29 Jan 2015

12 Months + 14 Days: I Love You

theodora ofosuhima toi week 52 IMG_8775

Dear TOI,
two Thursdays ago we celebrated 12 months since your birth. It feels like yesterday when your slippery body made his debut, I still see you as my tiny baby though you’re growing with a speed I can’t wrap my head around yet. I love you so deeply and that happened the moment I set my eyes on your sweet face. Since that moment I'm in love each day even when you are frustrated and slap or don't want to sleep unless I hold you on my tired shoulders. It’s so true that a woman’s heart grows a bit bigger with each child she gives birth to because I have so much love for both you and your sister. You two are my whole world and I really want to give you the best I can offer as a person and as a mother.

I love everything thing about you your faces, your hands, your voice, your strength, your mind… Oh, and I love your personality, so stubborn. The way you hold my neck when you cuddle me tight. The way you belly laugh. I laugh when I see you, and smile more from the blessing I feel when you waddle your tiny self up and down the house while following your sister. You are such a busy body. Sometimes you try to sneak past me because you are trying your best to hide something you know you can't have. You love trying to hide things behind the fridge. One thing that makes me smile is when you go under the kitchen table and start picking the food there. In those occasions you laugh, then I can't resist your belly laugh. Gosh, I love those moments. I pray you always keep your sense of humour. You like to lift things up. I love to watch you discovering your surroundings and I think you’re able to lift only things your strength allows you to. You like to brush your teeth.

theodora ofosuhima toi brush teeth IMG_6371

I love how you are kind to other children. I’ve noticed how you are able to share your toys with other children. You don’t pull things out of other children’s hands, maybe you are still young to do that. You like to play with your sister so much, you cuddle her and want to copy her. You know how to follow her upstairs. Sometimes you go up then call “Maaamama”, in your sweet baby voice. Lately when AOI’s best friend comes over you all three play together beautifully. I beam to see you all having fun.

theodora ofosuhima siblings week 2 IMG_0033

I don’t like it when you go through the kitchen drawers and empty half of its content onto the floor. That’s such a work load for both, I look at it as your dedicated way of helping me stay active. Another thing you do when you are in your mischievous state is taking clothes out of the draws in the bedroom or laundry bin. Taking books off the shelf.

You are scared of the sound of the vacuum cleaner just like your sister used to at your age. You like to pretend brushing the floor. She is not keen on the sound still but doesn’t run away like she used to, which you are still doing. Throughout the day you are busy, playing or keeping me on my toes. you cool down only when you are soundly asleep in the night. You still haven’t mastered the art of sleeping through the night.

theodora ofosuhima sleeping baby IMG_9997

I love watching you sleep, when you manage to take afternoon naps. Being a mum of two is a hard work, sometimes I wonder if I’m doing a good job but your big smiles and your warm cuddles are the best prize. You’re my fun lovely son. I LOVE YOU so much, I pray you’ll always love me too.

Always mummy

theodora ofosuhima IMG_7564


  1. Such a cute post! Wow...they are both growing up so fast!

    1. I know, time passing is bittersweet :)

  2. Happy birthday to your little man, I am right there with you shocked that we will be celebrating our baby's 1st birthday in 2 weeks.


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