14 Jan 2015

San Francisco Travelogue: Like a Local

theodora ofosuhima san francisco travelogue IMG_6973a San Franciscan knows where to go to avoid tourists and enjoy Golden Gate Bridge in peace

I can’t believe today marks a month and one day since I arrived in San Francisco. Only this past weekend I had the chance to go through all the photos I captured in whilst there. I have so many I’ve decided to do a mini series for my time there.

2010 was the last time I was in San Francisco. AMI and I rented an apartment together with some of his work colleagues. I was the only one not working so each time they were away for work I would go visit one of the major tourist attractions, always being conscious not to spend too much money.

Our 2014 trip AMI, the kids and I rented an apartment with AMI’s work colleagues and one of them had his family with him. Before arriving in San Francisco I planned the trip mainly because of the kids but also because this time I wanted to enjoy San Francisco as a local would do.

AMI booked the apartment. Later he told me that it will take us about thirty minutes on the bus to get into downtown from that apartment. The apartment we rented in 2010 was about fifteen minutes from downtown. I didn’t mind because the price was good compared to the highly priced hotels.

 theodora ofosuhima san francisco house IMG_6418a San Franciscan is proud of the houses

At San Francisco airport we hired a taxi. The taxi driver drove past the old apartment, part a row of beautiful houses into a crowded street. Along the street I saw some homeless people, or people that look like they have drunk a bit too much. Also on the pavement near the apartment there was a broken bottle. My first thought was Where did we end up? Once in the apartment I was surprised to find an elegant decor. One of AMI’s colleague, the single one, was already in the apartment and the first thing he told us was “I think this is a dodgy area.”

I didn’t want to hear that because I was sure that AMI would have never rented an apartment in a bad neighbourhood knowing that we were taking the kids. I didn’t want to judge the place based on few facts.

The following day we decided, as a group, to go for a walk to the nearest Whole Food. For this reason I didn’t take my big camera. What turned out to be a quick stroll, turned into a lovely long walk in Golden Gate Park. Enjoying the sun and San Francisco street jazz just under the bridge opposite the Conservatory of Flowers. So we found out that Golden Gate Park is just ten minutes walk from our apartment. I didn’t know much about the area but later I found that we were living in the hipster neighbourhood of Haight Street {pity I didn’t take enough photos to show how the place looks like}.

It reminded me a bit of Soho in London.

theodora ofosuhima san francisco IMG_6416a San Franciscan can climb those hills

Sunday we woke early, had breakfast and we put the children in the chariot and strolled all the way to downtown San Francisco. Sunday market was happening and the were elder Chinese ladies selling few essentials. A man provided cool R&B music on his portable stereo positioned on his senior motor cart. The quiet morning, fresh sunny air and the lively people made me love San Francisco for its way of life. Hubby and I felt like a San Franciscan family. When we got back home AOI told me “Mummy is this our holiday home.”

“Yes.” I responded as I thought with kids staying in a hotel is not ideal. We went to @BurgeUrge, our local burger restaurant {there are many nice burger restaurants in San Francisco}, for lunch.

So what did I do as a local when in San Francisco?

theodora ofosuhima burger urge IMG_6970

theodora ofosuhima aoi and toi in san franciscoI ate a yummy burger with the family

theodora ofosuhima san francisco old bus IMG_6464 I learnt the routes of the vintage buses

theodora ofosuhima san francisco orange house IMG_6417I loved colourful houses

theodora ofosuhima baker beach IMG_7043I knew the beach to go to and didn’t spend a cent to have the Golden Gate bridge for background

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  1. Yes yes yes! When we were in san Francisco, I think we went to the exact same whole foods! I remember because i loved the park and that area and told my husband that I wanted to live there. It was just so...nice to walk to the park and stroll the neighborhood. I pink puffy heart San Fran!

  2. Ahh, I love this post. Makes me want to go to San Francisco even more. Love the pictures!

  3. What a fun trip! Hotels in San Fran are so expensive. Glad you found a better alternative that would work. My sister lives there; but it's been a while since we have gone to visit but we plan to.


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