19 Apr 2015


theodora ofosuhima photography toddler gardner IMG_5104

theodora ofosuhima photography siblings IMG_5109

theodora ofosuhima photography baby IMG_5114

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

AOI: She loves and takes her gardening very seriously. She is going to take care of this year’s crop so well.

AOI and TOI: As I snapped this photo I thought about how just a year ago TOI a was tiny four months old baby lying in my lap as his sister took charge of the garden, running to and from the red canon, standing on it and just enjoying the spring sun. Now he can join in the fun. Life is incredible.

TOI: He saw a plan passing over our garden, he pointed at it and said something that no-one can understand. This stage is so sweet, his words are still hard to comprehend but I can understand most of what he tries to say. For instance I know that nana means water, nanana means banana. The most beautiful sound of all is “Mumi, or maama” I melt at the sound of his sweet {which I get sad to think that it will be deep one day} voice say my favourite name.


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  1. such precious children! I can't believe how fast our girls are growing up!

  2. Lovely memories you have captured here. I love candid photos that capture the real moments! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog too. x Dre


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