11 Jan 2015

Weekend Stills

theodora ofosuhima photography childhood dance IMG_0083

theodora ofosuhima mother daughter dance IMG_0068

theodora ofosuhima mother son IMG_0066

theodora ofosuhima standing baby IMG_0053

So I’m doing things a bit different year regarding documenting our life.

I’m not going to do a weekly life updates. I’ll write a diary type entry once or twice during the week and then on Sundays I will update our weekend in the city. The weather is awful in the winter so I want to take advantage of this new way of documenting our life to do more outdoor activities {I just came up with this challenge}.

So this weekend we started going to story time at the library again. I spent two hours with the kids while AMI work. I danced and twirl with my littles on the notes of Let It Go FROZEN soundtrack “the cold never bothered me (us) anyway”. Then he spent two hours with the kids whilst I work. Sunday we were on time for church. In the afternoon we watched with pride as baby boy started to take proper steps alone without help. He also started to climb down the stairs.


  1. Sounds like a relaxing weekend. My neices love the song "Let It Go" ... it is so hard not to sing along with them :)

  2. I loved all the pictures of you and the children. Your daughter looks so cute dancing around in her little princess dress and it's great that your son is learning to walk on his own, too... :)


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