27 Sep 2014


sister and brothertheodora ofosuhima toi babytheodora ofosuhima aoi balancing

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI and TOI: sister picking him up from one point to the other is still forte around here. He doesn’t mind but I don’t know for how long

TOI: he started standing up one day out of the blue. I turned to see him pulling himself up t standing. Of course I’m proud of him but I’m also sad to comprehend that my baby boy is growing so much, so fast.

AOI: she is good balancing and just want to balance on any old thing she sees. This was taken while I was scouting a location for some shoots. This is a really nice branch.

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26 Sep 2014

Our Everyday Life: Autumn Different Perspective

theodora ofosuhima autumn bush

Week 38 started with a bang because I went to the gym at 5:45am, most mornings. I wrote without worrying about the goodness of the words and sentences on the blank page. I went to a friend's book launch. At the launch my friend introduced  me to a professional photographer. A photographer I was aware of and wanted to contact but I was scared to. She was so nice to me. Now we will a coffee today one day. Who knows when but just talking to her hearing her say that taking photography to a professional path was a great choice is encouraging. I don’t know where my photography will take me but I will try and give my best to it.
The weather was gorgeous on Tuesday, lovely sunny day. We went back to French playgroup and this time AOI cried because she didn't want to come back home. She was very tired and fell asleep in the car. Afternoon, we went to swim lesson and once back home AOI had an ice-cream. I love going to swim lesson because it’s my and my daughters alone time. I feel like she needs more alone time with me.

When she laughs a whole bright new world opens up. Her laughter is contagious she should smile more often.

Wednesday I was the teacher’s helper. On Monday my daughter cried for me so I was hoping that having me there she was going to be happy. But she cried and made more scene than even when I’m not there. I felt sad when she refused to join in the activities and wanted to leave the classroom. I was sad to see that she was the only one crying during snack time and throwing a tantrum. I was sweating and anyone could tell my frustration. The little children asked me why she was behaving like that “She’s tired and doesn’t want to snack.” In the end I managed to calm her down and make her have snack, but I wanted to cry so much. But by the end of the preschool day I was happy to take my daughter back to the sanctuary of our home.

She made me laugh when I saw her taking her daddy’s trainers, open the back door and putting them on the deck. In that action I saw myself, too much because that's something I do at times when he leaves his trainers in the middle of the room and I always trip on them. My daughter tripped on them on this particular day that's why they ended outside on the deck.

Friday afternoon,as soon as we got to her school and I was getting her indoor shoes on she told me “That's the boy who bang a hammer on my head." I was glad my daughter has the words and memory to recollect the harm people do to her. I told her teacher what my daughter told me. She called the boy and told him not to do it again and to be nice to AOI. I left her at preschool a little emotional like the first day I took her day. I wondered if all the kids are nice and kind to her. Even before going to drop her something told me to let her stay home but I also knew that she had to be at school because it's good for both of us. Yet, still the feeling that maybe she is too little for preschool never leaves.


Saturday I had a lifestyle photo-shoot after breakfast. It was so much fun for me and my couple because the gentleman told me that it felt like going for a message. I let them lie on a blanket under their garden tree, they are two busy couple so taking a time to chill can be hard so I was happy through my photography they got to take it a bit easy on that day.

In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool as a family and my friend and her daughter joined us. By the time we had to go home baby TOI was tired tired, he fell asleep and slept until dinner time.

After swimming I went to shoot a family. I really enjoy being able to spend time with my family and also include photography.

Sunday I was one of the official photographers at Word on The Street in our city. I took different approach at photographing a big crowd. word on the street

I hope they like they way the photos as much as I do.

During the week among the new routines, we had time to

theodora ofosuhima aoi and mummy feet paint mine and my daughter’s toes for the first time.

theodora ofosuhima aoi and toiwatch my children play and giggle

theodora ofosuhima aoitheodora ofosuhima toi by the windowtheodora ofosuhima toi under chairstheodora ofosuhima toisnap photos from a different perspective

Our week 38 was good all in all hope yours was too. Enjoy your weekend

20 Sep 2014


toi baby week 31

AOI week 31

sibling cuteness week 31

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

TOI: just being cute next to a bowl of oranges one summer afternoon

AOI: after a picnic in the garden her giggles echoed in the air as she run onto her swing on her belly. 

AOI and TOI: sleeping and staged by mummy. I love to capture the cuteness of my sleeping children.

