep, but still no yawn. It was chilly, rainy and misty, creating the perfect atmosphere for a prairie drive. The horses were more beautiful with their shiny skin under the rain. We stopped, watched them eat or shuffle around the field. “I want to see the blue horse.” She said, I let out a small laugh, thinking how sweet, the blue horse “That’s a great idea let’s go find it.” I drove a little bit more and saw a very black horse. I stopped, pointed it out to AOI but she couldn’t see it, she was tired and her eyes were fixed into a point that told me it wasn’t on anything particular. Still she didn’t want to sleep. After driving around for forty minutes I decided to turn back home.
We got home, she wanted snack, she had snack. I told her that after snack she can have quiet time. She agreed then after a thought she said “After snack I watch Umizoomi”
“That’s not a good idea” I told her. She finished snack, she took her friend Elefante and new friend Racoon and went upstairs. But she didn’t sleep and she didn’t sleep until 6:30pm and woke up at 23:23, while I was still in my office trying to find the way to convert a raw file into jpeg.
Friday was another trying day. I went to the gym in the morning and AO refused her snack because Mummy was not with her. We got home had snack and then took the camera and car for a drive to cow town, she slept for two hours but was shouting at her babysitter, telling her she didn’t want her to read to her or play with her.
The weekend was great, we enjoyed the sunny Saturday. In the morning I went to my writer’s group then hit the gym. In the afternoon  Sunday, was nice, AOI was in such a good mood, she even chose her clothes for the day. Everything was has a mother would hope for after a hard week. She played in the garden again and didn’t want to leave. It was a through childhood unplugged.
Among the meltdowns and rebellions there were moments of pure bliss and I loved capturing unplugged childhood
childhood unplugged 2
childhood unplugged 1
baby and toddler cotgelato time
laundry day
enjoying the sun
drying line

18 May 2014


sibling love week 20

AOI week 20

toi week 20"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI and TOI: Saturday little TOI had his first bottle feed with boiled celery and rice cereal. Elder sister wanted to feed him and she was so ready to have him in her lap and feed him – my heart is a puddle of love.

AOI: This week my little girl had a hard time, at the beginning of the week she was missing her daddy so much because he was away for work in Ottawa. We played in the garden a lot, especially on her swing, but until Saturday there were times during the week that she wouldn’t let me read to her, hug her or use her swing. She was so happy when her daddy returned back on Wednesday but she was so sad again when he went back to work on Thursday. This photo represents her jovial state, running among the freshly washed laundry, after a hard week made of meltdowns, shouts and rebellions.

TOI: Enjoying his first bottle feed while I snap this photo

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16 May 2014



When I look in the mirror I’m kinda alright, curves are at the right places and even the love handles are not too but. But I’m unfit and my BMI calculation said I’m overweight. But that will change sometime in the future – hopefully by December.

One and half months ago, at the playgroup, one my friends asked “Would you like to go to the gym with me?” It was a date. I was happy she asked me and more over the moon when she told me she had a free month membership pass for me.

I went to the gym after nearly two years without going. After I gave birth to AOI I didn’t go to the gym, I was worried that my milk would stop or something silly like that. So a year after I gave birth to my daughter I started to walk and do Billy’s Boot Camp workouts in the comfort of my home but never went into a class to burn more fat and gain more energy.

When we started going to the gym, me and my friend used the treadmill and never thought about the trying the classes – or at least I didn’t. We had a free one on one trainer session and the instructor told me I need to lose body fat, she was going to help me achieve that with workout designed for me. I was intrigue but due to time and finance I couldn’t commit to it. Then due to a different routine at home I didn’t manage to go to run on the treadmill some days. For this reason I tried hot yoga one day and it was awesome. I decided to go to more classes, like core/physique and stop running on the treadmill.

Four Wednesdays ago I went to a Group Blast workout class, a 60 minutes of step training to fix my cardio. I loved the music, especially the club songs by Enrique Iglesias – I wonder what he’s up to these days. Anyways, my head spun a little but by the time I was out of the gym I felt fitter, stronger and clear minded.

On the way home I thought that I may look like I’m fit but I’m not at all. But slowly, if I manage to look after what I eat, I will get to a fitter and healthy me. I will achieve that yummy mummy body I dream of.

Well, all this just to say that I’m enjoying going to the gym and unlike when I became a mother for the first time, this time I know that going to the gym doesn’t stop a mother from having breastmilk.

How do you keep fit?

15 May 2014

Mr T.: 4 Months

cute toiSweet little boy,

Happy 4th month.

As I finish this letter your sister in my lap, her legs stretched onto my desk, it’s nearly midnight, here in Saskatchewan, you’re fast sleep and so is daddy. AOI woke up in the middle of the night because she went to bed around six thirty today because she didn’t have a nap in the afternoon. One day you will be in a similar position, but we can wait.

You’ve grown so much. I want to cry for pride and sadness because I’m losing your babyhood too fast. I would like to keep you pint size for awhile. You’re smile is so beautiful, I MELT each time you gift me one. Your dimples and chubby cheeks, so sweet. You have a very light brown hair, I can’t wait to see it grow a little bit more.

This month you’ve been to Banff and Manitou Beach. At Manitou you came into the hot spring, the water was so hot but you didn’t seem to mind it. In Banff you and your sister became addicted to TV in the hotel, every time your sister asked to watch the box you turned to look at the moving images. You smiled when you looked up at your sister who then asked “What is T doing?” She laugh whenever I respond “He is just watching TV.” or “he’s looking at you and smiling.”

