30 Jan 2015

San Francisco Travelogue: Tantrum

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7278

On Tuesday 16th Dec, after we’ve had dinner at Crepes on Cole, I looked over the street and saw a vintage sign that read TANTRUM. In front of it there were three chair red, blue and white. What first caught my eyes was the name. I thought to myself that’s cool, a shop where children can have a bit of tantrum because they want a beautiful toy which I would be happy to buy. I really loved it on the spot. We went into the shop to browse, I didn’t have my big camera with me. I promised myself to go back and ask the owner to capture some photos. Time was getting out of hands so the last night of our stay in San Francisco, I went there to look for a gift for the kids.

I was so shy and was about to give up the idea of asking the shop assistant to snap some photos. Then I personified my fear and put it on a van and sent it off to another land. I went to the first shop assistant and I babbled to her about blog and how I wanted to capture some pictures of this creative shop to feature it on there. She smiled and agreed.

As I was capturing the photos with customers pouring into the shop, I smiled within myself because it would have been a pity if I didn’t overcome my fear and asked to photograph TANTRUM to showcase it on my blog.

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7427

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7455

TANTRUM is located in my favourite San Francisco’s wonderful neighbourhood, Cole Valley. TANTRUM was opened in June of 2012 by Amanda a beautiful and sweet lady. As you step into the shop it feels like you’re entering a childhood dreamland. French romantic toys, dress up pieces, swan, bunny and mushroom lamps, classic wooden and soft toys, housewares, arts and crafts supply, vintage classic story and picture books…

What can I say?

TANTRUM is a unique and amazing space filled with magic, nostalgia and marvelousness!

Whilst there I found Toby, a classic wooden dog toy for my sweet TOI’s first birthday gift. Then AMI went there and found this cute tiny TV toy for AOI. I remember this toy from my childhood

theodora ofosuhima

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7425

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7426

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7431

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7433

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7434

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7446 copy

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7429

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7449

theodora ofosuhima tantrum shop IMG_7456

If you live in San Francisco or travelling there don’t miss the opportunity to visit TANTRUM. You can also shop on their online shop.


  1. i really need to overcome my fear of photography in public spaces. I 'm fine at a park, and even some restaurants, but stores.....no. I love these photos. It's just the kind of shop I would visit in San Fran.

  2. What a quaint little toy store and the name of the store is just perfect... :)


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