30 Nov 2014


theodoraofosuhima family autumn


theodoraofosuhima aoi

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

Enjoying autumn


siblings attitude week 38

theodora ofosuhima toi by the window

theodora ofosuhima aoi


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI and TOI: siblinghood and attitude 

TOI: intrigued about the world outside the window

AOI: first time painted toes

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TOI week 37

AOI week 37

sibling love week 37

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

TOI: he is a joy to have around

AOI: I don’t know when exactly she started to take interest in what she wears but with few things over this week she really showed me how she means business about her style {even when her top is messy with food}.

AOI and TOI: he loves to be close to his sister and sister loves to have him around

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brotherly and sisterly love


toi big brown eyes

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

AOI and TOI: their bond is heart warming.

AOI: we were all a bit emotional on her first day of preschool.

TOI: my sweet brown eyes boy, love him so much

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24 Nov 2014

Our Everyday Life: The Birthday Week

IMG_5092 theodora ofosuhima birthday girl

Monday of week 47 started to snow again, but the snow was not willing to make this place look like a winter wonderland yet. Tuesday we celebrated the third year of our first born. Daddy stayed home a little bit late, we had chocolate croissants for breakfast and just enjoyed the moment.

IMG_4932 theodora ofosuhima birthday morning

IMG_4957 theodora ofosuhima frozen book

I believe she opened her gifts which all her family around the world had sent her. We bought her a trunki suitcase, she loves it. She appreciated all the gifts she received because she spent the rest of the day playing with them.

Wednesday we bought her a tray of cookies to take to her preschool to share with her classmates in honour of her birthday. The whole week was in a birthday mood.


The blizzard, that made the place turn into a winter wonderland began on Saturday morning. I was thinking about the worse case scenario regarding the invited people calling us to cancel their invitation. But nobody phones us. The birthday girls we healthy and we were really going to party.

For the birthday party me and my friend, whose daughter is just six days younger than AOI, organised a pool party at the Travelodge hotel in town. We invited about seven families in our hotel room where we hosted the party. I was so worried that we were going to be squashed in the room but everything turned out perfect. As soon as the children started to arrived they wanted to go in the swimming pool. They had a quick snack, jumped on the bed and we were all in the pool about twenty minutes into the party. We stayed in the water for more than one hour and then we set up the cupcakes on a table outside our room and sung happy birthday.

IMG_5039 theodora ofosuhima party decor

Everyone had a yummy cupcake. Then the birthday girls opened their gifts. 

IMG_5114 theodora ofosuhima gifts

We slept there and the girls had fun watching videos. Doing bedtime routine was hard because they were still giddy from all the wonderful party for them.

IMG_5163 theodora ofosuhima playing ghost

When they finally fell asleep AMI looked after them while my friend and I went to the bar in the hotel for a drink and a chat about life in general. I’ve known ever since our girls were ten months and we get along so well. We share the same philosophy about many things in life.

Sunday we didn’t go to church because we were so tired from the day before and also the snow was falling so nicely; the perfect weather to stay indoors.

IMG_5027 theodora ofosuhima children eating snowSiblings eating snow, the beauty of childhood

IMG_4970 theodora ofosuhima daughters loveSome moments are better captured than wasted because we are full of flaws

IMG_4995 theodora ofosuhima children loveSaying goodbye to daddy going to work. Toddler misses her daddy so much when he is at work

IMG_4979 theodora ofosuhima toiOut of focus but my subject is too cute to discard

19 Nov 2014

The Tree of Water by Elizabeth Haydon



Elizabeth Haydon

Starscape, 2014



To Go, or Not to Go

The human boys had an expression back in the faraway city of Vaarn where I was born. It went like this:

Curiosity killed the cat

Satisfaction brought him back

I am a curious person. I was just as curious back in my early days in Vaarn as I am now, perhaps even more so, because my curiosity had not yet been given a chance to be satisfied.

The first time I heard this expression, I was very excited. I thought it meant that my curiosity could make me feel like I was dying, but it would let up if I discovered the answer to whatever was making me curious.

