25 Jun 2015

Your Questions Answered: Part 1

Thank you everyone for taking the time to ask me questions. I really enjoyed reading your comments, feedback and questions. Today I want to answer few


Annabelle @littlewrittenwords requested "I would love to know more about your novel, and I would love to read your poetry."

So my novel has been my baby for so long.
There have been times I just felt so scared to talk about it to anyone. Then we moved here and started to work with some amazingly talented writers in residence at our local library. I had the characters in mind but didn't know their lives enough but with practice I just allowed them to talk for themselves and then the story took form about three years ago. Finally after countless editing, rewriting and rewriting, I sent it to an editor to get it into a good shape - English wise. I've always loved the idea of self-publishing so as I was considering that I also considered finding an agent for it so I sent it to some agents. I had a good response but nothing concrete, so due to time and pressing desire to write more of the stories that are running in my mind I opted to self-publish. I'm getting the final-final edit with another writer and with all my heart I want to launch it in September.

This is the current synopsis, I hope that through this little blurb you like it because I do like it a lot

Regarding poetry. I haven't written political poems in a long time. I used to write the a lot but since motherhood embraced me I've been a bit on the soppy side, so I write poems that explore the beauty and tribulation of motherhood. The following poem won me a prize back in day, it's still one of my pre-motherhood favourite poem.

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