During the trips you slept well and woke up minutes before we entered a new town. You have a good sense of time. Well, not always because sometimes you cried while far away from our next stopping point. God’s willing we’re planning to go on longer road trip – to USA.

TOI in days

I think you love to listen to my voice or maybe you generally like to listen to talking voices but I guess you would recognise my scent and voice among many mothers. Lately you like to listen to lullabies. When I sing you beam with your tongue stuck out a little and fist in a boxing position, such a cute vision. You still love to hear your sister's voice and see her face. She adores you and doesn’t like to see you cry when you start crying she tells me, and when you awake she tell. She likes to help me bath you too. Sometimes we do sink bath for you and she always wash you shoulders for you. You’re using more and more your fingers to comfort yourself. You also like to chew your rattles. You’re rolling from back to front. One day you rolled out of the bed and fell on the floor. I woke up panicking but nothing happened to you. That happened when daddy was away for work.

Yes, daddy went to Ottawa for work. While he was away your sister missed him terribly and she needed my attention, you were so good I could take care of her. You great naps so it was not so bad taking care of you two. One thing I’ve notices is that you and your sister are like an orchestra, you take turns in seeking my attention and it’s so strange but when one cries the other want to see the other happy, so you smile or your sister comes close to your face and talks to you or gives you something to play with. I really hope you two will always have a great bond.

TOI in weeks

You’re strong and you want to sit up already, please sweet boy take your time you’re just four months old, be my tiny baby for a little bit longer.

I love you so much it’s impossible to describe that love. All of my soul and LOVE,


{Note from AOI: Elephant, please!}

14 May 2014

Our Everyday Life: Back To The Cold

banff 1Banff, a view from my hotel room: the hills were calling me to snap

Week 19 we were in Banff until Thursday 8th. The first thing I said when we drove into Calgary was “Winter again?” I couldn’t believe that it was cold and snowy in Calgary and worse in Banff. As we drove towards the Rockies a heavy snow welcomed us. But that was the big thing that everyone can notice. The little things are the happening of my life. 

Throughout the week AOI wasn't a happy kid. She wanted her daddy and go home. But we managed to pull through and when daddy had chance we spent more hours together.

Monday around 2:30am AOI started crying refusing to sleep she kept asking to go back home. As tired as I was a calmness took me and I comforted her with all my love. I suggested we put her sleeping bag on and listen to our favourite bedtime routine lullabies from songza. We cuddled and she fell asleep again. I was glad I brought her sleeping bag, something that reminded her of her own bed and the familiarity of home. And I was also glad to have internet on my iPhone to play our songza.

Tuesday she had another cranky day. She wanted her daddy, and kept asking what time he was coming back to us. TOI cried in the night, not usual of him.  Wednesday early about one, she wiggled herself out of the bed and slept on the floor. I tried to bring her up again but I couldn’t. I couldn’t sleep well because I was worried about her on the floor and she didn’t want covers. I dozed off. After a long while I brought her back into bed and we all had a lie in. Still I woke up before everybody and went for a walk.

The fresh air cleared my mind.

banff 3

AOI had her first lollipop. After a fight against her nap, while walking about town in Banff, I told her “I bought you this lollipop but if you don’t sleep I won’t give it to you.” Maybe I was harsh but she was sleeping five minutes after my little speech.

As soon as she woke up from the nap, two and half hours later, she started searching for something, she went to the pram and rummaged inside. Then she brought out the brown paper bag. "There it is" she pulled out the brown paper bag with the lollipop in it.

In the evening we went to a bonfire and she was happy to through pieces of wood into the fire. She wanted to eat toasted marshmallow, she knows about this because she’s been reading Caillou and watching Bubble Guppies.

The journey back was not too bad, AOI was very good, she was jovial and giddy. TOI cried but slept whenever he was happy and feed. We returned to Saskatchewan spring, cast sky and prairie fields. 

Friday morning the ocean of warm spring sun watched over us. AOI slept in, TOI was sleeping next to me peacefully. Going away on holidays is nice but home is always sweet home. From how they were sleeping I could tell that they missed they beds and the familiar smell. They both woke up in cheerful mood and I was happy to see them like that. I went to the gym and for the first time I left them at the gym daycare. They told me AOI cried a little for me and started to cry more when somebody went to pick their children.

She had a great three hours nap in the afternoon.

Saturday I went to my writer’s group and then to the gym with TOI. I left him at the daycare, they came to call me thirty minutes into my workout. He wouldn’t stop crying even after they changed him.

In the afternoon AMI built a swing for AOI.

Sunday AMI flew to Ottawa for a work trip. One of my friends came to help me tidy up my office so that my writing flow returns to a good point.   

Some stills from week 19

baby feetbaby feet during morning lie in

banff 2gorgeous landscape

banff 4Banff, Sunday May 4th 2014

coffee grinderpretty and random. I would drink coffee just because of this grinder, but I don’t because my system can’t stand caffeine.

aoi and toia baby brother watching his toddler take a nap

landscapethere is a magic about the prairie landscape

sweet shoppeBanff sweet shoppe, classic place to take a kid

the making of a swingthe making of a swing, father and daughter at work

swingthe swing, job well done

toddler feet

toddler stretching her feet after long ten hours in the car, she was great.


Hope week 20 is going smooth for y’all.

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