I told my mother about the rhyme. She was not impressed. In fact, she looked at me as if I had just set my own hair on fire on purpose. She patted my chin, which was woefully free of any sign of the beard that should have been growing there.

“That’s very nice,” she said, returning to her chores. “But just in case nobody told you, you are not a cat, Ven. Unlike you, cats have whiskers.”

My pride stung for days afterward. But it didn’t stop my curiosity from growing as fast as my beard should have been.

My name is Charles Magnus Ven Polypheme, Ven for short. Unlike the human boys in Vaarn, I am of the race of the Nain. Nain are somewhat shorter than humans, and grumpier. They live almost four times as long as humans, and tend to be much less curious, and much less adventurous. They hate to travel, don’t swim, and generally do not like other people. Especially those who are not Nain.

I clearly am not a good example of my race.

First, I am very tall for a Nain, sixty-eight Knuckles high when I was last measured on the morning of my fiftieth birthday. I’ve already mentioned my uncontrollable curiosity, which brings along with it a desire for adventure. I have been blessed, or cursed, with quite a lot of that recently.

But as for the curiosity, while I’ve had a lot of satisfaction for the questions it has asked me, it doesn’t seem to matter. As soon as one burning question is answered, another one springs to mind immediately. As a result, I am frequently in trouble.

So now I am about to lay my head on a chopping block, on purpose, and a man with a very sharp knife is standing over me, ready to make slashes in my neck. I’m wondering if in fact instead of being a live Nain, I am about to end up as a dead, formerly curious cat. Because now I have three whiskers of my own.

Ven Polypheme had two sets of eyes staring at him.

One set was black as coal. The other was green as the sea. Neither of them looked happy. The green eyes were floating, along with a nose, forehead, and hair on which a red cap embroidered with pearls sat, just above the surface of the water beneath the old abandoned dock. The brows above the eyes were drawn together. They looked annoyed.

The black ones were in the middle of the face of his best friend, Char, who stood beside him on the dock. They looked anxious. In the distance a bell began to toll. Ven looked to his left at the docks of the fishing village to the south of them, where work had begun hours ago. Then he looked behind him. The sleepy town of Kingston in the distance was just beginning to wake up. Ven looked back down into the water.

“Come on, Amariel,” he said to the floating eyes. “I can’t really go off into the sea without him.”

A glorious tail of colorful scales emerged from below the surface, splashing both boys with cold salt water.

“Why not?” a girl’s voice demanded from the waves. “He’s a pest. And he isn’t nice to me.”

Char’s black eyes widened.

“I—I’m sorry ’bout that,” he stammered. “When I first met you, Ven didn’t tell me you were a mermaid—” He shivered as another splash drenched him again. “Er, I mean merrow. I’m sorry if I made you mad.”


“Please let him come,” Ven said. “Captain Snodgrass gave him orders to keep an eye on me. So if I’m going to explore the sea with you, he kinda has to come along.”

Char nodded. “Cap’n’s orders.”

“He’s not my captain,” said the merrow. “I don’t take orders from humans. You know better, Ven. My mother will fillet me if she finds out I’m traveling with a human male. Especially if we are going to go exploring. There are very clear rules about not showing humans around the wonders of the Deep. And besides, it’s dangerous. You have no idea how many sea creatures think humans are tasty. I don’t want to get chomped on by mistake.” Out of the corner of his eye, Ven watched Char’s face go white.

“We’ll be careful,” he promised. “Char will be on his best behavior.”

“I’ve seen his best behavior. I’m not impressed.”

“Look,” Char said. “If you get sick of me, you can always cover me with fish guts and toss me out as shark bait.”

The merrow stared coldly at him.

“Oh, all right,” she said finally. “But remember, there’s a reason they call bait for sharks chum. ‘Chum’ is another word for ‘friend.’” Her eyes stayed locked on Char. “And if you make a bunch of sharks angry, Chum—”

“I’ll be chum,” Char said. “Got it.”

“So if you’re coming, we have to find a fisherman named Asa with a red-bottomed boat.” Amariel pointed south to one of the far docks. “He’ll cut your gills, and we can get going.”

