4 Jan 2015


Happy new year to everyone.

It’s nice to know that with a new year we’re filled with new possibilities and hopes. I woke up on the first morning of 2015 filled gratitude and excitement because I’m ready, God’s willing, to fill this year with awesomeness. I see this year full of my passions: my children, my small photography business, my writing, a healthy self and a strong relationship.

theodora ofosuhima photography child on the beach IMG_9605

theodora ofosuhima photography sherlock holmes IMG_9506

theodora ofosuhima photography sleeping children IMG_9512

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

AOI: My sweet girl has had enough of this long holiday. She’s been talking about going to her ‘proper’ home. This homesickness is driving her to have some horrible crying/tantrums sessions in the afternoons {or sometimes she wakes up with a bad mood}. Her bad moods make me sad and it also drive me to the edge of insanity – I cry some time because I want her to stop crying and to understand when I’m trying to comfort her in any possible way. Sometimes she asks for a glass of water, then she asks for a banana and then she wants her daddy and when we give her all the things listed then she doesn’t want anything but go to bed. Or  she wants a cuddle or she wants me to hold her even if I’m holding her little brother… I love it when we’re outside and she’s having fun, giggling and she’s a ray of sun.

TOI: He is such a cute fun boy. He’s settling in well and doesn’t cry for the first three minutes if he goes to his grandparents or aunties while we’re out of the living room. He like to go around the living area and doesn’t care about all the dirt on the floor. He doesn’t like having the dogs around very much. His cousins love him and he loves playing with them too, he thinks he’s one of their age.

AOI and TOI: Their naps together are getting far from each other. I was thinking to start taking shots like this when they’re fast asleep in the night. This shot was captured after a very trying moment for both children. They both wanted me to cuddle them. TOI was in his daddy’s arms but stretched towards me each time her saw me. AOI wanted everything but anything wasn’t good enough. Snack, water, sleep… No snack, no water, no sleep… In the end I took her upstairs and she fell asleep for nap three minutes after we got there. I had TOI strapped to and tried to put his down to sleep without luck, but his smile wiped away all the crying.


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  1. Hi Toi! Great post and I enjoyed the pics of the kids. They are so adorable. I also love the way you're documenting all those special moments... :)

  2. Kids love traveling but they love their own space and stuff!! Can't wait to see what 2015 brings you all!!


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