25 Jul 2015

My First #BlogHer15


Yep, finally the children had a nap at the same time yetersday. In fact it was AOI's first nap since I got back from USA. I could finally sit in front of my computer and type a sentence.

Today I want to share a brief review of my first experience at @BlogHer conference.


The first person I met, after a quick trip to 37th street to photograph @DasRockHaus NYC #FBL2015 show on Thursday, was Nellie A. @BklynActiveMama. Then I saw Quiana @HarlemLoveBirds and we spent most of the time together. I saw Stacy-Ann @WeatherAnchorMama. The following morning as I was getting breakfast just before the keynote message I bumped into Monica Marino @MarinoBambinos… I hugged and had a laugh with Danielle Faust @DanielleFaust Then I was able to hug LaShawn @lashawnwiltz, she was hosting her session on how to become a better instagramer. 

The last day I was I was in NYC, I took the subway to Brooklyn to have brunch with Monique @TipaTipa, I couldn’t leave NYC without meeting Monique {I will make a post just for this meet-up}. 

In short, I was able to meet with many of the ladies I wanted to meet. Ladies that I’ve been following along the journey even before we were mothers. We laughed and hugged, we connected on the other side of the screen.

Hubby was so impressed that I met all these ladies and they were all from my blogging experience.

Truly there is a community out there waiting to welcome you if you let them.


Going to #blogher15, I didn’t have any expectation because it was my first conference and just the idea of being in NYC sent head into space. I was on cloud nine, maybe I bubbled on a little bit too much - when I’m nervous it happens. 

But one thing I was hoping for is to find my voice in this vast ocean of blogs.

The event was on a fast pace, there was inspiration coming from everywhere. Style, beauty and working for your cause, confidence. I was inspired to be true to my style, to take care of my beauty (again) and to be confidence in my new found mummy body. I realized that it’s not about the weight I may or may not lose, it’s more about how I carry around my body post-two-children. I was so inspired I confessed to my mother how some of her comments made me do things that weren’t healthy when I was kid. 

Most of all I was inspired to stay true to my voice.

At the end of conference party, I talked briefly with Philippe Guelton and he asked me “Which part of the conference did you like most?”
“The keynote sessions. Each speaker inspired me to stretch for my dream and to set aside fear because that's the only way our dreams will come true. 


After the conference I came home with the subtitle to my blog THEODORA OFOSUHIMA: un-apologetically me. My intention after the #blogher15 is to share my experience has I know it, to keep myself out of the box as I’ve always loved doing, to not fear talking about inequality when it comes to race issues in this, apparently, post-race era we find ourselves living in.

My intention is to write everything I fancy, from culture, current affair, career, motherhood and more. I wanted to have a focus on my blog, but after a deep thought I realize I would be making a mistake to focus on only one matter that I would be making a  and that would revolve around my complex thoughts. 


  1. Blogher looks like it was really fun & it's cool you got to meet Nellie, I've been reading her blog for years! I think it's hard for any blogger to set themselves apart these days because there are so many blogs out there. Your blog stands out though, your voice really comes through.

    1. It was so fun, I thought I was at a party with so many friends. It's such a great experience I will do it over again in a flash.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your posts on Insta, looks like you guys had so much fun at this conference.

    1. We did, we really did. It spoiled me in a very good way :)

  3. It was so wonderful to FINALLY meet you!!

    1. The same here, such a pity you had to go home so soon. Next time, hope to go to the Click Away conference with you one day :)

  4. I agree with LaShawn that it was awesome meeting you at last! I love how you returned with intention and your tag line is spot on. Yo've captured your first BlogHer so well and it seems like you took so much from it. Look forward to our next IRL connection!


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