8 Jan 2015


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The Sea by Morcheeba on Grooveshark


So we got back home early this morning, about 1AM. The children fell asleep without problem but by 6AM they were wide awake and wanted to go downstairs, I managed he to keep in bed until 7AM.

Jetlag doesn't bother her. Late morning, she had a quick nap during our drive to Costco for the monthly food shopping. That didn’t affect her when it was time to sleep. TOI had two naps and I hope both naps are not going to affect the amount of time he sleeps tonight.

She played with her toys everywhere in the house. She ate well, without persistent encouragement. She complimented my cooking as always. As I sat at the dinner table, I concluded that she was extra homesick towards the end of our holiday and her mood was getting the better of her.

In the afternoon AOI wanted to change her clothes and wear a different costume {everyday is Halloween in casa nostra}. As I was getting her outfit out of the closet AOI says “Mummy, we’re really in our real home.”

“Yes, we’re in your real home. Oh darling!” I smile at her and gave her a kiss on top of her head, my heart full of pride. It all felt as if she was living her reality like a dream and by asking telling me she wanted to make sure she wasn’t sleeping.

My sweethearts.

They are both still coughing and have runny noses. AOI keeps asking me for her medicine which I prepare using hot water, lemon and honey. She like it and I believe the mixture helps her cough clear out. TOI tried a sip of the mixture but he didn’t like it.

I give them lots of cuddles every chance I get. This year I want to show them more love than ever before. Today at one point their daddy said he was tired to which AOI said “Come here for a cuddle”. She is such a gentle and kind soul.

It was nice to listen to Big Calm by Morcheeba, outside was sunny, sun started to set around five. We all sung the hit song from Frozen and that reminded us of our family in UK. Spending time with my family in our humble rented home while we talked about what 2015 holds for us, was a simple enjoyable event in our first day back from the big trip.


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