24 May 2015


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A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

AOI: the best shots I love the most are the ones I don’t ask to capture. I loved to watch her observe her brother being a little boy. My heart jumps a little as I realise that my little girl is growing so fast. 

AOI and TOI: during a mini session that I dedicated to myself on mother’s day, the kids run and had fun on a little beach at my favourite spot by the river. It was windy and cold but I was so happy to see my world laughing and running on this little beach.

TOI: the library is one of our favourites places to go {everywhere in the world}. I really wish he could fit in this tiny little toy trolley/car but unfortunately he can’t and that means only one thing, my baby is a toddler waaaaaaah!

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