25 Aug 2015

Summer Vacation Is Nearly Over

It's all good over my side how about yours?

Sitting here writing, it's a bit scary because I haven't done it in ages. And to think that I kinda promised to be consistent with my blogging after my awesome experience @Blogher15 conference.

Our summer vacation is coming to a close. Next week we will all get into a school year routine. AMI starting teaching on September 4th and AOI starting her second year of preschool. TOI and I will be going to playgroups and in the afternoons during nap times and quiet time for AOI I'll work on my creative projects. 

Well, this month has been one of the busiest and fun summer moments for my family. Traveling every other day. Since my last entry I've been to Waskasiu, Lake Dienfenbaker, Edmonton and on Wednesday I'm taking another quick trip to Waskasiu. Family visiting, me squeezing some time to complete my book {MORE COMING OVER THE COMING WEEKS (you can read a piece on my IG account)}.

I'm excited beyond belief. And scared so much because this book is my little baby that has been on my heart for so long and finally I'm going to give it to the world.

Can't wait, it's so close that some days it feels like a dream. 

Stay blessed!


  1. I hate that summer is over. It's been a relaxin summer with most days in the water. This is the second week of school for my girls and my son and I miss them so much when they are gone. Enjoy what little days you have left in the summer.

  2. I'm excited for you to publish your book too <3. And don't worry about promising about blogging more. Sometimes it's better to just be in the moment.

  3. It's always a little melancholy at the end of summer...but I can't help but LOVE the autumn!

    Hope your book is doing great! You should post a link! Is it on Amazon?


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