5 Mar 2015

Lost for Words + Some Photography Work

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It has been a while since I sat at my desk to formulate a sentence that doesn’t have any thing to do with my ordinary everyday life.

I miss that the pure writing of blogging, I miss the community around blogging, I haven’t been networking as I used to due to busy motherhood lifestyle and everything little way I get to document this fast moving life is more than welcome.

I miss writing random thoughts, I want to say so much but I don’t seem to find the words, I feel tired but I don’t want to sleep and as soon as I fall asleep I have to wake up because one of the kids want my attention.

My internet is very slow, I take photos everyday but just a few make their way onto the blog. I want to sleep but can’t seem to have the courage to waste time doing that.

I’m enjoying my experience as photographer and I can’t wait to capture the next precious moment for my clients. I love printing the photos that I capture, to hold them and feel them in my hands take me back to my days as film developer.

I haven’t shared some of my photography work {today I’m going to so that, hope you like them, also I have an exciting news coming so stay tuned}.

I’m still doing the final edits of my novel and I’m working hard {as possible} so I’ve have it ready to send out to print by the end of March.

Please pray for me.

theodora ofosuhima photography IMG_7557

theodora ofosuhima photography IMG_7575

theodora ofosuhima photography IMG_7767

theodora ofosuhima photography IMG_7803

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  1. I haven't been blogging much either and I do miss it. I just feel like I don't have time!! Congrats on getting your novel to print. Did you find a publisher or are you self publishing? I never did decide what to do with mine.

  2. How beautiful are these!! You work is truly breathtaking my dear!


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