15 Feb 2015

Allergic to Cashew Nuts

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Just in the morning we were reading books and didn’t know she was going to have the worse allergic reaction she had ever had.

Tuesday, 10-02-2015,

we had a scare. AOI had a very bad allergic reaction to cashew nuts. She went to her best friend's house for a play date. As soon as I got there she came out from the living room looking as if she’s been crying, also she looked as if she had the flu which she didn’t have that morning. I kneeled down and ran into my arms. My friend told me that around three o’clock AOI started coughing very badly and sniffing, she phoned me earlier to come pick her up but I didn’t hear the phone call because I was taking care of TOI.

As we left the house I told myself that maybe she was sleepy because she hasn’t been sleeping well due to TOI walking up far too early in the mornings. On our way home I kept close eye on her, at one point I turned to see that she was dozing off. Then I noticed her eyelids were starting to swell and she wouldn't stop scratching her neck. I kept asking “What happened, what happened to you.” she didn’t answer. As soon as I pulled the car in the parking space she told me "Mummy, I'm very itchy." I took both kids in my arms and rushed into the house. When I checked her skin she was starting to have blotchy red skin. I kept repeating "what happened to you, what happened to you?..." She did answer but I couldn’t hear so I asked again "What did you eat?"
"I ate cashew nut." She quietly answered, I suspected that but I also remember telling my friend that AOI was allergic to cashew nuts so she wasn't going to give them to her. I ran AOI a warm bath and made her drink a lot of water, that helped a little.

When her daddy got back home we decided to take her to the doctor. In all this TOI was calm and just playing with the toys alone, like holding a book or simple toy. On our way there I saw the swelling on the eye and the redness on her cheeks were getting better. So instead of making the drive to the hospital we decided to go buy a wash clothes and brioche. But we were half where there when AOI threw up. I saw all the food she ate at her friend's  house come out. My eyes went wide open when I saw her vomiting for the second time, a little came out from her nose.  "Calm down, calm down..." I kept repeating to myself. I was so worry she was going to choke. So I focused on the shops along the street, especially Don's photo shop. AMI was proud of us, of AOI for doing well, throwing up was a good response to reaction because she her body was rejecting whatever was bothering her, and for me because I was calm. We came back home and she asked to go to the toilet for number two. I gave her two baths and by the end of the second bath she was much better, and my heart was a bit serene. She wanted my cuddles and that's what mummy is here for. 

But once she was her normal self she said “Tosca did a magic to cure me. She helped me get better.”  Tosca is her favourite everything!


  1. oh poor sweet girl! I'm glad it didn't turn into anything more serious!

  2. I am so glad she's okay!!!! Definitely keep some Benadryl in your house in case something like this happens again. Thank God she's okay!

  3. I am so glad she's okay!!!! Definitely keep some Benadryl in your house in case something like this happens again. Thank God she's okay!


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