26 Jan 2015

Weekend Stills

theodora ofosuhima ice skating IMG_0603

theodora ofosuhima ice rink IMG_0570

theodora ofosuhima ice skate sleigh IMG_0557

theodora ofosuhima baby toi window IMG_0539

  • This weekend we kept our promise to skate as much as possible very seriously. We went skating on Saturday, one of friends organised a fun family skate event in the city and it awesome to be outside with friends eating ice and cream with chocolate chip on top. Sunday we went to practice AOI’s skating skills and she inspired me to skate a little. I should buy my own skate very soon.
  • At one point I taken back in time, in Janaury 2014, at the moment we first went to ice skate as family of four. TOI sat in the sleigh while daddy was skating around just like he did back in 2014 with AOI because baby TOI was few days old.


  1. I've been ice skating but an indoor rink is the only option where I live. In December I think there is a place that sets up an outdoor one but the ice is fabricated. I can't even imagine what it would be like to skate outdoors like that on REAL ice!! So cool.

  2. your pictures are beautiful! and I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting...hope you're doing well!


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