31 Jul 2015

10 Years...

Yesterday hubby and I  celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.

It was one of a kind, private and quiet yet very memorable. Hubby planned the everything and he kept surprising me throughout the day. He was just the man I fell in love with fourteen years ago: caring, patient, loving and sweet. We took the whole morning for our family and it felt good to be there in the moment, to talk about our hopes for the future to take a step back and enjoy each other company and watch the kids laugh as they run wild in the Forestry Farm Park.

Thinking about those little moments bring a smile to my heart. We included the children in the celebration because they're the imagine off our love, they feed and grow on our happiness.

 This morning as AMI and I gave each a goodbye kiss, AOI smiled. And I thought she is happy to see mummy and daddy showing affection to each other.

We feel blessed for these ten years together as husband and wife. 


  1. What an awesome milestone. Happy anniversary! Wishing you many many more filled with love, good health and happiness!!!

  2. I'm glad you have a wonderful man/husband. Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy 10th anniversary!!! What a great milestone!

  4. Happy belated anniversary - it really sounds like it was a special day!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you guys, such an awesome way to celebrate and Congrats on the milestone. Cheers to many more


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