31 Aug 2015

The Adrenaline

 Wondering what is he up to? Me too.

Do you ever feel adrenaline rushing through you when you sit in front of the computer to type your thoughts?

That's what I feel as I sit here five minute shy away from 5am. All alone with spider on the right corner of my computer screen making its web.

This morning I woke up early, after my daughter woke me up because she wanted to use the loo. She then fell asleep next to me. I was deep in slumber she told me that her little brother is awake. I went to pick him and he whispered "Peepee." meaning he wanted his wet diaper taken off. I did that changed him and then went back to bed with him. I couldn't sleep even after I fed him, so I decided to try the routine I was doing long ago when he was little and I would wake up to dash off to the gym. This time I wanted to do some work in preparation of a busy month ahead. September is knocking at the door and I have so much to prepare for. Like photography work (can't believe I have the number of session I planned for filled out God is amazing.) and my book is coming very quick. I have some people lined up to get a copy as soon as I say go.

 I really feel blessed. Yesterday I went to bed early after a very fun photo-session I did for a couple who are expecting their first child. They reminded me of my excitement when I was excepting AOI. We wanted to meet her so fast and every braxton hick felt like the moment was nearing. They made me laugh and I believe I even went over the time allocated, but it was fun and I only hope that the light was good for the later one.  

I've always been so scared of getting out of my comfort zone and since I'm letting go of my usual familiarity when it comes to work, my dreams are turning into reality.

My friends if you have a dream please don't be scared to turn it into reality because the universe will make it work for you.

Ah, ah, playing with camera.

  Cheeky, cheeky. Awww, your smile, want to eat you.

25 Aug 2015

Summer Vacation Is Nearly Over

It's all good over my side how about yours?

Sitting here writing, it's a bit scary because I haven't done it in ages. And to think that I kinda promised to be consistent with my blogging after my awesome experience @Blogher15 conference.

Our summer vacation is coming to a close. Next week we will all get into a school year routine. AMI starting teaching on September 4th and AOI starting her second year of preschool. TOI and I will be going to playgroups and in the afternoons during nap times and quiet time for AOI I'll work on my creative projects. 

Well, this month has been one of the busiest and fun summer moments for my family. Traveling every other day. Since my last entry I've been to Waskasiu, Lake Dienfenbaker, Edmonton and on Wednesday I'm taking another quick trip to Waskasiu. Family visiting, me squeezing some time to complete my book {MORE COMING OVER THE COMING WEEKS (you can read a piece on my IG account)}.

I'm excited beyond belief. And scared so much because this book is my little baby that has been on my heart for so long and finally I'm going to give it to the world.

Can't wait, it's so close that some days it feels like a dream. 

Stay blessed!

7 Aug 2015

Your Questions Answered: Final Part

I know I'm late with this but forgive me. Last month was uber-hectic over here. With traveling, photographic jobs and editing, I couldn't really answer thoughtfully to these beautiful questions. But here are the final ones

okeoghene  asked:

From your welcome note you said you are a virtual assistant, how did you get to be that?

My position as virtual assistant is fairly new, but I’ll get to where I’m supposed to be.

After nearly ten years of blogging I knew I had something to offer people but I didn’t know what and how. This was the case until I ran to Elizabeth Bradley, the awesome lady behind Savouring Simpicity, for help. Elizabeth was so helpful, for taking the time to coach me and help me pinpoint the resources I have to offer.

I have Elizabeth Bradley to thank for this great opportunity to be able to work with people throughout the world. She is my virtual coach and helped me pinpoint what I can offer to busy working people that are in need for an assistant to run their blogs and websites.

What kind of jobs do you assist with?

I work with new bloggers to build up an attractive blog that they can’t wait to show off to their friends or clients. I also work with busy business owners who want to have a solid online presence, providing guidance and sometimes blog content.

How many pictures in average do you take in a day?

That depends on the mood, but anything between 50-100 photos, then I eliminated nearly all of them. I’m always practicing and getting to know the light and composition I love most.

What kind of camera do you use?

I use Canon6d on most portraits here on my blog and my Facebook business page. On my IG account {{lifeoftoi}} I use my iPhone, so convenient and easy to share photos on social media in that way.

Did you learn photography from a professional or everything you know you taught yourself?

My very first proper job was as a photo-developer, so I worked with various professional photographers. My boss was a photographer, and he allowed me to use top end photo-cameras on my school and weekend trips or capturing weddings for my family or their children. I would observe and then try to emulate the way they captured. I practiced a lot capturing friends, family members and doing self-portraits. Before starting my current small photography business I started taking online classes through @CreativeLive. They offer FREE photography (and more) classes with world class tutors, you can then purchase their courses to have them always on your computer. I’ve been also taking some courses through @clickinmoms to enhance my creativity.

The short answer is yes, I'm self taught photographer. 

 Mrs. Pancakes asked:

Where do you see your photography in five years?

I love photographing people and the emotions that may experience in that moment, telling their story through my photography. I hope that in five years I will be capturing precious moments for many people around the world. Thus combining two of my many passions: traveling and photographing. 

3 Aug 2015


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015

TOI: My little boy, with his toddler personality, when he's tired he can turn into a little Hulk. In general he's so sweet and has the same cheeky smile.

AOI and TOI: she loves her little bro. so much. And he does love her too. This week, though there were some days they weren't getting along, she was so sweet. She would ask him how was his day and try to make conversations with him. He responding in his possible best language. When she wasn't around he kept asking for her.

AOI: in this particular picture she playing all by herself. A part of me wanted to go stand next to her but the other part told me to give her some space to build up her confidence. I listened to the second part and I'm glad to witness how my daughter is becoming confident in the outside environment.

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