25 Mar 2015


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A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

AOI and TOI: The best photos of them together is when their intent making the other one laugh. This photo captures the pure joy of their bond. They were both having snack and next thing I see is AOI sliding on the table. She sits in front of her brother who in that second decided to put a tomatoes in his water and then take it out to eat and put it back into the cup. She laughed. TOI really loved seeing his sister laugh so much that he did the same action many times until I snap the photo and took the tomatoes out of the way. 

TOI: He loves claiming on and off his sister’s bed. My own favourite toy among AOI’s favourite stuffy toy as she pretends they’re watching her currently cartoon show Paw Patrol.

AOI: Reading is one of her favourite activities, especially now that she can spell the words. Most nights her bedroom floor is full of books so on this particular day I decided to have fun with books before placing on the shelves.


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