27 Mar 2015

Weekend Stills

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This weekend I didn’t take many photos to document our lives.

Saturday morning AOI assisted her daddy as he cooked a veggie bolognese. I took AOI to story time at the library, whilst TOI stayed home to nap and spend time with daddy who was working on some papers. After story time I wanted AOI to sleep so I drove around for a bit but that didn’t work. We came home to find daddy making a focaccia. AOI was disappointed when she found out that daddy has prepared sharped pie instead of spaghetti bolognese. She started to make a scene, but that was cause by sleepiness.

Sunday after church, I went to my writer’s group and then we all went to the swimming pool. We locked ourselves out of the car. AMI was sweating and trying to force his hand into the car. I was so calm and just pointed out that we can phone CAA. They came within 40mins. While we waited I bought some food for the kids who didn’t notice the whole situation. The beauty of childhood!

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