9 Jan 2015

Let It Go

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Baby TOI is not happy because I stopped him from taking my Canon 6D
Let It Go by Idina Menzel on Grooveshark


I heard baby boy jumping next to me on the bed. I woke, checked the time it was 3:22am, I fed him and cuddled him to try to get him back to sleep. His sister was sleeping soundly next to me. I closed my eyes for one hour. Baby boy wouldn't sleep, his daddy couldn't sleep so I asked him to take care of him for me to sleep a little bit longer next to my little girl. I was about to sleep when my little girl asked me to take her downstairs. I smelled burnt toast. I took her in my arms, took her to the kitchen table and left her next to her brother who was munching a piece of toast.

"Now mummy go to bed and then later we have another breakfast together. Now I'll have toast with daddy and TOI."
The rest of the day was beautiful and peaceful with my smiley children, cuddly showing me so much love.

We sung Let it Go the popular soundtrack in Frozen a squalcia gola, both in Italian and English, so much that in the end I was having enough of it. My little girl would put her princess dress on and ask me to put the music on. She acted like the princess, making all the actions. She love it the film. Her aunty from my side bought her the book and her aunty from daddy side bought the DVD for her daughters during the Christmas holidays and now we can’t have go a day without listening to the music.

In the evening the children went to sleep at 6:15pm. I watched two Italian movies Bianca Come il Latte Rossa Come il Sangue and Almeno Tu Nell’Universo. Italian movies and music dig out my romantic soul.

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  1. Oh no, your morning got off to a very early start. I have to admit, when I saw Frozen, I even loved the movie. So I can see why your kids love it so much, too... :)


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