Both boys grabbed their necks.

The merrow rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on. Do you want to be able to breathe underwater or not? Gills are the only way I know of to do that. I’m tired of waiting. Decide whether you’re coming or whether I’m leaving.”

“We’re coming,” Ven said as he let go of his neck. “Sorry—it’s just instinct. Let’s go.”

Char nodded, but did not remove his hands.

The merrow disappeared below the surface of the water.

The two boys hurried south over the packed sand along the shore.

“Ya know, it’s not too late to change your mind, Ven,” Char muttered. “We could get a boat or somethin’, and follow her out to sea, like we did when we were chasing the Floatin’ Island, and then dive down to see whatever she wants to show us—”

“You can stay on shore if you want to, Char,” Ven said, trying to see the merrow in between the waves. “But I promised her a long time ago that I would explore her world with her. It’s now or never.”

“Have it your way,” Char said gloomily. “You always do anyway.” They followed the pebbly path in the sand south until the fishing village came into sight. Several long piers led out into the harbor, with docks along each of them. Small boats lined the docks. At each boat fishermen were hauling nets filled with flapping fish and cages with crabs and lobsters onto the piers. Seagulls flew in great wide circles above, screeching and crying, then diving for food.

“So how did she happen to find this Asa, and how does she know he won’t just cut our throats?” Char asked as they picked their way among barrels and pieces of rope on the slats of the pier.

Ven shrugged. “No idea. But sailors and merrows have a pretty good connection.” He pointed about halfway down the pier, where a small green fishing boat with a red bottom bobbed lazily in the morning tide. A wrinkled man in a wrinkled hat sat on a barrel at the edge of the dock, cleaning his morning catch of fish. “Could that be him?”

Char squinted. “I guess so.”

“Come on. We may as well ask. If it’s not Asa, he probably knows where to find him. Fishermen all know each other.” The two boys walked along the pier, stepping out of the way of men dragging lobster traps and heavy netting, until they got to the red-bottomed boat. They stopped behind the elderly fisherman, who did not seem to notice they were there. Ven coughed politely.

“Excuse me, sir—are you Asa?”

The fisherman looked up from his work, his sky-blue eyes twinkling in the sun.

“Who’s askin’?” “Er, my name is Ven, sir. I was told I might find a fisherman at this dock who could, uh, cut gills.”

The wrinkly man nodded. “Well, Ven, you’ve found ’im. But I can’t say as I’ve heard of any recent wrecks.”

Ven blinked. “Pardon?”

“Shipwrecks,” said the fisherman. “That’s the only reason I know of for a man to risk a slice in his neck—to salvage the treasure from the bones of a shipwreck.”

“Oh.” Ven and Char exchanged a glance, then looked off the edge of the dock.

In the water behind the boat, the beautiful tail of multicolored scales was waving at them from beneath the surface.

“Uh, we weren’t really planning to dive for treasure,” Ven continued, trying to block the sight of the merrow’s tail. “We just want to do some exploring.”

The fisherman’s eyebrows arched.

“The sea’s no place to explore without a good reason, lads,” he said seriously. “Lots of bad stuff down there—believe you me. The only reason a man takes his life into his hands on a daily basis by going out there is to make a living for his family. Otherwise, we’d farm the land.” The blue eyes twinkled. “If we knew how.”

“Well, we’d really like to have gills, nonetheless,” Ven said.

“We’ve been told you know how to, er, cut them without too much pain—and safely. Is that true?”

Asa exhaled, then nodded.

“I suppose that depends on how much is too much where pain is concerned,” he said. “That’s really up to you. It’s not my business what you’re doing. We mind our own business on the sea. If you want gills, and you’re willing to take the risk, I can cut ’em for you right quick.” He held up a thin silver filleting knife. “Then I have to get back to cleaning my catch. So, what’ll it be? Make haste, now.”

Char and Ven looked at each other once more, then nodded at the same time.

“We’re in,” said Char.

“All right then,” said Asa. He reached into the boat and took hold of the top of a small sea chest that held his tackle. He slammed it closed and put it on the dock in front of them.

