16 Mar 2015


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A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

TOI: He wants to jump and jump without help from anyone. He didn’t want to hold my hand when I offered because he kept falling down in his cot.  This new found independence breaks my heart a little because my baby is growing at a speed I can’t wrap my head around yet.

AOI: Monday was warm, warmer like a spring season {which in most part of the world but in Saskatchewan we can’t allow our hearts to feel sprint until May because snow can fall at anytime until end of May}. I brought out the bubbles before AOI to the park for a play date. She enjoyed blowing bubble all by herself, last year she needed my help a bit more. My children are growing.

AOI and TOI: My heart is always in spring when I see them play together or along each other without quarrelling.


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