16 Apr 2015


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The house is all quiet right now at 7:48pm, the kids are in the pack with daddy and my thoughts seem to be flowing more freely. I sit in  my office with the golden sunset evading my sanctuary.

I miss blogging like I used to do in the old days. I miss going to visit my fellow bloggers on a daily basis and them coming to visit me on a daily basis, but right now I don’t seem to find the balance to achieve all. I have interesting things happening, like my novel coming out soon, my photography picking up a pace, all wonderful things that I would love to write about but I never know where to begin. That can wait because I’m cherishing the lovely little things.

Today we all had a nap around 12:50pm. After a milk spill from a toddler and a baby throwing himself on the floor I put them in the stroller for a walk. Five minutes later I got back from the walk with two sleeping children. I lay both kids in their respective bed and I laid down on my bed. As sleep pulled me into it arms, responsibility made me think I was hearing a toddler out of her room and a dog outside was barking. Still I fell asleep, because the sleep was so sweet.

I couldn’t believe how much I’ve slept when I woke up at TOI cries in his crib. I picked him up to lie him next to me for a feed. We all fell until I told sleep that I had enough of the sweet embrace. I woke at 2:30pm. I went downstairs to tidy up, then I went to pick my sleepy girl from her bed because a toddler who sleeps past two hours in the afternoon will make evening a great epic. 

Now they’re back so off to start bedtime routine.

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