“Kneel down and put your heads on this chest, your left ears down.”

The boys obeyed.

“Well, ’s been good to know you,” Char whispered as they positioned their heads on the chest.

“Shhh,” Ven whispered back. “We’re not being executed, for pity’s sake.”

“You hope we’re not. You never know.”

Asa wiped the filleting knife on his trousers, then came and stood over Ven.

“Hold very still, now.” Char winced and put his hand over his eyes. Ven started to close his eyes as well.

Suddenly, from the end of the dock near town, a bright flash of rainbow-colored light blinded him. And the world seemed to stop around him.

Copyright © 2014 by Elizabeth Haydon

Illustrations copyright © 2014 by Brandon Dorman


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The Tree of Water: Blog Tour



Interview with Elizabeth Haydon, documentarian, archanologist and translator of Ven’s journals, including The Tree of Water Little

Little is known for sure about reclusive documentarian and archanologist Elizabeth Haydon.

She is an expert in dead languages and holds advanced degrees in Nain Studies from Arcana College and Lirin History from the University of Rigamarole. Her fluency in those languages [Nain and Lirin] has led some to speculate that she may be descended of one of those races herself. It should be noted that no one knows this for sure.

Being an archanologist, she is also an expert in ancient magic because, well, that’s what an archanologist is.

Being a documentarian means she works with old maps, books and manuscripts, and so it is believed that her house is very dusty and smells like ink, but there is no actual proof of this suspicion.

On the rare occasions of sightings of Ms. Haydon, it has been reported that she herself has smelled like lemonade, soap, vinegar, freshly-washed babies and pine cones.

She is currently translating and compiling the fifth of the recently-discovered Lost Journals when she is not napping, or attempting to break the world’s record for the longest braid of dental floss.

We had the chance to ask her some questions about the latest of Ven’s journals, The Tree of Water. Here is what she shared.

1. Dr. Haydon, can you give us a brief summary of The Tree of Water?

Certainly. Ven Polypheme, who wrote the, er, Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme, lived long ago in the Second Age of history, when magic was much more alive and visible in the world than it is now. His journals are very important finds, because they tell the story of ancient magic and where it still may be found in the world today.

In the first three journals we saw how Ven came to the mystical island of Serendair and was given the job of Royal Reporter by the king of the island, a young man named Vandemere. The Royal Reporter was supposed to find magic that was hiding in plain sight in the world and report back about it to the king. As you can imagine, this could be a fun but dangerous job, and at the beginning of The Tree of Water, we see that Ven and his friends are hiding from the evil Thief Queen, who is looking to find and kill him.

Amariel, a merrow [humans call these ‘mermaids,’ but we know that’s the wrong word] who saved Ven when the first ship he sailed on sank, has been asking Ven to come and explore the wonders of the Deep, her world in the sea. Deciding that this could be a great way to find hidden magic as well as hide from the evil Thief Queen, Ven and his best friend, Char, follow her into the Deep. The sea, as you know, is one of the most magical places in the world—but sometimes that magic, and that place, can be deadly.

The book tells of mysterious places, and interesting creatures, and wondrous things that have never been seen in the dry world, and tales from the very bottom of the sea.

2. The main character in The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme series is Charles Magnus "Ven" Polypheme. Tell us about him.

Ven was an interesting person, but he really didn’t think so. He and his family were of a different race than the humans who made up most of the population where he lived, the race of the Nain. Nain are an old race, a little shorter and stockier than most humans, with a tendency to be on the grumpy side. They live about four times as long as humans, are very proud of their beards, which they believe tell their life stories, don’t like to swim or travel, and prefer to live deep in the mountains.

Ven was nothing like the majority of Nain. He was very curious, loved to travel, could swim, and longed to see the world. He was actually a pretty nice kid most of the time. He had the equivalent of a baby face because only three whiskers of his beard had grown in by the time The Tree of Water took place, when he was fifty years old [around twelve in Nain years]. He had a great group of friends, including the merrow and Char, who were mentioned earlier. It is believed that his journals were the original research documents for two of the most important books of all time, The Book of All Human Knowledge and All the World’s Magic. The only copies of these two volumes were lost at sea centuries ago, so finding the Lost Journals is the only way to recover this important information.

