31 Oct 2014

Petrovich, the Pumpkin

toi pumpkin

Last year was the first year we did something other than just giving away some sweets for Halloween. Our little girl dressed up as elephant to her playgroup but in the late afternoon, when it was time to go trick-or-treat the weather was too cold to push ourselves out.

Halloween hasn’t being our regular tradition very much. It was such a foreign and exotic festivity for us, but living in Canada we are finding ourselves getting involved.

This year it’s been different. AOI is aware of Halloween and she has been talking about it soon after Canadian Thanksgiving. Before that we talked about pumpkin on a regular basis because this year we planted our own. She was involved in the process and she grew fond of this once small tiny seed. We named it Petrovich! step onestep twostep 3step 4step 5step 6petrovich 1pumpkin petrovich 1pumpkin petrovich

29 Oct 2014

AOI Says

sis and broOne afternoon while we’re enjoying some time in the living room. My sweet, funny toddler asks

“Where did we buy this boy from?” she is such a comedian, always wanting me to smile even when she doesn’t mean to.

So I smiled, and although I already knew the answer I asked “Which boy?”

“That boy. T.” she said indicating her little brother.

“Well, we didn’t buy him. He grew up in my belly. Like you did.”

“Like I did and this lovely bone grew in your belly.” she said referring to her left petite hand.

“Yes, just like your lovely bone.” Gosh, I love her so much. She is so wise beyond her 35 months young age.

27 Oct 2014

Our Everyday Life: Week 43

saskatchewan sky

Week 43 gave us many beautiful hues of Saskatchewan sunrise and sunset. I always feel like I’m about to choke with all that beauty in the sky.

Anyhow, the remaining weeks of 2014 are sliding away quickly. Only nine weeks before the end of the year. The weather was awesome the whole week. The temperature on Monday was more than some temperatures in summer. In the morning AOI told me she was feeling well and she wanted to go to preschool. I picked her two and half hours later. She was so tired she fell asleep straight away in the car. When she woke up from nap her body temperature was high so I went to buy her Tylenol, after drinking that she was back to her normal chatty ways.

The rest of the week I was a bit tired than usual. I haven’t been to the gym and I’m eating very badly so maybe that’s why I’ve been tired and also I produce more milk in the night so my body doesn’t rest enough. I tried to go to bed early and on Saturday I was sleeping before 9pm, as soon as the kids fell asleep I went to bed.

We also started trying to wean nap time for toddler girl.

I can be as tired as hell but when I have my camera in my hands I find the energy to snap our mundane life

IMG_3946 theodora ofosuhimalife eating chocolate ice cream inside while outside is autumn

IMG_3957 theodora ofosuhimalike toddler showing off her fashion sense

IMG_3983 theodora ofosuhimaIMG_3984 theodora ofosuhimaor taking a toy train away from baby brother

IMG_3999 theodora ofosuhimababy happily drinking water from a mug

IMG_3950 theodora ofosuhimalike staring into those eyes and cute precious face that wobble my knees


AOI week 33aoi and toi chillingtoi week 33"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI: raspberry picking or more appropriately raspberry eating because little girl couldn’t resist putting the raspberries in the container for later, she ate more than picking.

AOI and TOI: resisting together after picking the raspberries.

TOI: just being his usual charming boy and playing with a toy with a big grin

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25 Oct 2014

Our Everyday Life: Week 41 and 42

theodora ofosuhima IMG_3333Week 41

Monday toddler took her camera and said she is going take a photo of Mrs T., her preschool teacher. Once we got there she said she wasn’t going to. The simple things in life are really the best. Spending time with my children, as a family and with friends are what make me feel so blessed.

Tuesday 07-10 I asked AOI if she wanted to go the French playgroup or to do done clothes shopping. She opted for the French playgroup. She was excellent and she is getting good at saying some words. I can tell she's getting very interested in her second and third languages. She sometimes makes some invented speech that for her sounds like Italian. She responds in Italian as much as possible. “vuoi latte.” “si.” “vuoi fare dormire” “no, mamma.” And to her brother she repeats what I tell him a lot " non si tocca electrics" because baby wants to touch all the electrics and dangerous things in the house. Some other times she says "mi scappa la pipi mamma" if she has to go to the loo. She got this phrase from an Italian children’s song we listen to a lot. We went swimming in the afternoon and then went to jump in leaves at my friends house.

