1 May 2015

In this Moment

01-05-2015 – 10:00

theodora ofosuhima photography sleepy boy IMG_5517

The house is quiet, the only noises I hear are the computer hard drive, the rhythmic breathing of my boy next door, the birds chirping out the window over trees full of baby leaves. Toddler is at preschool and daddy at a meeting.

In the moment my thoughts have made peace with my mind. I’m reading old friends’ blogs, which I miss reading. I’m excited about reading my novel in book form and not A4 papers.

In this moment I’m content and looking forward to what May has in store for me and my family.


  1. Your pictures are always stunning. Hope May is filled with lots of great things for you!

  2. I feel like May is just one of those months that everyone looks forward to! Happy May and beautiful picture.

  3. TOI, how I have missed reading your blog. I need to get caught up ASAP :).

  4. I totally understand you. Life can be hectic. I'm coming to USA so I really hope you're in Maryland in July for a mega meet-up :)


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