1 Apr 2015


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A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

AOI: My beautiful, clever and witty little girl. I love her complete concentration as she watches her favourite show {this it was Richard Scarry’s cartoons}. I was feeding TOI in the other room and I heard some noises of feet pacing in her room, then silence. I went to see what was happening and found her sitting in the little toy cot I bought for her elephant {and my newborn photo-sessions haha}. She was so adorable. I quickly went to grab my camera and unbeknown to her took a series of portraits.

AOI and TOI: He likes jumping and she likes jumping too so anywhere they are allowed to jump they jump together.

TOI: My handsome, musical and soulful baby boy. In this photo we’re at my friend’s house for a playdate/photo session. When we arrived he was sleeping and my friend asked me what he is into. I answered he seems to be drawn to music. The first thing he did when he woke up was giving me a cuddle and then he found his way to the piano at the bottom of the stairs. The nanny helped him unto the piano chair and his fingers started to key away.


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  1. Your kids are just so cute! Hoping I'll get to meet them this summer when you visit the area.


Yes, I L*O*V*E them and look forward to receive great advice and encouragement. Let me know you are here, just write hi :)

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