Wednesday 08-10 she told me "you're the best mother. You can sing you're my lollipop so well." This is her version of you're my sunshine. Other days she said "you're a nice mother because you like to share."

Friday was a long day. I never knew how important two and half hours are important to me as a person. Toddler was home from preschool due to Thanksgiving break. I had some photos to edit but I couldn't because I had be a mother more than a photographer. Baby didn't nap and neither did toddler. I was one tired mother by two thirty. I went for a drive to purchase a gift for AOI's friend birthday party. Baby fell asleep in the car so when we got back home with a crying toddler I took her in my arms to cuddle her and comfort her. She calmed down and I read her her current favourite book Anansi and the magic stick. She then saw a colouring book and started to cry because I didn't feel like standing up to give the book to her. She threw herself on the floor and that woke her brother. I was happy to get out of the house to go see our friends.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_3250theodora ofosuhima 3382


Saturday the weather was lovely, lovely, the leaves were turning. We had a lovely late morning at our friends house to celebrate their daughter's third birthday. It was a low key birthday party. Fun and simple. Thanksgiving Sunday evening we had turkey/potluck dinner together with friendly people and good company. Going for walks on Sundays is becoming our family favourite pastime.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_3354theodora ofosuhima IMG_3329


Week 42theodora ofosuhima IMG_3393theodora ofosuhima IMG_3388theodora ofosuhima IMG_3404

Monday was Thankgiving. Hubby was home from work, we went to the lake. The rest of the week was full of getting the house organized. We then went to the late with some friends. Every spare time in the week was spent to complete a major photo editing I had going for weeks. It was such a big weight off my shoulders once was done and delivered.

Saturday was excellent. Spent wonderful time with my family. We went to the library for story time and stay there a little bit longer for AOI and TOI to play. Going out from there wasn't done without some tears just because toddler wanted to press the lift button. Then we went to our favourite local bookstore and I never wanted to leave, but we had to. So, I've decided to start buying more books because I don't want to leave Canada any time soon. In the early evening I went to do a photoshoot. I was so happy to think that I can take my family to work, because AMI came along with the kids. I spent some time with them in park and then while I was shooting the family AMI was at the nearby park with them. Sunday I found my little corner of Italy in Saskatchewan. All came about because I was looking for a pumpkin patch to take the kids. I'm going to become a member and in the future volunteer.
It was such a lovely warm day. We're enjoying a very long autumn here in Saskatchewan. AOI didn't nap and by the time we got home she was so tired it was hard for her to eat her dinner. By 6:30 she was fast asleep after a quick reading. She woke up around ten and started throwing up. She did two or three big throw ups. She had a high temperature. I was so worried but I gave a warm shower and clothed her light and cuddled her until she fell asleep again. She was back in her bed and slept well through the night.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_3474theodora ofosuhima IMG_3477theodora ofosuhima IMG_3762theodora ofosuhima IMG_3446

16 Oct 2014

Mr.T: 8 and 9 Months


theodora ofosuhima toi autumn

Dear my dearest, sweetest son,

15th October and you are already nine months old. I’m finding it hard not to wish time could stop. I get emotional when I realise that you’re growing too fast.

That tiny fragile baby we held in our arms in January is farsighted. You’re a strong baby boy. You crawl with decision as if you are a little boy who lifts weights on a mission. you pull yourself up, kiss cabinets, fuss when you are sleepy, and demands our attention when you want to play.

I love to see your smile, beaming in the room. Your giggles switch the light of love in my heart. I like to see your little personality springing out. you are shy when you see a new person but you warm to smiley faces but still prefer to be glued to mummy or daddy. you’re such a lovely little boy. i pray you meet nice people in your life whom will make you happy always. As daddy would put it “He is a delightful little boy,”

I love giving you many kisses and hug you tight. I LOVE that you hug me back very tight around the neck so tight that if I let you go you wouldn’t fall. Yet, I don’t mind watching you grow so because with each passing day my love for you multiplies and i want you to reach the next milestone. you reach your milestones effortlessly.

IMG_0683 crawling baby

For some time now you’re trying to stand up without holding yourself for support. Sometimes you stand without support for a fraction of a second but as soon as you realise that you’re not holding up to something you sit down.