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17 Sep 2014

Our Everyday Life: Positively Busy

Week 37 was super busy. Not wasting time busy but making lot with our time busy. AMI was busy busy preparing lessons and being exams supervisor. This busyness meant that I had to take care of the house chores all by myself. But over the weekend I was able to take some precious hours for myself. I went to the first workshop of the writing season. It was hosted by my writers’ group. I believe Bicycle Race by Queen
Also I can't believe week 37 started freezing cold. We had to harvest our veggies before the frost killed them. On Monday AOI didn’t nap, she went to preschool, three times during the week and the teacher told me that AOI told she was tired. Once back home after a while she told me that a boy in her class pushed her because he didn't want her to stand up. I told her that if that happens again, she should tell the boy to use his words instead of pushing her. And then she should tell her teacher if anyone does something to her she doesn't like.
I pray hard nobody bullies her.
One evening during this week, I believe on Tuesday, I did the bedtime routine and my heart jumped a little when I lifted daughter to find out that she was getting all grown up, too fast, too fast. I was a little sad because I worried that too soon I'll be too feeble to lift her in my arms to rock her. This knowledge tears me apart. But on the other hand I love to see her grown into this clever and beautiful little human being.
I like to see my toddler pretend being a baby. Deep inside I’m happy she wants to keep her baby side alive but, as fun as it's to see her on the floor with her brother, I don't like the dirt she picks up.
Friday evening one of my artist friends asked me if I could take some pictures for her during her first art exhibition. To kick off the art/writing season my writers’ group fourth workshop tutored by a world YA bestselling author took place in our city on Saturday. It was a SOLD OUT event with ten people on the waiting list. The workshop fuelled all of the participates. Since then I’m making writing SOLID in my life.
Sunday I was the ‘official’ photographer for the Sunday School scavenger hunt. Toddler had a two hours nap and in the afternoon daddy took her to a sport shop to buy her a soccer ball.
So we all went into the park to try the new football.
crawl baby crawlcrawl baby crawl, this little boy doesn’t like to be still if he is not drink latte or sleeping
soccer timeplaying soccer“I’m a zebra playing soccer.”
look at the starsbaby boy loves sitting in my office while I work but then when he sees the cables he is straight at them
toi playssomebody needs to tell him that mummy’s computer cables should left alone
a shadowalways snap a shot of you even the shadow of yourself because they have to know you were there too
How was your week 37
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10 Sep 2014

Theodora Ofosuhima Photography


So, this is a little something I’ve been doing since last August – not the belly – photography business. A very small business at that. I’m still testing the waters to see what comes out of this passion.

Photography and I go a long way back but I never really considered using my passion. Just towards the end of last year I began to look at it differently and as soon as I bought my Canon 6D I offered to shoot some portraits for my friends. Still I wasn’t confident enough to take a bigger step. But last month, I sent out emails to friends offering my photography service, for FREE for a couple of months. They came in many, to my surprise and honour, I’m so happy to have such wonderful people who are willing to spare some time for me to practice.

I’ve been shooting about two portraits a week – which is very good for a beginner. I can shoot and edit with turn around of two weeks and nearly three, I’m figuring out how I could do this professionally.

back to school 3

I’ve created a Facebook page to start organising my portfolio. It would be so nice if you can stop by to like it. It’s still a work in progress.

Thank you for following along

9 Sep 2014

Through My Daughter’s Lens

I remember when my daughter was a tiny little baby, I used to position my camera at her level to snap pictures from her point of view. I have some hilarious ones but I will spare internet. Last year she started to ask for my camera to take some photos. I allowed her, always with close supervision, to snap some photos.

When I bought my Canon 6D, January 2014, I told her that the Olympus is for her to take pictures with. Lately she’s been asking me photo take pictures.

Friday 25th July, while we were in my office she said “Mummy, can I take a picture of you? Then you can take a picture of me.” I was so happy “Of course.” She took her camera from one of the desks in my office and snapped. I told her how to hold up high so she can see better when she’s taking a picture of tall people. She took few more of me holding baby TOI. She then shifted her attention to most important things. Like these


In the afternoon, she grabbed the camera again and she started to snap away. She knows how to turn the camera on and off.

She was standing and lifting the camera up to snap a picture of me. So I suggested “You can carefully stand up a chair to do that.” This is how I look through my daughter’s lens on Friday 25th July.


With all my flaws, but I’m laughing so hard because in that moment she says “This is a good light.” She’s my mini me, she really imitates whatever I do, it’s so sweet to be part of her journey. More than ever I want to be the best mother and person I can be to set good example to my children.

8 Sep 2014

Our Everyday Life: Different Hues

aoi fun timetheodora ofosuhima fun timeWeek 36 was championed by new routines and some in-between fun time.

Labour Monday was a lazy one. We went to an indoor amusement park with another family and I had fun as if I was kid once again. My daughter was not worried to encourage her mother and father to follow her in the tube slides. It's so nice to have this stage in children's life where they’re more than happy to have their parents tag along for the fun. They're not embarrassed by our presence.

I went to AOI's first preschool meeting. I felt like a teenager among many mothers. I really don't feel my 30+ of age. It feels like I'm playing at being a mother, I really can't envisage myself as a mother. Well, until I look at myself in the mirror then I can tell.

I met with other Writers for a reading and a potluck. We were lucky to have our dear friend RD, the author of Are You Ready to Be Lucky? It’s such an honour to brush shoulders with nice people whom love writing as much as I do.

Friday 05-09, AOI started preschool. I cried as I forced myself out of her classroom. I cried when I had to pull out from the parking lot to drive home {you can read more here if you care to know how I felt}. Daddy took part of his lunch to come take our little girl to class for the first time.


