13 Sep 2015

Our Everyday Life: Week 1 of School Year 2015

So I'm starting a new weekly updates starting from September because during the summer I was out of routine. It's really hard to get back into a balance state of work and living life and blogging because it's still my personal release from everyday duties.

I also thought it's more reasonable to start a school year updates.

This week (07-12), AOI started her full week preschool year. She goes away for two and half hours. So I have the morning alone with TOI. This week, because grandparents are visiting, we didn't set a proper routine apart from going to playgroup on Thursday. Having grandparents over is so helpful because I squeeze in some work or giving a ride to AOI's best friend, because TOI can stay at home with grandparents. On Friday while TOI had a nap, I worked and grandparents took AOI and her friend to the playground.

AOI was excellent. She adapted to the full week so easily. She started early learning music lessons. She's over the moon to have her best friend with her the whole morning in preschool and this week they also had two afternoons after school play-dates.

The leaves have started the turn. Crunchy, chatty and chilling is the atmosphere.

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