1 Apr 2013

Week 13: Spring Is In The Air

Happy Easter Monday everyone.
Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and ate lot of chocolate. We sure did. It was sunny the whole long weekend, starting from Thursday. Though we still don’t have green trees or fields, it was very warm. SO nice that AOI wore her jacket and not a snowsuit.AOIeasterbunny
We ate so much chocolate that by Saturday night hubby was having bellyache. Next door neighbour gave AOI a dancing bunny and chocolate. That was her first Easter egg, she loved it so much.
Yesterday AOI woke up at 6am {this week she’s been waking up early, so not her, maybe she is feeling the change of season}. We were tired but after some stretches I felt better to get out of bed. We left hubby to have a lie in.
After church in the morning and a nap for AOI we went to a BBQ at some friends' house. Their little daughter is so sweet, when her mother said to say hello to AOI, she came to me thinking I was AOI.
On our way back from our friends I gave a little chocolate egg to AOI. After that she kept asking “Chocolate, chocolate.” AOIeasteregghunt
When got home we did a little Easter chocolate egg hunt {just three chocolate}, after that she had cucumber to balance the sweet. I should learn what I teach her. Few more chocolate to go and we are going to be healthy freaks.
  • Monday, AOI was up at seven something. I was tired but it vanished once I was up and doing things. We went to the swimming pool.
  • Tuesday, AOI woke up at 1am screaming and saying "Done, done..." meaning she was done with sleeping. I tried to feed her back to sleep but it wasn’t easy. In the end she slept in our bed and kept waking up at intervals of two hours. She woke up at 6 and kept saying "Down, down" meaning lets go downstairs. She really didn't have any intentions to sleep again.
We believe, this happened because she didn't eat enough at dinner.
After French playgroup I went to talk to the writer in residence about my novel. He gave me the name of a professional editor, I am really doing this writer’s thing and I want to succeed at it. 
  • Wednesday, we all had a good sleep again. AOI started her bedtime routine at 7:30pm but couldn't fall asleep until 9:15pm because she had a late afternoon nap.
She slept through the night, very important for us.
In the morning AMI drove us to his work and once we dropped him AOI and I went to do clothes and toy shopping. The rest of the day was spent chilling at home 
  • Thursday we went to playgroup, then I don't remember what we did the rest of the day.
  • Good Friday, hubby went to work for half of the day. After work he adjusted a jogging stroller a friend gave us. He cleaned the deck because it was such a lovely afternoon
  • Saturday was awesome. It was sunny and the spring birds were singing on top of the trees.
While AOI observed daddy working at her future tricycle on the deck, I did my first spring cleaning. 
We went for a walk just before dinner AOI, then food shopping and for this we once again didn’t follow the schedule of AOI’s bedtime routine. She couldn’t sleep until twenty past nine. I was in bed couple of hours after her.
“see saw, up and down” she sung, giggles in the air like a spring bird.
Week 13 was really wonderful thanks to the warm weather and good company as alwaysThe Beetle Shack 
This is week 13’s iPhone photo dumpweek13iPhonePhotoDump
Have a great week 14
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  1. Spring is definitely coming!! Can't wait for the warmer weather and fun times outside for the kiddos!! Beautiful pics!

  2. I'm so excited for the warmer weather.

    AOI is so beautiful! I love that she loves chocolate, haha.

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. YAY for warmer weather. Looks like such a fun week for you guys.
    Loving the pictures

    1. we had a great time so sure :)

  4. beautiful pics.. have a great week x

    1. hope your week was great too

  5. omg your pictures are the best! They are so beautiful!
    I really hope you make it to Firenze! Would be so fun to meet up!!
    ciao bella!

    1. i will stop in Firenze for sure

  6. I'm so ready for warm weather. I live in Florida and we've been experiencing rather cool days lately. So over it! Little AOI is soooo adorable! She's looking at the chocolate bunny like, yeah I got you. LOL.

    1. Florida sounds amazing to me, i know people who escape our city to Florida for warm sun

  7. These photos are so DARLING! It looks like you all had lovely quality time together with delicious treats too! I can't wait for warm weather!!! I am freezing here too! xx

    1. i really hope the spring comes soon to stay for a long time here! imagine it was snowing today

  8. All that snow! How lovely. I love the swing photo.
    I am so glad I found your blog, I will be joining in Em's Weekly Stills from this week onwards!
    xx Katrina


    1. the ugly side of having snow is that at some point it turns into mud

  9. awww...glad spring is in the air...look at that little girl...she is just too precious....look at her curls!!!


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