7 Jul 2015

Tuesday Travel: Flying Sola

6 days to go until NYC.

In just six days I'll take a plane all by myself without kids or husband to embark on a great adventure. I'll be going to NYC to attend the #BlogHer15 together with my sister, this trip that we've imagined doing since we were little girls (we want to go to Paris together too). We had to wait until motherhood to take this journey. 

I'm excited yet so scared, it will be the first time since becoming a mother that I'm traveling without my children. There was a time in my life I wondered why some women went on work trip whilst their children stayed at home with their husbands. I promised never to do that.

I was going to combine my work trip with a family trip but things didn't turn out the way we hoped. The option was to cancel the trip or go alone. So, instead of cancelling this trip I decided to go sola, to allow myself to open up a new chapter in my life journey.

I'll miss children like crazy, because it will be the first time on a trip without them by my side. My husband will be miss too but not as immensely as the kids.

As I worry a bit I also know that this journey will give me time to catch my breath, to make mental stock of life and to update many things that I can't because time runs fast when you have so much going on in your everyday life. I'll come home to children running into my arms and never wanting leave my side. My little girl will tell me how brave she was and how she didn't cry the time I was away. My baby boy will try to imitate his sister and tell me something on the same note. I will kiss and hug them a bit tighter and never want to let them to go. I will work less and spend more time with them the day after my alone journey to NYC. I'll tell them of my adventure. I'll buy them gifts, they will remember the time mummy went on a great adventure all by herself. I'll tell them how much I love them, even more than I do now. I'll love my husband and appreciate his dedication to the children and the family, more than I take time to show.

And I know, this journey will be forever treasured by all of us.


PS:If by chance you're in Maryland or New York from mid July then I would love to capture some precious memories for you. For details email lifenarts @ gmail.com


  1. I think you need this and what's good for mama's soul is also good for the kids. Have fun and enjoy your solo adventure.

  2. "My husband will be missed too but not as immensely as the kids. " <--- this made me chuckle. It sounds like something I would say. You will have an amazing time, and I'm already looking forward to seeing your pictures from NYC.


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