10 May 2015

Motherhood Is… + Some Photography Work

IMG_2095 artisan edit watermark mother's day

On mother’s day, my dream of a lie in vaporised around 5:23am when my eldest walked into the room to ask me to help her go to the toilet.

So I sat in here in my room while daddy took the children downstairs for a too early breakfast after they all had their turn of tears and kicks because they wanted to have turns in cuddling us.

Motherhood is hard yet rewarding skill in life most of us don’t consider this as a job because we unconditionally give our all.

But lately we’ve come to analyse that motherhood is more than just unreasonable tears, head bats on the nose {little boy’s special mother’s day wishes}, pulling of skirts and hands down your bra when you least want that vision of you.

So I encapsulated all my feelings about motherhood into a poem.

Motherhood is...
frustration and sleepless nights, headaches and madness, , raw screams and cries, strengths and weakness wrapped into a child.

Motherhood is...
blissful unconditional love, delicate hands onto your aging cheeks, flower gift from the neighbour's garden, dancing bare-feet baby in arms and toddler by your side.

Motherhood is...
acceptance the new you, holding onto your passions, your likes... your true self.

Because motherhood is not a chain of burden but roses of joy if we allow the woman within us to stay alive.

(by Theodora Agyeman-Anane)

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