18 Feb 2015

Weekend Stills

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Maybe I should have read the clues in the episode of Thursday, 12-02-2015, early morning.

At around 4:28am I heard AOI screaming and running down the stairs.  TOI was curled up in my arms and breastfeeding. It was one of those night, when baby wanted to be closer to me. He was dozing off but I got out if bed to follow AOI, I thought she was having a bad dream. When I got downstairs she said she wanted milk, but a different milk... Then she wanted to throw the carton of soya milk away. I pretended throwing it away and while she was not watching put it back in the fridge. She didn't want to go upstairs so I cuddled her at the bottom of the stairs until I heard the sound of TOI baby voice "Mmummm!" I went up the rest of the stairs to find him standing by the top stairs alone. Daddy was in bed. We didn't sleep again but at least thanks to sweet lullabies on songza the cries stopped.

I believe the allergy reaction on Tuesday shut down her immune system because since Saturday she’s been on and off with fever and cold. She started to lose her appetite just at the start of the week. Saturday morning she didn’t want to have her breakfast, we encouraged her to eat so she did. Around snack time, 9/10am, I was reading and I was surprised to see AOI curled up at my feet while cuddling Tusca, her stuffed elephant. So unusual of her. I reached out and measured her temperature. She had 38.2 degrees of fever. I don’t know how she got so sudden. I made her stay on the sofa while I covered her and made her feel comfortable right there. Though she hadn’t requested to watch cartoons we put on Paw Patrol, one of her favourite cartoon shows. She fell asleep ten minutes into the show. I made her some small for snack then gave her Tylenol.

Fresh snow started to fall with determination.

AMI’s colleague had invited her us for lunch so we had to go out from the house. Both AOI and TOI were great to get ready. At lunch AOI had some rice but she was still feeling feverish so she snoozed. After lounging around for a bit we decided to leave at 4pm. As we were getting ready we managed to get to the bathroom in time for AOI to throw up all the food she had before. She started to cry because she doesn’t like to be sick. We got home and she vomited a bit more. This time she didn’t want to throw up in the toilet so I help her throw up in the sink. After that she asked for a class of milk. The rest of the evening she had a little to eat because she had lost her appetite. Also before bed her fever picked up, I gave her Tylenol before bed but she had restless night.

Sunday we didn’t go to Church. In the morning AOI played in the house with TOI happy to share games with her. Just before lunch her fever picked up again. I gave her some medicine and she fell asleep the sofa. Each time TOI wanted to play we told him she was ill, poor TOI wanted to play together so much. By the evening she was feeling better but I could tell she was still not recovered.

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  1. Poor princess, such a hard week for her :( . I hope this weekend goes much better for all of you <3

  2. Oh sweet girl, I just hate it when our schedules get thrown off and everything seems to be affected! I hope you're all able to get some much needed rest this weekend!


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