Today you stood by the door that leads outside from the kitchen slapping the glass as if you wanted to go outside. you don’t like going in the carseat or the chariot but you love being in my arms and being outside. The weather is changing so I don’t like to stand in the cold with you for too long. So far you don’t have any favourite cartoon show. you like clapping and watch whatever your sister is watching on the iPad. You’re already intrigued by anything tablet, iPad or iPhone.

You are a little boy with passion for adventure. These days you are exploring, you’ve been trying to unloading the dishwasher without success. One of your favourite activity is to crawl/stand with a sock held tight with your four teeth. You haven’t climbed the dishwasher yet, but you can climb the stairs but you always look back and starts crying when you see the height you are at. I’ve started child proofing the house by moving bookshelves. Now we don’t have any more book cases in the living room.

Sometimes you like to blow bubble on my belly and laugh, don’t even know where you learned that. That reminds me of me when I was little I used to do that to my granny, but I was about four.

You have some kind of sleeping pattern; you normally go to bed between 8:00/8:30pm. you wake up one twice in the night, then sleep again until 5:30-6:00am. after breakfast you crawl/play around the living area for time the have a nap at around 9:30am for about one hour and then you have another nap after lunch around 1:30pm.

“I could stay awake just to watch you breathing”

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith on Grooveshark

Well I did that on the first of October, while I watched the Voice, you breathing not so softly on my chest – you sometimes have a baby snore.

I thought of you as a teeny tiny baby and I your cute soft cheeks are still the same, you are a bit grown but I like to imagine my teeny tiny baby behind that strong 9 months old baby.

You are very friendly and affectionate with  people little children – you like pulling hair, touching noses, eye and giving kisses. You like to give your sister kisses and you really admire sister so much. She is getting into the habit of sharing her toys with you. It’s so sweet to see you two playing next to each other.

theodora ofosuhima autumn

You love the food we eat such as rice, porridge, grapes, cherry tomatoes, cheese, bread, carrots and cucumber. You’re eating food that a toddler would eat, when I give you grapes you bite them with your four teeth, two top and two bottom. You’re the cutes vision with them. You go mad for yogurt. you enjoy drinking from a cup, I am happy to know that you are happy.

You always wake up with a smile and i love the sun you give to our days. I pray you will keep that sunshine within yourself forever, i pray Almighty will surround you with thoughtful and loving people whom will love you and share their happiness with you and i pray you will live life to it fullest by enjoying what it has to offer.

I love so much and I will tell you every day till my last breath.

live and shine!

All my love,


6 Oct 2014

Our Everyday Life: The Big Calm

theodora ofosuhima autumn trees

Week 40 I just felt at peace once again..

On Monday morning my heart jumped for the realization that my life is changing. For what reason I don't know I just felt like something big is going to change and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's just the change of season. Autumn brings my most romantic side. Spending quality yet simple time with my family fills me with most uber joy.

On the other hand AMI was swamped with work. Poor guy had to work night and day. Though he was very busy he never stopped looking after the children when he was home.

Toddler was content at preschool and that made us very happy. My daughter was excited to get ready for school. She loves her hair down but likes to dress like a nerd – I love that style.

theodora ofosuhima aoi style

Another afternoon she went through our winter gear, wore her snow googles, she turned to me and said “I’m so stylish”. She was so much into dressing herself and choosing her outfits this week. She pretended I was Mrs T, her teacher. Getting her ready for school was so easy, she really loves going to preschool. Moving from the afternoon to morning was just a great option.

Little boy is getting busy, going everywhere in the house an d trying to pull everything. Like the lamp plug. I have to be extra careful when he is near the bookcase, I don’t want him to pull it down.

theodora ofosuhima

I fear going food shopping alone because I don't know how handle that with two kids but I did it this week. I've been before but the last experience, having two wailing kids, put me off trying food shopping again. I managed to shop with a smiling toddler and baby. In Canada children gets cookies at the bakery at the supermarket. The lady gave us two cookies so I ate the other one.


Saturday morning was raining but I took the children to the story time at the library. It was wonderful to be back in the library and see AOI enjoying the stories of the morning. In the afternoon I had a photo shoot. The weather was warm and perfect for a photo shoot. The location was filled with other photographers.

Sunday we went to church but the children were in noisy state so we went to the nursery. That reminded me of when were nearly parents with AOI. The rest of Sunday was spent at home and then a walk in the sunny autumn light.

