14 May 2015

AOI Says

aoi toddler fashion

My daughter’s vocabulary has always been on the advance stage since she was little. I have so much to share of her latest saying but today I want to share something she said when she was still two years, eight months.



One afternoon after she comes downstairs refusing to have her nap her daddy turned to me and said “I blame you for this one.”

“Why would you blame that on me, because she won’t sleep?” I say out loud.

“Yes.” He was blaming me because during our ‘nap walk’ I told him she manages to sleep even with little TOI sitting next to her bubbling away.

My ever so wise 2.8 years old daughter gets off her chair and says “The problem is… is easy to go upstairs and not sleep.”

I looked at my husband and thought “what have we created?” She’s getting this way of talking from The Dinosaur Train cartoon. 

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