15 Jan 2015

ONE Year Ago this Morning…

theodora ofosuhima photography birthday cake smash IMG_017615-01-2015

Today my dear littlest turned one. One year ago today, I was feeling a little bit jelly in my knees and arms as if I was beaten up in a fight. I felt light headed, I slept as if in reality and dreamland. 

One year ago today I was a weak newly post-partum woman still reliving the events that happened just in the morning. I couldn’t get over the fact that as my toddler slept (11pm) I entered in labour and then by the time she woke up I had her baby brother in my arms (6:29am). 

I call my second baby a miracle baby because God listened to my prayers and he was born within the time frame I had in my visions. I went into labour in the middle of the night and before his sister woke up I had given birth to him. He was nice and cleaned by the time she was up and looking for her mother.

That day was sunny, yet cold. I remember crawling back into bed around 9am with my baby boy for a nap while daddy took care of AOI. I woke up and started taking over my IG feed with TOI’s pictures. I wanted the whole world to feel how I was feeling. I was over the moon and I couldn’t get down. In a way IG stabilised my emotions.

So, one year is a very important number for me when it comes to being a mother. Every other year is important too but my children turning 1 means we’ve come a very long way, both as a baby and as a mother.


  1. Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

    It's been a year already?? Whoa, time flies.

    Happy New year to you and the family Toi...
    looking forward to linking up with you finally this year. My mind has finally unlocked and I think i'm ready to continue this journey we entertain as that thing we call life.

  2. By the way, that picture is absolutely lovely.
    Truly you are a Rocken mama!!


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