Once back home and I settled down my sad state, I played with baby boy lifting him up like a plane. Now, I can play and dedicate extra time to him. 



There was a street fair in town and many people were dressed up warm. But the sun turn out for the feast. The first thing we did was buying ourselves Booster Juice smoothies. We couldn’t believe our luck when the rest of the weekend turned out to be summer again. Saturday morning I took the children to the fair while AMI worked a little. We went on mega slides, bouncy castles and pony rides. All FREE, I love free things!

AMI came to pick us and went to buy us lunch from Tim Hortons. In the afternoon we all when out in  a nearby park.  While I did a photoshoot, the children stayed with daddy at the playground. After my shoot we stayed a little and then cycled home. I prepared conchiglie and tuner pepper melt. It was yummy {recipe will come sometime before the end of the year}.

After we’ve organised the a house a little, bathed the children and had baby boy in his cot and daddy ready a night story to toddler, I went into my office to find the sun setting. The sky was purple. I crabbed my camera fumble something to AMI and drove to a spot along the river to capture the beautiful hues of the sun setting.

the sky is on fire

Sunday, after a very long absence, we returned to church. The priest’s wife asked me to become the official Sunday school photographer. Ahhh, that’s a great task. I’m going to try my best and capture lovely pictures.

Few more stills from our week

aoi at fun factory wfuntimea room with a viewOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         t

6 Sep 2014

Preschool: The Beginning

theodora ofosuhima back to school shootSeptember 5th my toddler entered a new phase in her life. the preschool years.

I cried as I forced myself out of her classroom. I cried when I had to pull out the parking lot to drive home. I thought about her for most of the two and half hours she was away.

I remembered how on our way to preschool I said she was going to have fun, Mrs T will be there. To which she said "Mrs T. is not mummy." My heart swell. "Mrs T is a lady who takes care of you when mummy is not there." Her big brown eyes looked at me tired.

She started falling asleep two minutes away from her preschool. I managed to stretch my hand behind the drivers seat to tickle her feet to keep her awake. She went into her class without problem, then maybe my own anxiety kicked in because I took her to the potty and whilst there I told her that she is going to have fun and Daddy will come to pick her soon.

She began to cry and said she wanted me there. "Nobody else is crying." I told her but maybe that was to comfort myself more than her. We went back to her class. And maybe I was getting cold feet or something because her daddy took her in his arms to show her the classroom. My heart tighten as she cried and asked us to stay. My throat ached as I tried to turn away from my crying daughter because all I wanted was take her back home with me but I couldn't. I also knew it was for our own good.

We were the last parents to leave the classroom. I was not okay but being aware that there was a nice lady who was going to take care of my daughter for the next two and half hours made me feel a little better. Also her daddy was going to be five minutes away, at his work library. I came home and sank my sadness with Uomini e Donne (e poi).  But after exchanging some messages with another mother whose daughter started preschool the previous day made me feel less sad to have left my daughter at the preschool all by herself.

Also when her daddy went back to pick her, she didn’t want to leave. That’s a good sign.

I’m happy about this new phase but – I don’t know for how long I’ll cry every time I drop her off. I’m glad we choose a co-operative and I’ll have to chance to go an volunteer during her preschool hours. Still, I’m freaking about the whole experience because I can see her sweet bright, yet naive view about the world fade away. For me the stage before preschool was like Adam and Eve in Eden before the bite of the forbid apple.

Knowledge is power but it can also destroy the age of bliss.

I left her in the hands of a new person I barely know. My knees were weak but I’m hopeful that every new person around her will be kind to her.

The weeks before the beginning of this new adventure, we talked about it and read many books about children going to school. The week before going to preschool I did a mini back to school session for her and we both enjoyed it.

aoi preschool 2014-15aoi back to school shoot1preschool shootaoi preschool shootaoi back to school shootaoi preschool

4 Sep 2014

Fort Carlton 2014

fort carlton 19fort carlton 20fort carlton 01Part of this summer we went to the Rockies but most of summer 2014 was spent exploring Saskatchewan. One weekend husband drove us to Fort Carlton.

When my husband told me we were going to Fort Carlton I registered in my mind that we were going to the lake, but minutes before our destination I found out that we were going on a Saskatchewan historical tour. We camped at the campground of the fort under the cold starless night sky.

fort carlton 23

In the morning, outside the fort extensive canola fields adorned the place. It contrasted with the blue of the sky and I felt blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful. My toddler run wild and free and by the time of the tour she was tired, but managed to stay awake to tour the site.

Inside the fort we stepped into history.

fort carlton 24fort carlton 22fort carlton 1fort carlton 2fort carlton 3fort carlton 4fort carlton 5fort carlton 6fort carlton 8fort carlton 9fort carlton 10fort carlton 12fort carlton 11fort carlton 13fort carlton 14fort carlton 15fort carlton 16fort carlton 17fort carlton 18

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