26 Jul 2015


AOI and TOI: She is so protective of her brother, they play nice together but then she's the one that snatch thing from him as soon as he takes something that she wants to play with but didn't realize until little brother took it.

AOI: a photo that speaks for itself

TOI: "Mine, mine, mine..." is his favourite word together with no, he's cute even when he puts on mean face and pulls his lips together to make his statement. When it's snacktime he says "Mine..." then reaches his hands up to get the bag of fish. I can't say no easily to him because his tantrums... I  don't want to see them.

{linking with Jodie}


  1. they are so sweet :) tavi does the same thing as as AOI, she doesn't realize she wanted to play with a certain toy until she sees Eden using it!


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