3. What kind of research do you do for the series?

I go to places where Ven went and try to find relics he left behind. Usually this is with an expedition of archaeologists and historians. I am an expert in ancient magic [an archanologist] so I don’t usually lead the expeditions, I’m just a consultant. It gives me the chance to learn a lot about magic and lets me work on my suntan at the same time, so it’s good.

4. What is/are the most difficult part or parts of writing/restoring the Lost Journals?

Here’s the list, mostly from the archaeological digs where the journals have been found:

1] Cannibals

2] Crocodiles

3] Sunburn

4] Sand flies

5] Dry, easily cracking parchment pages

6] The horrible smell of long-dead seaweed

7] Grumpy members of the archaeological expedition [I could name names, but I won’t]

8] Expedition food [when finding and retrieving the journal for The Tree of Water, we ate nothing but peanut butter and raisin sandwiches, olives and yellow tea for six months straight]

9] When salt water gets into your favorite fountain pen and clogs it up. This is very sad.

10] Unintentionally misspelling a word in the Nain language that turns out to be embarrassing [the word for “jelly” is one letter different from the word for “diarrhea,” which caused a number of my Nain friends to ask me what on earth I thought Ven was spreading on his toast.]

5. What do you enjoy about this series that cannot be found in any of your other books?

Getting to write about a lot of cool magic stuff that used to exist in our world, but doesn’t anymore. And getting to travel to interesting places in the world to see if maybe some of it still does exist. Also getting to show the difference between merrows, which are real, interesting creatures, and mermaids, which are just silly.

6. What do you hope readers take away from this book?

I hope, in general, that it will open their eyes to the wonder of the sea, which takes up the majority of our planet, but we really don’t know that much about it down deep. There is a great deal of magic in the sea, and I hope that if and when people become aware of it, they will help take care of it and not throw garbage and other bad stuff into it. I have a serious dislike for garbage-throwing. Probably the most useful secret I learned that I hope will be of use to readers is about thrum. Thrum is the way the creatures and plants that live in the ocean communicate with each other through vibration and thought. As Ven and his friends learn, this can be a problem if you think about something you don’t want anyone to know about when you are standing in a sunshadow, because everyone gets to see a picture of what’s on your mind. Imagine how embarrassing that could be.

7. Are there more books coming in this series?

Well, at least one. In the archaeological dig site where The Tree of Water was found was another journal, a notebook that Ven called The Star of the Sea. We are still working on restoring it, but it looks like there are many new adventures and different kinds of magic in it. The problem is that it might have been buried in the sand with an ancient bottle of magical sun tan lotion, which seems to have leaked onto some of the journal’s pages. This is a very sad event in archaeology, but we are working hard to restore it. As for other books, it’s not like we just write them out of nowhere. If we haven’t found one of Ven’s journals, there can’t be another book, now, can there? We are always looking, however. We’ve learned so much about ancient magic from the journals we have found so far.

8. You are a best-selling author with other books and series for adults. What made you want to write books for young readers?

I like young readers better than adults. Everyone who is reading a book like mine has at one time or another been a young reader, but not everyone has been an adult yet. Young readers have more imagination and their brains are more flexible—they can understand magical concepts a lot better than a lot of adults, who have to deal with car payments and work and budget balancing and all sorts of non-magical things in the course of their days. Besides, many adults scare me. But that’s not their fault. I’m just weird like that. I think if more adults read like young readers, the world would be a happier place.

9. Tell us where we can find your book and more information about where you are these days.

You can find The Tree of Water anywhere books are sold, online and in bookstores. There are several copies in my steamer trunk and I believe the palace in Serendair also has one. I also sent one to Bruno Mars because I like his name. At the moment, I am on the beautiful island of J’ha-ha, searching for a very unique and magical flower. Thank you for asking these interview questions—it has improved my mood, since I have only found weeds so far today. I am hoping for better luck after lunch, which, sadly, is peanut butter and raisin sandwiches, olives, and yellow tea again.

