16 Jan 2015

Afternoon Nap

theodora ofosuhima photography IMG_032616-01-2015

Today was a busy day. I cleaned the house in preparation for tomorrow birthday party. In the afternoon after we’ve had our tomato soup and cheese melt I wrapped TOI on my back and he felt asleep within minutes. I then called AOI to go get some books for me to read to her. We selected The Berenstain Bear Collections, I read about one and then I started to doze off.

In my state of sleep and reality I felt my toddler’s hands trying to open my eyelids. “Wake up, don’t sleep.” I heard her plead but I was too tired to open my eyes. “Let me sleep.” I told her. She cuddled me and fell asleep next to me.

Before deep sleep could lure me even further, I pulled myself to sit. I found my children soundly asleep. 

This moment took me back to last year, when we would all curl on the bed and fall asleep. It felt good and nostalgic.

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