6 Jul 2015

The Living Sky Was Burning


I woke up to the haze and orange sun in the sky. I panicked, Is the world ending I wondered. AMI checked the phone for news. Saskatchewan was burning. The haze I was seeing was the smoke caused by the fire. This was happening in Lac Ronge, about five hours drive from here. I thought about the place I've been about two years ago. I worried about the people living there, they are not very rich and what was going to happen to them. I wondered about the wild animals in the dense forest.

I didn't move from home, because the smoke in the air was too much to breath. I told AMI to stay home but he wanted to go to work so he cycled. His throat wasn't feeling very well by the end of the week. He had inflamed glands.


This morning the beautiful blue sky of Saskatchewan was gracing us again. I wondered if the fire has stopped but prayers and donation are still needed for all the people who lost their homes and maybe their loved one.

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  1. That crazy haze came to the United States from the Canandas. Two days were hazy and everyone was coughing pretty good.I'm sorry about the people who lost their home and belongings :(


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