Some stills from the week. I’m loving all the many aspects of the autumn light

theodora ofosuhima aoi school daytheodora ofosuhima autumntheodora ofosuhima aoitheodora ofosuhima toi autumntheodora ofosuhima aoi feettheodora ofosuhima toitheodora ofosuhima motherhood

1 Oct 2014

Our Everyday Life: Highs and Lows

theodoraofosuhima 5Week  39 was eventful.

Monday after dropping AOI I had something telling me she wasn't going to be in preschool for long that day, I had tried earlier to let her take a nap but she didn’t; not even after driving all the way to the other end of the city.

The teacher phoned us one hour into the preschool two and half hours. I was already wearing my jacket so I grabbed my keys and was there in less than seven minutes. I found her crying in her teacher’s arms. I was so upset for her. To see her cry like that is heart-breaking. I comforted her as much as possible. I was glad baby TOI was sleeping because I won’t have cope with two crying in a hot room full of fifteen children I barely knew.

But my little girl stopped crying when she saw me but wanted to stay for snack with her friends. I agreed but soon after snack we were out of the room. I was so worried that maybe it was not a good idea to take her to preschool in the afternoon. She fell asleep five minutes into the journey back home.

Lately my little girl likes to come into our room in the middle of the night curls next to me and if there is no space near the edge of the bed she asks me to make space for her. We all wake up in our bed the following morning. With children’s toes in our faces. Or a toddler telling a baby to give her space because baby loves to see his sister first thing in the morning.

AOI is still enjoin going swim lesson because she can do more than the lesson of the day. The only thing she really needs to practice is making the bubble in water.

Wednesday AOI went back to preschool. Her daddy came too. When we walked into the room as she approached her teacher, I read in her walk I’m back sorry if I cried last time. She gave us a quick kiss goodbye, a big hug and I wanted to make her feel my love. The teacher suggested mornings and told us that there is a morning spot available, she was going to put us on priority list. 

Thursday we had an appointment with at the rehabilitation centre for AOI’s left hand. She is doing alright and there is nothing the doctor was concerned about.

Friday our little girl started going to preschool in the morning. This is a HUGE good change because toddler can have a nap after school and I can do some work and then spend quality time with her in this way once she back home. When she was at school little boy had a good morning nap. I believe he keeps himself awake because his sister is here and he wants to be part of the fun. He is such a curious little boy.

In the afternoon, after a good nap we went to see AOI’s her best friend, C. We were waiting for C in the park near her house and when she walked him she called AOI’s name and my daughter called out C’s name. They run toward each other but AOI jokingly ran past C. It was so funny, I wish I had a video of that moment, but I have a picture of i, so I’m happy to have captured the moment. They had nice time together. Basking in the late afternoon autumn sun and sharing cherry tomatoes in the garden of my friend are few of  our favourite simple things.


Saturday, I met with my writers’ group and I must say it’s wonderful to have our meeting season going again. During the summer we become zombies with our own writing.

On this particular get together we got talked about our upcoming workshop. We still can’t believe that we are offering workshops to other writers. All the tutors are well award winning bestselling authors. I mean, two years ago we were lost souls and now we talk like professionals.

After the meeting I went to shoot a family and I must say I had fun fun. I can’t believe how fun is to capture moments for other people. After lunch we went swimming and then I had another photo-shoot with another family.

Saturday was busy day but it was simply wonderful. I enjoyed each second of it. So happy!!! Feel so peaceful especially when I see Saskatchewan wonderful sunsets. It happened while on my way from my busy afternoon photo-shoot
It annoys me when people might think that I'm a woman of leisure. Just because I don't get financial reward from my creative outlets. But the way I see it is that I must give abundantly to receive abundantly in the future. Everything I do is to better my skills.

Sunday after church, lunch and nap we went to one of our local conservation area for a scenic walk. While baby TOI slept, toddler AOI enjoyed walking and observe nature closely. She talked as if she knew what she was talking about. She is quite sweet to listen to her talk about the plants and flowers as if she is a biologist.

We promised ourselves to go for another nature walk before the snow makes an appearance.

theodoraofosuhima 1theodoraofosuhima 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         theodoraofosuhima 6theodoraofosuhima 7theodoraofosuhima 8theodoraofosuhima aoitheodoraofosuhima family autumn

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