All the best,

Dr. Elizabeth Haydon, PhD, D’Arc

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17 Nov 2014

Our Everyday Life: Winter Begins

IMG_4837 theodora ofosuhima cold winter

Monday of week 46 felt long, the kids woke early around 5:38am. They had a good nap in the morning but I didn't. I was brave enough to walked one hour in total to the bank, it was biting cold – winter is really here. I was so cold that I treated myself to a new dress. The children fell asleep on the way. My eyes were shutting by 9pm.
Also week 46 we didn’t go French playgroup. I don’t even remember what we did on that day, but maybe I was so tired I just gave myself a rest. There wasn’t even .

Wednesday was funny, AOI had a nesting bug going through her. She tidied you up all her toys before going to preschool and then the afternoon, after I told her that she couldn't watch anymore Go Diego and Kipper, she tidied up the whole living room and then the kitchen area. Her tiding up consist in putting the toys on the table, in the cupboard or her stroller. Too cute.

Weekend I don’t remember much about what happened but I don’t think we went to church. On Saturday I went to my writer’s last meeting of the year. Because I can’t go to anymore until we get back from Europe.

Few stills from the week

IMG_4897 theodora ofosuhima still rosesloving these still roses I preserved from my toddler first birthday party

IMG_4892 theodora ofosuhima sleepy girlthat afternoon light, while my sweet girl stretches during her afternoon nap, my photo doesn’t make justice to my blessing

IMG_4910 theodora ofosuhima toddler buildingwhat can I really say, she is creative and innovative

IMG_4915 theodora ofosuhima up highmy boys, love them some more

16 Nov 2014


aoi toddler web

toi baby web

toi and children web

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI and TOI: at a birthday party. I took them there all by myself

TOI, me and AOI: me and my children {maybe a project for next year?}

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15 Nov 2014

Mr T.: 10/12

toi week 45

Happy 10th month sweetheart. You are such a handsome little baby, with those big brown eyes you steal hearts. You’ve stole all our hearts.

During your 9 month of birth one of your favourite activity was climbing the dishwasher, climbing the stairs all the way to the top floor and then smile when I ask you to come back down. 

Other favourite hobbies are touching everything you see around the house. Opening the cupboards and drawers. Unloading the toys from the shelves. You can get off the bed – you can get off by holding on tight to the sheets and rotating yourself legs first.

Oh, I love your grin. a pure delight and it lights my fire and I love you so much.

You have the best sister ever. I’m always the proudest mother to see her share or give you a toy. She is very caring and she always calling me urgently to come assist you if you are crying. She gives you kisses and you always appreciate that because you smile with your eyes closed and one tiny hand on her cheek.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_4754

You are stubborn sometimes, and this reminds me of myself and your sister too. Each month I can see that more and more. If you are upset and I want to give you something to make you happy, for example a toy, you will take the toy and throw it away with your eyes squinted as if you mean business. If you want something and I don’t give in, you scream.

Lately you’ve taken interest in opening books or just holding them. You don’t still long enough to browse a book but one afternoon I found you on the sofa next to sister as you both browsed a book. Then you started to play at throw the book on the floor and she would pick it up for you. 

You don’t mind going to the swimming pool but you don’t like to have a bath in the tub, you prefer sitting in the sink for a dip and splashing the water everywhere.

Just like your sister, you don’t see eye  to eye with the vacuum cleaner. When I vacuum the house, if you are awake, you scream and wave your arms in the air for me to pick you up. or hide behind my legs and peek at the vacuum. I can’t resist laughing and give you a kiss.

You still have seven teeth, in fact the last three caused you a high fever on week 46 of 2014. On the first day I held you tight to my chest to help the fever go away. The following day you were still having a fever so I bought Tylenol and that helped you during the day and the night to sleep better. The following morning you were better but your beautiful shiny eyes were sleepy throughout the day. The your skin started to break out, you had rash all over your skin. That Saturday I talked to one of my friends who had the same thing happen to her daughter, so she gave me capful of baby allergy water and over the weekend you were back to your old self, climbing and making lots of mess with toys from the containers. 


