31 Aug 2015

The Adrenaline

 Wondering what is he up to? Me too.

Do you ever feel adrenaline rushing through you when you sit in front of the computer to type your thoughts?

That's what I feel as I sit here five minute shy away from 5am. All alone with spider on the right corner of my computer screen making its web.

This morning I woke up early, after my daughter woke me up because she wanted to use the loo. She then fell asleep next to me. I was deep in slumber she told me that her little brother is awake. I went to pick him and he whispered "Peepee." meaning he wanted his wet diaper taken off. I did that changed him and then went back to bed with him. I couldn't sleep even after I fed him, so I decided to try the routine I was doing long ago when he was little and I would wake up to dash off to the gym. This time I wanted to do some work in preparation of a busy month ahead. September is knocking at the door and I have so much to prepare for. Like photography work (can't believe I have the number of session I planned for filled out God is amazing.) and my book is coming very quick. I have some people lined up to get a copy as soon as I say go.

 I really feel blessed. Yesterday I went to bed early after a very fun photo-session I did for a couple who are expecting their first child. They reminded me of my excitement when I was excepting AOI. We wanted to meet her so fast and every braxton hick felt like the moment was nearing. They made me laugh and I believe I even went over the time allocated, but it was fun and I only hope that the light was good for the later one.  

I've always been so scared of getting out of my comfort zone and since I'm letting go of my usual familiarity when it comes to work, my dreams are turning into reality.

My friends if you have a dream please don't be scared to turn it into reality because the universe will make it work for you.

Ah, ah, playing with camera.

  Cheeky, cheeky. Awww, your smile, want to eat you.

1 comment:

  1. It's definitely true that you have to step out of your comfort zone to make our dreams a reality! It can be so rewarding!

    Love your photos! He is a handsome little guy!


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