You’ve tried peanut butter soup and you weren’t allergic, but I haven’t tried egg yet, because your sister had a reaction when I gave her egg during her ninth month of birth.

You love going to playgroup, you follow the children when they’re running around. You’re friendly and don’t hit people, you still play the shy when you see and they’re give you smiles.

For Halloween we went to a party at our friends’ house. Your sister suggested we dress you as a tiger but you didn’t wear any costume because there was no point. Next year you will have so many children your age group dressing up and you will dress up too.

The weather has changed from warm to cold. But we go for walks whenever possible. That clears my mind, it helps you and your sister sleep. I would like bottle all these precious moments to be able to re-live them when I want. The only possible way is to write, take pictures, hold you and listen to music together with you.

I’m always telling you how much I you. I love your face when you open your big brown eyes and beam at me. That lights up my day, always.

All my love,


TOI in action

theodora ofosuhima toi crawlstheodora ofosuhima baby climbertheodora ofosuhima IMG_4713

11 Nov 2014

Our Everyday Life: Week 45

IMG_4741 theodora ofosuhima

Apart from Monday afternoon, which was made of meltdowns. The rest of the week was excellent. Tuesday was just perfect, with very polite toddler and smiley little boy even after his feet got caught in the car door as I was sliding it shut. He cried very hard but stopped before we reached French playgroup. I bought ice pack for the feet but he didn't seem to need it. Last week I noted that he has more cold but on the morning of Tuesday I realized that his nose has been running because he is developing two more teeth. AOI didn't have naps on two occasions but she didn't have too many meltdowns, this makes me believe that the terrible twos are about to pass.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_4655

She entertains herself when I'm busy cooking. She's so adorable, any child would have cried so much for her Halloween candies but not my girl. She just asks for one and then keeps the rest in the jar I put them in. The same applies to the iPad, she doesn't always ask for it. But when she asks for it and has to give it back it becomes a good cry out. The other day she broke the Nexus tablet. I love blogging but lately motherhood has taken over and also my dream to start a photography business aside from writing. I find myself entangled with this other side of my life.


Saturday I was busy. Snow started falling but it was melted by the afternoon. My group hosted a writers workshop and after that we went to dinner with the tutor who was 2013 writer in residence in town. I have a wonderful husband who takes good care of our sweet hear. Real winter now started to fall on Sunday.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_4754

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7 Nov 2014

Halloween Party 2014

aoi week 44 halloween

Last Friday, 31st October, we went to our friends’ birthday party. It was a grand affair because their children were overly excited to be at an Halloween party and to do trick or treat afterward. AOI decided that she wanted to be her pink dragon. When daddy got back he decided that she should wear her fairy outfit grandmother sent her from Britain. So our creative give decided to wear the fairy costume onto of the dragon costume. She then told us she is “Queen Dragon.”

IMG_4311 halloween 2014

Throughout the week we were reading a book in which the character does trick or treat in his apartment bloc. For this reason one of the favourite pretend games AOI wanted us to do during the week was knocking on all doors that are in our living space to pretend doing trick or treat.

IMG_4253 halloween 2014

So we were prepared for trick or treat after we’ve done some in house party eating. We hit the houses in the neighbourhood and it was wonderful to see my daughter’s expression after she got her first candy. “Wow, mummy look, I got a candy!” Her surprise face was worth a picture but in that moment I put my camera on the side to give her a kiss on her forehead because that was most important to me. I was living a childhood moment through her. The children, all over three apart from AOI and her best friend CB whom are 35 month, walked the pavements to knock on houses followed by proud and happy parents. One of AOI’s best friends, LM, kept on saying “We’re not afraid of anything.” to which announcement the other kids will repeat. I’m sure they were so scared.

Won’t you be scared by this neighbourhood decoration?

IMG_4288 halloween 2014

IMG_4302 halloween 2014

IMG_4323 halloween

IMG_4332 halloween 2014


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